Central Iowa Digital Marketing Training

Within the walls of Blue Compass, we have a lot of information about how to succeed in the digital world, but we’re not trying to keep it all locked away. 

The Blue Compass digital marketing training, often called the "University of Blue," is perfect for marketers and business owners wanting to dive deep into digital strategies, social media tips and SEO best practices to take your online marketing results to the next level.

Our experts can lead training sessions for your team at our conference center in West Des Moines, Iowa, at your office, or virtually. giving your team a plan of action for your digital marketing. We offer 1-on-1 training, workshops for your department, or education for your entire team. 

Our digital marketing experts can provide your team with guidance in many areas, including:

  • SEO best practices
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Ads training
  • Social media best practices (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • And more

Blue Compass digital marketing expert speaking in front of an audience in our event space.

Hands-On Digital Marketing Training

Our training allow you to interact easily with our experts, ask the questions you want and get a hands-on strategy for your brand. It’s the class you should have had in college, but without the crazy roommates or cafeteria food.

Digital Marketing Training Des Moines

Whether you're looking to generate more leads, increase business revenue, or connect with your audience online, you'll leave equipped to begin immediately applying results-driven strategies to improve your brand's online presence and meet your business goals.

But let’s not toot our own horn. Here’s what University of Blue attendees have said:

"Analytics and social media can be confusing, but the Blue Compass team helped break it down."

"The University of Blue marketing workshop gave me a much better comprehension of our company and the ability to use our online resources to their fullest. Analytics and social media can be confusing, but the Blue Compass team helped break it down, so we could all get a better understanding.” 

Cassie Raasch - Marketing and Communications, UnityPoint Clinic

"Their SEO class was great."

I would recommend their class to those in SEO who are looking to freshen up on their skills. Also, based on their in-depth knowledge and not only attention to but anticipation of future Google algorithm changes, I would recommend them as a firm to hire.” 

Ryan Meighan- Marketing Director, Insane Impact

"They're the experts, and they're constantly educating themselves on what's new in the online world."

"The online marketing world continues to evolve, and it is impossible for me to stay up-to-date on the current trends - that is where Blue Compass comes in. They are the experts, and they're constantly educating themselves on what's new and what's changing in the online world. I've worked with them for over four years now and continue to be amazed at the online knowledge they possess and their ability to convert that knowledge into practice for their clients."

Corey Morrison - Director of External Relations, On With Life

"I was very impressed by their knowledge!"

"I had an opportunity to attend one session of University of Blue that was specific to healthcare clients. The program was informative; I was very impressed by the knowledge of the facilitator!" 

Amy Noble - Marketing Director, DMOS

"Very well prepared and gave real life applications for examples."

"I recommend Blue Compass as I attended their Video Marketing session. They used our time well, both presenters were interesting, very well prepared and gave real life applications for examples. I am so glad I attended and feel it was well worth attending, as I learned actual information to help us upgrade our marketing efforts."

Alison Dix - Office Manager, United Methodist Church of Mt. Vernon