Ryan Weldon joined the Blue Compass team in June of 2017 as an Account Executive and transitioned to his current role as Client Communication & Education Strategist in early 2019. He is passionate about people development and building strategic, relational solutions to complex situations. Ryan brings a unique experience, combining ten years spent in the corporate world, with the highs and lows of co-founding a start up that grew from zero to over $5 million in sales in just three years. In today's world, it's important to understand how to navigate the levels of decision makers in a corporation, match the agile nature of a growing start up, and empathize with the lifelong small business owner hoping to keep up with the latest marketing trends. Ryan's perspective and background is a great benefit to our clients and our company.

When not at work, Ryan is spending time with his wife and four kids, hanging out with friends, volunteering at his church, playing basketball, or enjoying the latest spy movie.  

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