Advance Your Online Presence with a Digital Marketing Discovery

Marketing trends are always on the move: Google introduces an algorithm update that impacts search rankings. Audiences seek out their favorite brands on new social media channels. Web users anticipate a simplified user experience—and the list goes on. Consequently, marketers must be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice, which we know is easier said than done. Investing time and team effort into the ever-evolving digital landscape doesn’t always lead to the results you’re looking for. That’s why Blue Compass offers our comprehensive Digital Marketing Discovery process to do a deep dive on best practices and provide actionable steps to be more competitive in your industry.

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What is a digital marketing discovery?

Through a series of analyses, including core components like an SEO audit, Google analytics audit and competitor audit, the Digital Marketing Discovery process divulges website errors, analytics insights and competitor trends to enhance your company’s digital well-being. A detailed Discovery ultimately helps you take action to increase leads and engagement with your products or services.

Instead of taking a shot in the dark and hoping you’ll land on your feet, a Digital Marketing Discovery helps businesses keep up with relevant trends that are prominent in the space you’re in with our team of web experts uncovering a clear path forward. Our audits are strategically designed to peel back your business’ web presence layer by layer, starting with an SEO audit that sets the foundation for successful organic results.

Because we prioritize these essential SEO building blocks before we shoot for the stars with creative campaigns, a Digital Marketing Discovery is a great starting point for an ongoing partnership with Blue Compass. Throughout our step-by-step process, we pinpoint existing gaps in your approach and unravel what makes users tick. We’re then able to provide informed, strategic recommendations rooted in data to best position your website for continued success and hit the ground running with fresh, proven digital solutions as an extension of your team.

What are the benefits of a Digital Marketing Discovery?

In the fast-paced day-to-day of marketing, there’s rarely an opportunity to step back and evaluate the overall success of your digital strategies. By partnering with Blue Compass for a Digital Marketing Discovery, you gain a team of dedicated experts who devote exclusive time to analyzing your marketing tactics and elevating your ongoing efforts.

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Uncover Big-Picture Insights About Your Industry’s Digital Landscape

Through each of our core steps—an SEO audit, Google Analytics audit and competitor audit—we piece together digestible bits of data to share with your team, leading to a list of prioritized insights to help you stand out in your industry. Discover opportunities to advance your digital presence. See where competitors are most active on social media to reach users first with better content. Rule rich results with tailored snippets to snag the top spot on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Maximize Marketing Efforts with Data-Driven Solutions

For the best results, Blue Compass believes in following the data. Throughout each stage of our Digital Marketing Discovery process, we present what the data reveals about your current marketing efforts. We know how much time, work and money goes into taking up a large presence on the web. Uncovering your main areas of opportunity allows us to help you focus your efforts so you can strategically use marketing dollars and invest your time where it will make the biggest impact.

Receive Tailored Recommendations to Improve Web Performance

One thing you’ll never get from Blue Compass is a one-size-fits-all approach. You’re the expert on the ins and outs of your industry, so every Digital Marketing Discovery starts with an initial meeting to set the stage for the work we will do together as it relates to your goals. Our expertise comes into play when we interpret our findings and report back to you on recommendations unique to the scope of your industry. As a true partner, we never dictate solutions or steal the show based on past successes. Instead, we provide digital marketing advice in line with your objectives, help you reflect on strategic outcomes and highlight opportunity areas to catapult your online position above direct competitors.

Increase Understanding of Which Solutions Gear You Up for Growth

Our Digital Marketing Discoveries aren’t built for one-and-done solutions you can implement today for immediate results tomorrow. The aim of progressing through each audit is to build a priority list of action items while taking stock of growth areas that will generate long-term success for your business. By removing roadblocks, pointing your team’s marketing strategy in the right direction and problem-solving together, Blue Compass facilitates a future of continued growth for your site.

Discuss Digital Best Practices & Takeaways with Our Experts

After each audit, Blue Compass and relevant stakeholders from your team will get together to recap our findings. As a leading digital marketing agency inspiring clients across the globe, we’ve worked with small business owners managing their own marketing as well as large corporations with interdepartmental marketing teams. As a key component of our Digital Marketing Discovery process, we outline our findings in an easy-to-follow-along presentation, including prioritized next steps to help get you started making website improvements. Once we’ve talked over the results together, we provide you with a copy of our presentation and any supporting resources to reference as needed.

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What does a Digital Marketing Discovery include?

As you look to optimize the online experience for your web users, we’ve refined our own process to ensure your team has the best experience navigating the solutions and outcomes we present during our Digital Marketing Discovery. As we work through our core SEO, Google Analytics and competitor audits, we’ll regularly touch base with your team to determine next steps and suggested initiatives. Additionally, our optional Google Ads audit and social media audit are available to round out the process with holistic insights to inspire ideas in other digital realms. We’ll conclude each meeting with a copy of our presentation for your reference and instill excitement about all the identified opportunities to pursue.

SEO Audit

With the SEO audit serving as our starting point in the Discovery process, we take the time to uncover any cracks in the foundation of your site before we move on to other areas. This includes an exhaustive error check, where we use our digital tools to crawl the site and compile a complete list of errors found, including technical errors, on-page errors and image errors. We also review site content for potential optimizations like linking opportunities, navigation structure, content length and structured data.

Using our custom automated grading scale for SEO health, we show you where your site currently lies on a scale from A to F based on the amount of errors per page. Before we’re through, we talk over how to resolve each error type, where to find them and how patching up these holes in your site helps Google to recognize and rank your content.

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Why do you need an SEO audit?

SEO audits reveal errors like technical and sitemap issues that affect your website’s ability to rank in search. Without taking the time to rectify these issues, none of your digital efforts will matter because search engines won’t display your page. An SEO audit is a crucial step to resolve errors and claim high rankings.

If your website has major issues, Google won’t be able to crawl it, which means Google can’t index or list your content as a search result. You can have the best content on the web, but no one can see it if your website lacks a solid SEO foundation. By providing search engine optimization recommendations from the start, we ensure all of your additional digital marketing efforts pay off with a site Google views as prominent and trustworthy. Crafting an Oscar-worthy video showcasing your services or a compelling content piece highlighting your industry expertise only make an impact if Google can accurately assess your site content to show up in relevant searches.

Visitor Behavior Audit

A Visitor Behavior Audit ensures you’ve optimized your platform settings to capture the most relevant insights, especially in light of the recent shift to Google Analytics 4. With the end goal of ensuring your site is set up to maximize conversion opportunities, the audit outlines visitor behavior to help prioritize what’s most valuable to them.

Additionally, the Blue Compass team evaluates traffic sources and channels to discover how users are finding your site and what’s bringing them in. We detail user behavior like which pages they visit on your site, how long they remain engaged with your site content, the types of events they’re interacting with and which conversions receive the most action. By sharing our best practices and industry insights with your team, you’re better equipped to explore missed opportunities, expand into new markets and continue to collect and interpret data for future growth.

Competitor Audit

Undergoing a competitor audit puts your top competitors in the spotlight to identify potential opportunities to out-compete them on search, social media and overall web presence. By examining what strategies are already successful in your industry, you’re able to leverage proven tactics for a leg up over your competition.

To get started, Blue Compass asks that you provide two competitors you’d like us to take a closer look at. Our team will select a third competitor to analyze based on who else is appearing prominently in search results. The end goal is to beat competitors at their own game with a clear action plan to take over positions in search results through relevant keywords and content optimized for rich results. We also pinpoint opportunities to create more engaging content for the social platforms your desired audience is already using. Along with strategies to bump your competitors out of these traffic hotspots, we consider adding compelling web elements to enhance the user experience and establish you as the authority in your industry.

Get Started with a Digital Marketing Discovery

Optional Digital Marketing Discovery Audits

Once our core audits covering SEO, website analytics and competitor insights are complete, we offer the opportunity to dive further into additional web traffic sources through our Google Ads audit and social media audit. These additional steps further your ability to get ahead of competitors with best practices to attract paid traffic to your site and boost brand reach on social media.

Google Ads Audit

The stakes are high for a Google Ads audit because the settings you currently rely on in your account dictate whether you get a return on your ad spend investment. To ensure your dollars do the most, an audit can uncover settings, campaigns, keywords and ad copy improvements to increase conversions while lowering cost-per-click.

Through our best practices, Blue Compass identifies efficiencies you can implement by updating your account to the optimal settings we know will be effective. Utilize our recommended updates to make more informed decisions on ad schedules and bid adjustments. The key is to maximize conversions through tailored ad copy, strategic campaign structures and highly relevant keywords. Ad reach is important, but generating leads through those clicks by targeting the right user is the ultimate goal.

Because Google Ads are ever-changing, it’s easy to fall behind on optimizations and end up overspending without the results to show for it. A Google Ads audit sets you up for paid search success so long as your account is continually monitored for more improvements on a regular basis. If your company is interested in getting started with paid search, we can customize our audit with recommendations to set up your account and utilize key features based on best practices for your industry.

Social Media Audit

Having a social presence only pays off if engaging content captures the right audience. As such, a social media audit looks at key metrics to determine where your business is successful and where there’s room for growth. An audit pinpoints proven solutions to better position your content on your customers’ social media feeds.

To help you find more opportunities to amplify your brand, Blue Compass asks you to select up to three social media channels you want to prioritize for our review. We then dive in, scrolling our way through your posts, analyzing performance and checking what settings you have in place. Our team also dives further into your competitors’ social channels to discover areas of opportunity based on what they are or aren’t doing successfully. Our social media audit provides tips to gain more visibility, target more valuable audiences and create strategic campaign ideas for clickable content.

I Finished the Digital Marketing Discovery Process…Now What?

So, we’ve explored every nook and cranny of your website, dived into the depths of your competitors’ online performance and discovered the SEO errors affecting your site. In turn, you’ve received dozens of actionable insights delivered from our team. What’s next?

Based on our findings from the Digital Marketing Discovery, we begin to strategize a plan to repair the issues we’ve identified on your site and set you up for future success. We’ll prioritize resolving critical SEO errors outlined in the SEO audit to secure a solid foundation for any future efforts by our team or your staff. Our experts will present a strategy to get you started, and we can help refine it to tackle the issues you most need help with while your team works on marketing efforts they’re excited about.

We never leave you high and dry without next steps to consider. Blue Compass is a committed partner ready to capitalize on insights we’ve shared throughout the Digital Marketing Discovery and dive back in to further develop your online presence.

Let’s Start a Conversation About Our Digital Marketing Discovery Process

In the continually shifting digital space, Blue Compass is a constant you can count on to guide you through trends, algorithm updates and business growth. Our insights capture how to be competitive in your market with captivating opportunities and clear next steps to make our recommendations a reality. Reach out to our team today or fill out the form below to learn more about how our Digital Marketing Discovery process can help open doors for your business—and more importantly establish a lasting relationship with a partner that has your back.