Search Engine Optimization (SEO) First Digital Marketing Services

Take it from our team of SEO experts: technical SEO lays the foundation for a solid digital marketing strategy that can help your business attract a fresh audience on search to drive conversions.

When customers turn to Google to search for a product or service your business offers, you want your website to show up at the top of search results so users click to learn why you're the best in the area. Because Google ranks websites based on who follows SEO best practices and doesn’t truly know which businesses offer the best services, it’s vital to incorporate SEO digital marketing strategies to outrank your competitors.

It’s clear digital is here to stay. If customers can’t find your website, you lose out on the opportunity to share what makes your brand the best. At Blue Compass, we partner with you to define a clear direction for your digital presence through our unique, SEO-first approach to all digital marketing and web development projects. We firmly believe any website can rank amongst the top results on Google's search with the right strategy. Our team of SEO and digital marketing experts has worked with hundreds of clients to do just that, crafting individualized strategies to boost site traffic and improve rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).


Why hire an SEO agency?

Search engines like Google and Bing constantly roll out updates, making it difficult for business owners and marketers to keep up. Partnering with an SEO agency allows you to focus on business goals, while the experts drive valuable users most likely to engage with your website.

If you want to improve your current position in search results and seek more web visitors, a personalized SEO strategy can boost your business’ online visibility and organic traffic. With search engine optimization at the core of all of our digital marketing and web development services, our experts optimize content with relevant keywords, improve technical aspects of your website and enhance the user experience.

If you’re looking for a true partner, you’ve come to the right place. At Blue Compass, we serve as an extension of your team that you can count on to act in your best interest. Our SEO-first approach provides an informed, holistic view of your business, resulting in a clear, actionable plan to improve your digital presence.

SEO-First Approach to Digital Marketing

An SEO-first approach is a data driven, results focused strategy elevating your other marketing efforts by developing a strong foundation for your brand’s digital presence. A stunning web design or creative campaign can only provide value if it’s found by your users.

SEO is at the heart of everything we do for both web development and digital marketing. From creating a user-friendly content architecture (your site’s navigation structure) to our extensive SEO-based website launch checklist, we put search engine optimization at the forefront of your website design to ensure you’re set up for success for all digital campaigns.

By regularly attending national SEO and digital marketing conferences and obtaining a wealth of Google, Hubspot and social media certifications, our team of experts are able to integrate in-depth keyword research and industry best practices into every piece of your digital marketing strategy. We aren’t making guesses at what will work—we get the details straight from the source and utilize proven methods when approaching your strategy. Our thorough SEO process includes intent-based keyword research, content optimization, on-page SEO improvements, technical updates and a wide variety of other tactics tailored to your current presence and future goals.

As a leading digital agency in Des Moines, Iowa, we don’t shy away from tricky tasks—in fact, we embrace them. Our Blue Compass team has the experience and expertise to tackle your toughest SEO hurdles. We can optimize existing content and create new web copy, meta titles and meta descriptions to draw in more qualified web visitors while appealing to bots (search engine crawlers) to improve your page and website’s rank. We know how and when to utilize more sophisticated tactics like implementing technical SEO and when it’s best to focus on the basics with local search engine optimization services. If you’re looking for how to improve your website’s SEO and digital presence, explore our range of services to see how we can help!

Website SEO Audit Services

The world of SEO can be daunting, especially for busy business leaders with never-ending to-do lists. If you’re looking to generate more leads or want to improve your user experience but aren’t sure where to start, we recommend beginning with a website SEO audit. Our website SEO audit services ensure your digital marketing efforts begin with a strong foundation by analyzing various ranking factors and identifying opportunities for improvement across several error types including both technical and on-page elements.

Blue Compass' SEO grading scale.

Since the number of site errors has a direct impact on the crawlability of your website, we utilize a grading scale to rate your website’s current SEO health based on the number of errors per page. When you choose to begin our website SEO audit services, you can expect to receive not just a score, but an actionable, prioritized list of errors to correct and how to correct them. We partner with your team to determine an error correction plan tailored to your team’s strengths and capacity, which could include dividing error correction by type between the two teams, with Blue Compass taking on the majority of technical errors while your team focuses on content optimizations.

SEO health directly correlates to your success in the digital marketing world. That's why we often start with an SEO audit to establish a clear picture of your website’s health and provide the opportunity to clean up any roadblocks before beginning digital efforts. As an experienced provider of website SEO services in Iowa, we’ve conducted audits for hundreds of client websites, leading to smoother, more effective digital marketing campaigns with proven results. If you'd like Blue Compass to conduct a deep dive on your SEO health and other critical web metrics that influence search positions, a digital marketing discovery uncovers areas of opportunity to surpass competitors. Learn more about our SEO audit process and how to get started.

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Technical SEO Services

There is more to search engine optimization than controlling what users see in search results and incorporating keywords into your content. Search engines want to provide the best possible experience for users, so bots crawling your website look for any errors or issues that might slow the user down. Making a website easier and faster for both users and bots to comprehend will increase your website’s chances of appearing in search.

Much like a puzzle, there are many intricate pieces to the technical side of SEO that must work in unison to achieve the desired outcome: ultimately, more users engaging with your website. Luckily, there’s no puzzle too complex for our team of SEO and digital marketing experts to solve. By focusing on the inner workings of your website’s code, our team puts together the pieces to enhance the various technical elements of your website, which can have a substantial impact on searchability.

Technical SEO is our bread and butter at the foundation of everything we do. Our range of technical SEO services encompasses everything from basic schema implementation to more advanced tactics including international SEO strategies, which can consist of implementing hreflang tags, ccTLDs and local language as well as optimizing geo target settings in search console, server location and user IP language. We’re well-equipped to correct any number of various technical errors your website may encounter

No matter the size, location or industry of your business, our team is prepared to develop a personalized technical SEO strategy to enhance your online presence.

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On-Page SEO Services

In the marketing world, it’s often said that “content is king,” and for good reason. Your website is a potential customer’s first touchpoint with your business, so having accurate, informational and engaging content is crucial if you want to leave a lasting impression. How a user interacts with your content, the time they spend on your website and how quickly they return to search results are all factors Google considers when it comes to ranking.

Blue Compass’ on-page SEO services, including on-page error correction and content optimizations, follow the strictest industry best practices and our digital marketing experts’ tried-and-true optimization methods. On-page SEO error corrections include rewriting meta titles and descriptions, adjusting heading tag structure and ensuring meta information and headings follow the recommended character limits. When optimizing existing or creating new website copy, our digital marketing team crafts compelling content to boost your brand presence by appealing to both users and bots.

On-page SEO efforts begin with thorough keyword research to understand users’ mindsets and intentions, as well as identify keyword ranking opportunities for rich results like featured snippets. Keywords are then applied throughout on-page elements including the meta title and description, heading tags, image alt tags and body copy. Our copywriters perform extensive industry research to turn complex subjects into digestible content that is easy for your readers and search engines to understand. Creating relevant and robust web content leads to more quality users by establishing industry expertise and improving your business’ overall SEO value.

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Local Search Engine Optimization Services

Picture this: you’re trying to decide what to eat for dinner, so you hop onto Google and type “best restaurants near me.” The top of your search results shows a map with three options, one of which catches your eye, so you click to their website to place your takeout order. Were those three restaurants truly the best restaurants near you? Maybe, maybe not. What we can say about those three restaurants is they likely have the strongest web presence and optimized Google Business Profiles relevant to your search query and location. Our Blue Compass team has the experience and expertise to crush the local search competition for your business.

The key to dominating local search results is having a robust, fully optimized Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business). Our local search engine optimization services focus on ensuring your Google Business Profile is enhanced with relevant keywords and utilizing all applicable features including Products and Services so your business has a better chance of appearing in Local Pack listings and Maps rich results. Having an updated Google Business Profile boosts your business’ credibility and relevance, two important factors not only for search engines, but also for users determining if your business meets their needs.

To maintain visibility in the ever-crowded digital landscape, staying on top of your online presence is vital for your business. With frequent changes to functionality and the Google Business Profile platform, it can be overwhelming for business leaders to fully harness the potential of local SEO for their business. At Blue Compass, our digital experts optimize Google Business Profiles every day, in tune with the latest updates, features and best practices. Our local search engine optimization services have improved rankings for hundreds of locations and increased organic traffic from non-branded search terms. Get in touch with our team to see how your business could benefit from local SEO.

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Conversion Rate Optimization Services

When people think of SEO, it’s usually regarding the efforts to help users find and visit your website through search. The other half of that equation involves the actions users take when they actually click into your website. While website traffic is vital, that traffic holds little value if your landing page is not set up to encourage conversions. Our conversion rate optimization (CRO) services combine a variety of user experience (UX) research and testing techniques to identify key opportunities to improve your page content and experience.

The CRO process typically begins with a comprehensive evaluation of a landing page, followed by A/B testing, heatmapping and UX research to determine improvements and areas of opportunity. When our team performs conversion rate optimization services, the output will look entirely different from client to client since we allow the research and data to guide our recommendations. Your website and audience is unique, so the goal of CRO is to determine the appropriate best practices based on findings we discover during our research to ultimately improve the conversion rate on your landing page.

If your goal is to generate more conversions, reach out to our team to see how we can help!

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SEO For YouTube

With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world and Google featuring YouTube content in search results, optimizing your videos for search can improve your business’ visibility in a similar way to optimizing your website. The goal of YouTube SEO is to make your videos more discoverable and digestible to viewers so they can easily learn about your brand, products and services. We recommend SEO for YouTube because it enhances the viewer experience, earns their trust and encourages them to click to your website, sending them further down the consumer funnel. 

From optimizing titles and descriptions to adding timestamps and incorporating keyword research, paying attention to these key details makes a profound impact. SEO for YouTube goes beyond improvements for in-platform performance. Since YouTube videos are indexed by Google, any optimizations made within the platform can also improve ranking on search engine results pages, including appearing for video rich results.

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Our Des Moines-Based SEO Experts Have Proven Processes for Successful Website SEO Services in Iowa & Beyond

Choosing an SEO and digital marketing partner you can trust with your business goals and future success is a big decision. At Blue Compass, this responsibility is a privilege that we don’t take lightly, and we’re committed to earning your trust and serving not as an external agency but as a true extension of your team. Although our team is incredibly humble, making a conscious effort to never come across as braggers, it would be a disservice not to highlight how talented our digital marketing team really is.

Our award-winning group of digital marketing strategists, analysts and specialists puts SEO at the forefront of everything we do. Our team not only stays up to date on the latest platform updates and Google certifications, but we lead the charge, training clients and professional peers on SEO and digital marketing best practices. As one of Blue Compass’ core values to “give clients our best,” we work every day to provide recommendations for how to improve website SEO and make strategic decisions to reach business goals. Don’t just take our word for it—browse dozens of client testimonials or check out our digital marketing portfolio to see real results from businesses in Des Moines, Iowa, and across the country.

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If you’re curious how to improve your website’s SEO, our Des Moines-based SEO and digital marketing agency serves clients in our local community and across the globe. Give us a call at (515) 868-0010 or fill out the form below to find out how Blue Compass can partner with your team to provide clear direction for your business’ online presence.