These Search Optimization Tips Will Give You Better Engagement on Twitter

We know that search engine optimization on Google is important, but did you know SEO is equally as important on Twitter to boost your engagement? Optimizing your Twitter account allows your followers and other users to find your information more easily.

By using these search engine optimization tips, you will reach a larger audience that can retweet and engage with your tweets.

Add Keywords Your Audience Is Searching For

Keywords are the driving force behind search engine optimization, and the same goes for Twitter optimization. Adding keywords to your tweets is a quick and easy way to increase your presence on this social media platform. This could be as easy as including a product type, the industry in which you work or a brand name. However, whatever keywords you choose to use, make sure that they’re relevant to the content you’re sharing. If character count allows, it’s always beneficial to include a hashtag with some of your keywords to increase their scope even more.

When deciding which keywords to include, it’s best to think like the audience you are trying to target. Decide what words and phrases they would use to look for content like yours. If you’re not using keywords that people are searching for, your tweets will most likely not be seen by a sizable audience.

Including Media is Essential to Twitter Engagement

Tweets with images earn 35% more Retweets on average compared to Tweets without photos, according to Sprout Social. Words will not catch the user’s eye when they’re scrolling through their phone the same way a picture would. The highest engagement rates are usually Tweets that include photos, videos and links that people can use to get more information. Photos, videos and other forms of media can give your followers a better understanding of what you’re trying to inform them on in a quick glance. By adding some form of media, you will stand out to your followers and increase your engagement.

Typically, people turn to Twitter looking for a source of information, so it’s important that you don’t rely solely on 140 characters to convey your message. Using links to connect your followers to a blog or webpage that gives them more information is the best way to engage users and build their trust in you, and it also helps your SEO value.

Use Twitter Language to Communicate Effectively

Try including hashtags, tags and links in your tweets. Hashtags allow you to reach a lot more users than those that already follow you, and they connect you with other tweets with the same hashtag. That means if you use a hashtag specific to an event, anyone who uses that hashtag can be seen when you search for it. Creating company hashtags for promotions or events is a great way to increase engagement and learn what customers think of your products. Taking it one step further, monitoring hashtags is an excellent way to perform social listening. By keeping your eye on what’s happening, you can stay on top of things and address an issue before it gets bigger.

Another feature you should utilize on Twitter to enhance user engagement is tags. By tagging someone, you are giving them a shoutout in your tweet. A few great instances to use a tag include sharing something exciting about an employee or a business/nonprofit you work with or giving another firm in the industry a compliment on an article they wrote. By featuring others, it encourages them to engage with you in the future.

Links are a common feature in the Twitter platform. It’s important to take advantage of the search optimization value that they can provide. As mentioned previously, links can give your followers more information about what they’re searching for and can establish your credibility. They will be more likely to interact with your posts if you’re providing them useful information.

How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Your profile is your first impression to potential followers, and optimizing it is a critical step towards improving your SEO. First, your Twitter handle should match your company user name if possible. This makes your account easily identifiable if users are searching for your business.

Your short bio should establish important aspects of your business, such as your location and what you do. Additionally, use your bio to tell potential followers what you typically tweet about, so they can decide whether they want to gain information from you or not.

As a business, your photo should be an image representative of your brand. Make sure you’re using the correct image size (200x200 pixels) so it appears correctly and doesn’t slow down your profile’s load time.

Lastly, make sure you include a link to your website! If people like what they see on your profile, they could decide they want to learn more about you and potentially do business with you.

Create Attention-Grabbing Content

140 characters. That’s all you get to win over your followers. Make users want to engage with you by asking them questions, using polls or sharing imagery, like gifs. If customers are scrolling through and see a question, they may stop and think about how they would answer, and that extra pause means you’re one step closer to follower engagement. Using a call-to-action is a similar tactic that could be beneficial. By creating a sense of urgency to click the link that leads to your website, users are more likely to get involved right away. This means higher engagement rates and the increased potential of leads for your business.

A straightforward way to increase engagement is to simply ask for a Retweet. This is not uncommon on Twitter and unlike Facebook, you will not be penalized for it. Retweets are the easiest way to reach a larger audience, so take advantage! If you have dedicated followers, they may just need that extra nudge to show some appreciation to your brand.

Need More Advice About SEO to Increase Engagement?

The experts at Blue Compass can help you take your Twitter presence to new heights. Our digital marketing team has extensive knowledge on search engine optimization and the best way to reach your target audience on any social media platform.

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