Website SEO Audit Services: Working to Improve Your Search Rankings

Blue Compass is an SEO-first agency. We work with our clients to drive new users from search to their web properties and increase conversions from searchers. With extensive expertise in this field, our SEO experts always take a comprehensive SEO-focused approach to websites and digital marketing. We see how all the components of your digital presence work together to help (or hurt) your rankings in search. That’s why we designed a website SEO audit to grade your site’s performance from the perspective of a search engine.

Why do a website audit?

If you care about bringing more people to your website, then you value SEO. You may want to increase traffic to generate more leads, raise awareness about your business, or educate your readers, and SEO does all of that for you. We’ve compiled a full list of SEO FAQs you can review if you want to learn more about SEO, but here are some of the main reasons why you should consider doing a website SEO audit.

  1. To get a better return on your digital marketing investment
  2. To improve the experience for your website’s visitors
  3. To increase the chances of people finding your business
  4. To have a higher possibility of turning website visitors into paying customers

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The world of SEO can be daunting, so before a business starts to invest in more complex SEO strategies, we want to make sure your website has a strong foundation. The benefits of the audit can trickle-up from your site into search results, showing you where your website does well, where it needs work and how to enhance it. To that end, our team of digital experts has simplified the SEO website audit process and built this offering for companies at all stages in their SEO journey.

When Should I Perform a SEO Website Audit?

This audit will bring value to companies who:

  1. Launched a website recently and need a review of their SEO
  2. Are interested in SEO for the first time and need to know where to begin
  3. Have marketers in-house and need a list of action items to improve the website
  4. Have concerns about why they aren’t appearing in search and need to get to the bottom of the issue

How does the Blue Compass SEO audit help?

Our audit analyzes multiple website ranking factors but we prioritize them to make the error correction process easier. We let you know which issues are low-priority improvements and which are critical errors that may be preventing search engines from crawling and ranking your website. Our SEO Guide provides a good point of reference for what we consider important ranking factors.

What is included in a website SEO audit?

We review two types of SEO in this audit, on-page and technical. For example with the on-page elements listed below (and more) we verify the information is present, unique (not duplicate), and the correct length:

  1. Meta information
  2. Headers
  3. Page Copy
  4. Images (sizes & tags)

We highlight the priority of technical errors such as:

  1. Critical 500 errors
  2. 400 page not found errors
  3. 300 redirects, unnecessary and loops

We also evaluate code-related issues that may occur within:

  1. Sitemap.xml
  2. Robots.txt
  3. Header and footer
  4. Schema execution
  5. Google Analytics or GTM implementation

We interpret these findings and more from the audit in a presentation to your team. You’ll receive a detailed list of the pages that need to be updated for your site to be in compliance and instructions on how to update each issue uncovered in the audit. Consider this your game plan for how to bring your site into SEO Compliance and be on your way to higher rankings and more website traffic.

Cost of an SEO Audit

An SEO audit with the detailed file and presentation will vary in cost depending on the size of your website and depth at which you’d like us to look into fixing errors or finding the root cause of errors. Our team of experts adds a deep layer of value to our SEO audits and they take the time to provide you with an audit that delivers more than what you can do using free SEO tools.

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SEO Audits Improve the Success of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Blue Compass likes to start new client relationships by conducting an SEO audit to see how well the website follows SEO best-practices. It gives our team an overall picture of how healthy a website is, and in turn, how successful future digital marketing campaigns will be. Website issues often lead to issues for digital marketing efforts like disapproved ads and more expensive clicks.

Spending money on digital marketing when your website’s SEO is sub-par, is a gamble. You might get lucky once-in-a-while, but the majority of the time, you’ll be out a sizable chunk of change with little to show for it.

Website Audit Timeline

  1. Blue Compass will contact you within one to two business days after you fill out the form below.
  2. We will schedule a call within the week to understand more about your specific goals with the website audit.
  3. We’ll audit your website and create the presentation. We’ll present the findings to your team.
  4. We’ll deliver a file of the errors with instructions on how to fix them If you’d like further assistance, our team will estimate the cost of updating the site for you based on the audit either in a single project or ongoing SEO partnership.

SEO is a long game and it’s always evolving, but rest assured that it pays off to steer clear of black-hat practices (practices that go against search engine guidelines). Follow the basics of what search engines ask of your website and build in more complex SEO strategies from there. Contact us today if you’re ready to see how search engines view your website.

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