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Quality search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and social media marketing draw people into your site, but good content is what keeps them there and brings them back for more. A truly engaging content strategy is the best way for your brand to create value for your audience. It is crucial for building trust and establishing your brand as an industry leader, not to mention a fundamental part of successful inbound marketing.

The digital marketing team at Blue Compass creates original, innovative and compelling content that appeals to your target audience. The goal is to have your website loaded with the kind of articles, infographics and interactive elements that will go viral and bring qualified traffic via search and social media back to your site.

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We don’t write generic content stuffed with keywords that won’t end up driving actions. The articles constructed by the Blue Compass team are created with SEO in mind. This allows us to focus on quality copywriting and creating evergreen content around your needs, rather than plugging the same keywords into cookie-cutter articles.

Your Personalized Content Marketing Team

Blue Compass can create all of the content you seek or work in tandem with your team. You define your content writing needs and your involvement, and we make it happen. If you have a great idea, we can nurture it into one or more articles. Or, give us a broader topic and we can present you with a variety of strategic ideas for your approval. We can develop a strong content calendar for your website, helping to ensure there is fresh material to continually drive visitors back to your site.

Our team writes hundreds of articles per year and has found a recipe for success that allows us to craft material for large, industry-leading organizations as well as smaller businesses. A well-written article or carefully thought out infographic can be incredibly effective and has been proven to be more appealing than a traditional advertisement.

Our talented team creates eye-catching infographics and interactive visuals that entertain and inform readers. Infographics are regularly shared by social media users and greatly increase the time spent on an individual page. They can also impart information faster than a full article and, as a result, readers are more likely to retain the information and return to your site in the future.

Content Writing for Your Digital Audience

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Today’s readers are smart, busy and have a lot of options. They don’t want to read a blatant advertisement and are put off by “click-bait” headlines attached to articles that fall short in delivering quality information. After being burned a few times, readers will steer clear of such sites. Your website needs to have content that entertains and engages visitors but also meets your needs. We’ve found the right copywriting formula that fulfills both your needs and those of your visitors. Visitors show their appreciation for quality content with more shares, return visits and a positive association with your brand.

More and more businesses are turning to content marketing, so the options on your site need to stand out. We will draw in more visitors while using the tone, voice and standards already established by your brand. If your brand is too new to have those things (or you do, but want to change them), Blue Compass can help you adjust accordingly and transform your brand’s voice.

Blue Compass’ talented content creators are experienced at finding the perfect approach to every article. All team members are skilled in research and composition, seamlessly mixing in keywords that will make sure search engines pick up on your content and grab your audience’s attention. From there, we provide regular analytics analysis, letting you know what content is the most successful and allowing us to further optimize new and existing content. In our performance reports, we'll analyze key performance metrics, such as the average time on page on articles, the bounce rate, conversions and more. Each report will be used to inform strategic marketing decisions moving forward and will let you know exactly the type of content that performs the best for your business.

You want your information out there, and we want to help. Blue Compass can make sure your content presents your vision in an interesting way that won’t be glossed over by visitors. Let our team help you share your story.

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