Your Complete Guide on How to Create a Pinterest Promoted Pin

Are you looking to drive traffic to your company's website? Or maybe you are strictly focused on raising brand awareness. No matter your goals, Pinterest’s Promoted Pins can introduce a variety of information to your audience with just a few clicks of your mouse. In this blog, we break down how to create a Promoted Pin from beginning to end in an easy to follow visual guide. Now, let’s dive in!

Select ‘Promoted Pins’ 

Pinterest Promoted Pins

There are two ways you can begin making a Promoted Pin. The first way is by selecting ‘Promoted Pins’ from the drop-down menu that is located just below your brand's icon in the upper right corner of the page. The second way is to select the  button and then choose ‘Create ad’ from the drop-down options.

Choose Campaign Preference 

Pinterest Promoted Pins Campaign types

Once you have selected ‘Promoted Pins’ from the drop-down, you will be taken to the first step of the Promoted Pin process, and that is to choose engagement campaigns, traffic campaigns or awareness campaigns. It’s important to note that awareness campaigns are only available to Fortune 500 advertisers who have a minimum monthly spend.  What is the difference between the other two? Let’s break them down!

Pinterest Engagement Campaigns: When you choose engagement campaigns, you are looking to engage with users through your pin while they are considering future projects or plans. Therefore, you are paying for each engagement such as a ‘closeup’ repin, or click on your Promoted Pin.

Pinterest Traffic Campaigns: By choosing traffic campaigns, you are encouraging Pinterest users to stop browsing potential plans and projects and to start doing them by directing them back to your website to take action. Essentially, this gives businesses the opportunity to bring users’ ideas to life. And the best part? You only pay when the user clicks to your website!

Establish Campaign Goal 

Pinterest Promoted Pins Budget Menu

Once you have decided which type of Promoted Pin campaign your brand would like to move forward with, click the desired option and begin filling out your new campaign. Start with your campaign name, choose whether you would like to have a daily budget or a lifetime budget (how much you want to spend over a desired period) and finally the dates you would like the campaign to run through.

Pick a Pin to Promote 

Pinterest Promoted Pins Pin Examples

After you have finished filling out your Promoted Pin’s basic information, you will be prompted to select a pin to promote. It is important to remember when you upload your desired pin to a particular board initially, to also plug in the correct website link. If you forget to put in the site link, the pin will not appear in the campaign options for it, like the example above.

Add Pin Details 

Pinterest Promoted Pin Targeting Options

After you select your Promoted Pin, you will need to fill out your pin details. Start with your pin name and then move to your destination URL (optional). From there, you can begin your interest and keyword targeting where you have the chance to select options from both if you would like. Interest targeting offers brands more of a broad match option with categories like ‘technology’ or ‘weddings,’ whereas keyword targeting lets you be more brand specific with precise search phrases such as ‘fun iPhone 6 apps’ or ‘beige wedding dresses.’ Once you have completed that portion of the pin details, select the location to target, specific language(s), devices, genders, and finally the maximum CPC bid you are willing to pay per click or engagement.

Lastly, Select Promote!

Pinterest Promoted Pins Notification

And last but certainly not least, once you have filled out all of the Promoted Pin details, select the ‘Promote’ button at the bottom of the page. From the moment you click ‘Promote’ and once your pin is approved, it will take approximately 24 hours for data to populate around the Promoted Pin within your dashboard.

How Do You See Your Promoted Pin Data? 

Promoted Pin Campaign types

To see the data of your Promoted Pin, log in to your Promoted Pins and select ‘view all’ of the campaign you are running the Promoted Pin under.

From there you will be taken to your Promoted Pin dashboard where you can see all data around your brand's current Promoted Pin as well as all other pins. You can customize this area by selecting certain date ranges if you are wanting to see a specific month or months or even yearly overview of data.

Take Your Pinterest Advertising Above and Beyond!

As Pinterest continues to lead as one of the top social platforms alongside Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it is obvious that companies need to take advantage and leverage their own brand on the unstoppable platform. Is your company ready to capitalize on the incredible engagement that can come from Promoted Pins? See how our team of leading digital marketing professionals can help you do just that!

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