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Social media marketing is constantly transitioning and evolving. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Pinterest is one of the top social platforms that’s leading the charge. With more than 100 million active users, Pinterest is a force to be reckoned with. Known as “the world's catalog of ideas,” Pinterest alone can catapult your brand to new heights, and when you take it one step further with Pinterest advertising, you can have an abundance of potential customers at your fingertips.

Pinterest Demographics

When it comes to Pinterest, understanding your target audience and who utilizes the platform is crucial to your success. Nothing is worse as an advertiser than wasting not only your time but advertising dollars on a platform that will bring your company no business. With that being said, let's take a look at who uses Pinterest. Roughly 26% of all U.S. adults use Pinterest. That is three-in-ten Americans! Along with those astonishing numbers, accordingly to Pew Research Center, the detailed demographic breakdown of Pinterest users are as follows:

Pinterest Demographics

Designing For Pinterest Promoted Pins 

In addition to understanding the demographic breakdown of Pinterest and knowing your target audience on the platform, our Iowa web designers want to share the other extremely important piece to the Pinterest advertising puzzle: design. When it comes to Pinterest Promoted Pins, design plays a prominent role in the success of your ad. From image size and color to targeting methods, there are a lot of elements to think about beforehand. First and foremost, longer images always perform better on Pinterest. The image sizes we utilize the most and that have performed the best (not including infographics) are:

  • 736 x 1300 px
  • 678 x 1024 px
  • 600 x 832 px

Now that we have covered the design basics and demographic breakdown of Pinterest, let’s take a look at what has worked well for Blue Compass! We took it upon ourselves to test out various design elements and targeting options already utilized by our team of web designers, so you don’t have to do the testing yourself. Let’s take a look!

Pinterest Advertising | Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2018

Web Designs to Watch for

As a web design agency in Iowa, we love staying on top of the latest website design trends, and we decided to put that research to good use by creating a blog on the topic along with a creative infographic. This web design trends article continues to be a top performer on Pinterest every year!

Image Design

As many of us are aware, one of the best performing designs to utilize on Pinterest is an infographic. As you can see above, we took a topic (web design) that was already a big hit on the social platform and then leveraged it with a visually appealing image. The design we chose included subtle, yet eye-catching colors throughout, with an overall clean design that also incorporated a prominent title and the Blue Compass logo at the footer. Additionally, we utilized a neutral background throughout the piece that flowed well and took the user on a visual journey.

Pinterest Advertising

As stated previously, when you capitalize on an already popular topic, promoting it becomes a breeze. When it comes to Pinterest Promoted Pins, it is important to utilize not only the right keywords and audiences, but ensure that you monitor and optimize the campaigns for the best ROI and results overall.

For “Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2017,” we chose to target all U.S. states due to the topic. Over the course of the weeklong ad campaign, we optimized the ads at least two times to generate the best results. With that being said, we have now achieved over 500 repins for this piece since February 2017.

Pinterest Advertising | 2016 Web Design Trends

Marketing Design Trends

Similar to our newest web design trends blog, we created something similar back in 2016. Although the website design trends have changed since 2016, this infographic continues to gain traffic.

Image Design

Following the previous example, this was a design we put together covering the same topic - web design trends. This infographic, in particular, is visually appealing while talking about other visually appealing elements of design. Our web designers took real web designs we capitalized on in the actual blog to give the user a taste of what they can expect to read and to intrigue them enough to repin, and potentially come back to or click right away. With that being said, the wood background helps enhance the visual elements making it more eye-catching.

Pinterest Advertising

As for advertising “2016 Web Design Trends,” we once again were playing off of the highly engaging topic. Therefore, we advertised to the U.S. as a whole and optimized several times throughout the campaign period to secure the best results. This led us to want to recreate the same success the following year as you saw in the above infographic piece, and it went above and beyond what we could have expected.

Pinterest Advertising |  Des Moines: Taking Social Media Marketing by Storm 

Infographic for Des Moines: Taking Social Media Marketing by Storm

Image Design

Another blog we tested was, “Des Moines: Taking Social Media Marketing by Storm.” At first glance, you may notice a few things. The title of the blog is prominent; we subtly incorporated our Blue Compass logo at the bottom of the image for added brand awareness, and finally, the coloring is unique and stands out among other pins. When it comes to Pinterest advertising, it is important to think long-term and avoid dates and topics that may expire. Pinterest works like a billboard that never ends. Therefore, it is important your design encompasses that mentality.

Pinterest Advertising

Something to keep in mind when it comes to Pinterest advertising is that, yes, incorporating the right keywords and selecting the right targeted audiences is important, but once again, monitoring and updating campaigns in real-time are of the utmost priority. Gone are the days of setting up your ad and forgetting about it until it ends. If your ad is not gaining impressions or clicks within the first 24 hours, it is a sign something needs to change.

For “Des Moines: Taking Social Media Marketing by Storm,” we first decided to target the Midwest. After the first day or so we realized we needed to expand our reach and did so with success. Not only did this minor change bring more people to our site, but we were able to generate ‘saves’ as well (which are free!).

Pinterest Advertising |  How to Create Your Own Geofilter for Snapchat 

How to Create Your Own Geo Filter for Snapchat

Image Design 

At first glance, the image for our blog, “How to Create Your Own Geofilter for Snapchat” draws your in your eye with the prominent title and icon. The image plays on the user's ability to associate Snapchat’s icon with Snapchat mentally. Next, we utilized a Snapchat Geofilter created for an event we hosted - our digital marketing, web development and web design agency open house in Iowa - as an example. Within the last year or two, it has become increasingly important to stay away from stock photography and instead incorporate original images. Additionally, language can be a defining factor in your pin’s success. By using the term “guide,” we are indicating that we have a step-by-step process for them to follow along.

Pinterest Advertising 

When it came to Pinterest advertising for, “How to Create Your Own Geofilter for Snapchat,” we were aware we were playing off a popular topic: something people would not only search for now but continue to search for in the future. Like I said previously, long-term is essential when it comes to Pinterest advertising. In addition to the topic, this pin could be beneficial for people all over the U.S. Therefore, we expanded our reach to the whole country with the help of relevant keywords and interests. These design and advertising adjustments put the Promoted Pin right in front of the audience we were looking for and generated the ‘saves’ and clicks we wanted.

Pinterest Advertising |  Is Email Marketing Actually Damaging Your Business? 

Is email Marketing actually hurting your Business

Image Design

For the blog, “Is Email Marketing Actually Damaging Your Business,” we knew that we were talking about a hot topic, and the market we were going to reach would be a niche audience. Therefore, with our design, we decided to go with the right mix of imagery and text to keep people interested from beginning to end. Additionally, clean design is vital to an ad’s success. When it comes to creating an infographic, remember the goal is to visually give users as much information as possible in the small amount of space you have.

Bonus tip: Calls-to-action (CTAs) work on infographics. Add your brand's logo, tagline, etc. in the footer for an additional promotional boost.

Pinterest Advertising

Similar to, “How to Create Your Own Geofilter for Snapchat,” email marketing is a topic people are interested in all over the country. Therefore, we chose to expand our targeting reach and go for the whole U.S. Next, we selected relevant keywords and interests related to email marketing and marketing in general. By doing so, our Promoted Pin was a great accomplishment.

Pinterest Advertising |  Social Media: Evolving Fashion One Post at a Time 

Fashion's biggest brands Infographic

Image Design 

There is no doubt Pinterest is a hotspot for people searching for topics such as fashion, recipes, interior design and more. When it came time to create an image for our blog, “Evolving Fashion One Post at a Time,” we knew it had to be an infographic, and the colors were going to need to “pop.” This particular design not only incorporated well-recognized fashion brands but included lines that gradually sloped down to draw readers eyes along the infographic, a diagonal website design trick the web designers at our Iowa agency  often use to boost website metrics. The design also has a clean look and, for extra brand recognition, we added the Blue Compass logo in the footer.

Pinterest Advertising 

For this particular Promoted Pin, the interest and keyword targeting were necessary for success. We took the approach of including those interested in fashion and those interested in social media to bring it full circle. As we did with the previous pins discussed, we targeted to the U.S. as a whole for this Promoted Pin. Overall, our Pinterest Promoted Pin went above and beyond our expectations.

Pinterest Advertising |  Your Complete Guide on How to Create a Pinterest Promoted Pin 

Your Complete Guide on How to Create a Pinterest Promoted Pin

Image Design 

In addition to image sizes and colors that work best, Pinterest also has quite a few design brand standards that are important to keep in mind. With our blog, “Your Complete Guide on How to Create a Pinterest Promoted Pin,” we ran into a few brand standard roadblocks at first but were happy to end with the above design. When talking about Pinterest or Promoted Pins on a blog, you cannot include the Pinterest logo, as this makes it appear they are sponsoring your content. Instead, we decided to bring the Blue Compass logo to the forefront of the design and make the term “Pinterest” red to help users mentally associate it with Pinterest as a brand. To complement the red “Pinterest,” our web desingers included an opaque layer over the Pinterest card layout to ensure the text remained legible.

Pinterest Advertising 

As for the Pinterest Promoted Pin, we again targeted the entire U.S. For interest and keyword targeting we chose to target individuals who have expressed interest in Pinterest, advertising/marketing, social media and so on. By doing so, the results once again were better than we could have hoped.

Pinterest Advertising |  Best Infographic Designs of 2015 

Best Infographic Designs of 2015

Image Design 

We have discussed how infographics not only perform better as Pinterest Promoted Pins but did you know “infographic designs” is also a favorite topic frequently searched on Pinterest? With that knowledge, we decided to capitalize on the traffic and pull together a roundup of our favorite infographics from the year in our blog, “Best Infographic Designs of 2015.” When it came to designing the blog’s image, we let the infographics themselves do the work for us. As you can see in the above picture, we chose to run with the infographics we were going to be discussing and then bring the reader’s eye to the title by using a ribbon design.

Pinterest Advertising 

Since we knew infographics and the topic around them do well as Pinterest Promoted Pins, we were not surprised the “Best Infographic Design of 2015” pin gained traction and performed well. We targeted the U.S. and zoned in on those who were interested in design, small business and advertising.

What’s on the Horizon? Here are Our Predictions! 

Now that we have combed through the design elements that have brought Promoted Pin success in the past, let’s take a look at what is on the horizon for Pinterest advertising! Our predictions are:

  • Image sizes. We feel it is a no-brainer that optimal image sizes will remain the same or get longer. As mobile continues to be the leader, designing with more extended images will continue to be paramount.
  • Eye-catching colors with a dominant title. In addition to pin size, the color and title will also be vital. Ensure readers can spot your pin quickly through pops of color and hook them instantly with a catchy and bold title.
  • Video. Pinterest has recently released the option for promoted video on the platform. This offers brands more than just views, but an option to gain conversions on products right away through the video being used.
  • Cinematic Pins. Pinterest is joining the other social giants with its own version of GIFs. Through Cinematic Pins, brands have the chance to impress readers with a made-for-mobile ad format that moves like a GIF.
  • Relevant links. Above just a catchy design, images and infographics must link back to a helpful and informative blog. Do not bait readers, as this will lead to poor results.


Is your brand ready to take the leap and give Pinterest Promoted Pins a try? If so, make the process an easy one with the help of our step-by-step guide!

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