Strategically Tell Your Business’ Story with Digital Branding Services

Once upon a time, a business’ branding efforts heavily relied on eye-catching billboards on a busy street or a handy coupon booklet in the mail. Traditional branding methods like these can certainly bring more eyes to your business, but they can’t fully capture your brand. Billboards can be missed in the blink of an eye, and booklets recycled without a second thought.

At Blue Compass, our digital branding services breathe new life into your brand by telling your story and creating a memorable experience for anyone who interacts with your business online. We use our one-of-a-kind search engine optimization (SEO) branding strategy to help our clients gain tangible results and keep customers coming back for more.

Blue Compass’ SEO Branding Strategy: Create Content that Resonates AND Ranks

Effective branding and strategic SEO are two core components to give your business a competitive edge. Now imagine the possibilities when these efforts are combined into a comprehensive SEO branding strategy. Uniting these essential elements ensures your brand not only shows up in search but also stands out to your potential customers.

As a digital branding and marketing agency, Blue Compass brings the best of both worlds to our clients. We carry our SEO-first approach through our digital branding services, taking the time to get to know your business and brand story before diving into search results to see what opportunities exist in your industry. If your brand name, messaging and other assets aren’t optimized to rank in search, you lose out on organic traffic and miss the opportunity to take brand reach to the next level.

To optimize your branding for search, we use SEO tools to develop a deeper understanding of your customer base. For example: what terms are they using to discover related products or services? What are competitors doing to put them at the top of search results? What gaps can your business fill in the industry? By uncovering these answers, we position your brand to show up for a highly relevant audience ready to take action.

How does SEO impact branding?

Without SEO, your brand’s efforts won’t be easily discovered online. To establish rapport, you must first reach your audience. A data-driven SEO branding strategy ensures your brand name is discoverable and visuals, like your logo, are optimized for search engine bot crawlers. 

SEO word map.

When our clients approach us with a digital branding project, we don’t let ideas flow until we’ve understood the current search landscape of the industry. If your brand name and messaging lack relevance within your industry, you’re likely not showing up very high in general search results for your products or services. With our SEO-informed approach, we help you rebrand or ideate a new brand name that feels true to your business while also establishing a clear path for your brand to show up in search results.

The same can be said for the visual elements on your site. Blue Compass considers all angles of SEO, including details like file size, file type, load speed, alt text and more to ensure these elements are optimized for web performance. In doing so, Google knows you can deliver a positive experience for a user’s search query, allowing your brand to rank favorably in search. More clicks lead to even more credibility so search engines continue to prominently display your content.

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What are digital branding services?

Digital branding services develop your brand’s voice, vibe and visuals for consistency and engagement across all digital platforms. This includes emotions you hope to evoke, the tone you want to connect with users and how your brand visually appears to invite customers into your website experience.

As a full-service digital marketing and SEO branding agency, Blue Compass is here to be your partner for the long haul. From creative, lightbulb moments helping propel your brand into the spotlight to carrying a consistent experience through your digital platforms, we execute cohesive digital branding to help your company present a unified front to your customers. Clear digital branding increases the credibility of your brand while minimizing confusion, making more connections with users and setting them up to return for more. Whether your business is launching a new product or service, merging with a sister company or moving forward under a new brand name and vision, we have the tools and the team to help transform your branding with our digital marketing efforts.

What is the difference between digital marketing and digital branding?

Digital branding tells your business’ story for more memorable and meaningful marketing, while digital marketing efforts share your story with a larger audience in search, social media and more. Branding in digital marketing is the backbone that keeps your audience engaged with your business.

Quote from Drew Harden.

By integrating an SEO branding strategy into digital marketing, we tailor your marketing efforts for better reach and results, inspiring users to return again and again to the experience we create for your brand. For above-and-beyond branding in your digital marketing toolkit, trust our digital marketing experts at Blue Compass to bring out the best of your business.

What to Expect from Your Digital Branding Agency: Deliverables to Distinguish Your Brand

Branding Deliverables. 

Whether you have established brand guidelines to help us envision new ideas within the scope of your brand or you’re looking to break through existing boundaries by thinking outside the box, we tailor our SEO branding strategy to effectively tell your story. Explore our in-demand digital branding services and deliverables below!

Elevate Your Image with our Talented Logo Designing Agency

The benefit of choosing a logo designing agency that also does web development is the breadth of assets we provide to help showcase your brand’s personality in all applicable spaces. We’ll meet with your team to learn what you’re looking for in a logo before coming up with various designs, making tweaks as requested to meet your needs and finalizing your brand logo. Once we’ve landed on a new logo to serve as the face of your brand, we encourage you to further bring the design to life with a comprehensive logo usage kit to guide design decisions for your team. Our logo kits include finalized logo files optimized for various web and social platforms, a color palette to distinguish your brand on all channels and brand fonts to keep messaging clear and focused for users.

Examples of logo design.

Establish Consistent Messaging & Branding for Ongoing Digital Marketing Efforts

Actions speak louder than words, but it takes a powerfully composed message to use words to inspire action. Blue Compass’ digital branding services do just that, priming users to make conversions through compelling calls-to-action and purposeful storytelling. Our crafty copywriters are experts at capturing clicks for our clients.

Creating engaging messaging points is essential for effective branding in digital marketing. Enhancing elements like your company’s name, value propositions, tagline, mission and more allows your brand to better resonate with your customers. When done right, brand messaging for digital marketing enables your staff to strengthen relationships with customers, communicate value to your community and create an enriching online experience.

Empower Your Team with a Custom, Comprehensive SEO Digital Branding Guide

When consulting Blue Compass as both an SEO branding and logo designing agency, our SEO digital branding guides are your team’s ultimate tool for success. We outline your brand’s voice and tone in an engaging format, along with storytelling elements and our strategic insight. Our goal is to help your team understand why we’ve positioned messaging and potential copy points in this particular way. We showcase web-friendly fonts and visual elements your business can take advantage of, uniquely sized for each of your digital platforms. Our digital branding guides make it easy for team members to onboard and promote your voice and vision to an external audience right away.

Shine a Spotlight on Your Business with More Digital Branding Collateral

There can never be enough attention for your business. Blue Compass is available to assist with additional digital marketing collateral as requested to attract more eyes. Branded slideshow templates, lower thirds for video production and imagery for social campaigns are just a few more ways we can be of service. 

The Blue Compass Team Executes Impactful Branding in Digital Marketing Platforms

As a digital branding agency offering a full suite of web design and digital marketing services, Blue Compass partners with you to brainstorm branding concepts, execute our collaborative ideas and leave you with lasting storytelling capabilities through detailed brand guides. Our creative team transforms abstract ideas into a new reality for your brand, using our technical finesse to ensure all branding elements are optimized for an eager digital audience. Blue Compass has perfected our combination of creativity and strategy, expertly speaking SEO as a second language so your story stays top of mind—and at the top of search results—for your customers.

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Turn the Page on a New Story with Blue Compass’ Digital Branding Services

When you partner with Blue Compass for digital branding services, you ensure your brand is equipped with the tools you need to tell your story, connect with your customers and rank at the top of search results. Blue Compass is proud to create a happily ever after for our clients’ stories as an extension of your team. We’re ready to help your business start a new chapter today—give us a call at (515) 868-0010 or fill out the form below to get started!