User Experience Consulting, Testing & Research

Today, customers have more options than ever when it comes to choosing businesses online. With so many choices, visitors are quick to leave a website that is difficult to use and move on to a different site. That means a poor user experience on your website may be sending business to your competitors.

A great user experience improves conversion rates on your site, increases profit and makes your business more competitive. Whether you’re planning to redesign your entire website or update a few pages, Blue Compass offers user experience (UX) consulting, testing and market research to help you optimize your website to best serve your visitors. Our goal is to utilize user data from online panels and surveys and incorporate the latest UX trends to ensure a smooth and seamless online experience that allows users to accomplish what they came to your site to do.

  • Determine a user-friendly navigation and site structure
  • Create an effective design based on data
  • Boost conversions

Where does UX research fit into our web design and development process?

During the design and development of a new website, we recommend testing early and quickly so UX findings can be easily incorporated into the website build. After we launch a website, we perform continued UX research to analyze how users are interacting with the new site for ongoing, data-driven optimizations.

Image of website designs.

Our team also offers UX services for existing websites interested in learning more about how users interact with their website. Whether you are interested in having data to back up an inkling that your company needs a new website or simply want to make a few tweaks to your current site, you’ll get valuable insights to help you make your decision.

Our UX Solutions

User Experience Consulting and Research

Our team creates UX strategies designed to uncover how users are interacting with your website. We will work with your team to determine the objectives of the user research based on your business goals and website conversion points.

Through user research, we will provide actionable ways to improve the user experience of your site, either by designing a new website or optimizing your current site.

UX research scroll maps

Determining a User-Friendly Navigation

The main navigation is one of the most valuable pieces of any website. It guides users to your most important pages. When the navigation isn’t intuitive, users get frustrated and leave your website. We utilize UX research methods like card sorting and tree testing to understand how users associate pieces of content, so we can lay out a more effective navigation.

These UX testing methods are important for any brand considering new content architecture or restructuring of the main navigation. From these tests, we can get a better understanding of where visitors would expect to find certain pages and make adjustments to reflect these insights.

Evidence-Based UX Design

At Blue Compass, we believe that design and UX go hand-in-hand. There’s no need to sacrifice style for user-friendliness - with UX testing and research, we generate user behavior data to guide our designs.

A/B testing

User testing allows us to discover if your website visitors can easily complete critical tasks. During the design phase and while constructing the demo site, users are asked to complete tasks and rate their difficulty. This type of UX testing helps us understand how users are interacting with the site before it has even launched.

Once initial UX testing and research have been completed, we analyze and present the results to you and our design and development teams. That’s when the fun really begins. We incorporate the data we’ve collected into the design and the functionality of the website including the layout of the navigation and placements of calls to action.

Discovering User Pain Points and Improvements

The last thing you want is a website that frustrates users. Your website should help your visitors find answers and solve problems. With UX research such as heatmaps, user surveys and mouse tracking we can get a sense of users pain points on a website. Heatmapping technology allows us to see where users are clicking and scrolling; if one of your most important assets is being overlooked, we will discover it.

We frequently use mouse tracking alongside heatmapping, so we can understand not only where users are clicking or not clicking, but why. This type of testing gives us a look at a genuine user interaction, so we can see where website visitors are frequently getting stuck or having trouble.

With this information, we can determine changes to content architecture, functionality and design that will make it easier for your visitors to use your website and convert.

UX Research Doesn’t End After Launch

When you get a new website, you shouldn’t set it and forget it. How will you know that it’s working and meeting your business’s goals? With follow up UX research after a site has launched, we can monitor how real users are interacting with the new site and make continuous improvements. These ongoing optimizations may include:

  • Enhance calls-to-action
  • Improve messaging
  • Reduce distractions on a page
  • Optimize the conversion process

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