#Live-Tweeting: Twitter Changes How We Experience Major Events

Have you ever been in the moment during an award show, presidential election, sporting event or your favorite show’s season finale and reached for your phone to tweet your thoughts? You are not alone! Twitter has become the social channel of choice for millions of people (and brands) to engage and share their feelings regarding whatever big event is currently taking place in the world. But what makes Twitter the “social water cooler” of choice for those looking to get in on the big conversation?

Accessibility and Ease

The simplicity of Twitter’s platform is not only easy to use and navigate but gives users the ability to join the conversation quickly. Through the use of hashtags, you can find and add to the conversation thread in seconds. Most award shows, TV shows, and big sporting events make the process even easier to follow by hosting their own Twitter account for the event.

Sharing the Connection with Everyone

With every new event that takes place, it has become more and more evident that social media is almost if not more tied to the event than tuning into the actual broadcast. We all know that nothing is worse than being that person in the office the day after a big event with absolutely no clue about what went on the night before. From the shocking moments like Nicki Minaj calling out Miley Cyrus at this year's MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) to Missy Elliott’s surprise performance at this year’s Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show, big moments like this are what people want to talk about and engage with.

Backstage Access

In addition to being involved in the conversation thread, one of the most exciting parts of live-tweeting is the backstage access to all of your favorite stars or athletes. We all want to know what Taylor Swift is wearing to the VMAs or who she chooses to be in her “squad” for the night. For football fans, it’s about how your favorite athletes are gearing up for the Super Bowl or how they are going to celebrate the big win after. It’s this type of access into their lives that makes people like us feel like we are connecting with them on a more personal level.

Live-Tweeting Through the Years

Throughout the last few years, it comes as no surprise that live-tweeting events have continued to gain more and more traction for Twitter users. Though some years are better than others due to who is hosting the event, what teams are playing, etc., the numbers still continue to build. Take a look at the live-tweeting numbers for big events from 2013-today.


  • 2013: 18 million (306,000 tweets per minute)
  • 2014: 12.6 million
  • 2015: 21.4 million (record for most tweeted U.S. TV show)

Super Bowl:

  • 2013: 24.1 million
  • 2014: 24.9 million
  • 2015: 28.4 million


  • 2013: 8.9 million
  • 2014:11.2 million
  • 2015: 5.9 million

Join the Live-Tweeting Movement!

Has your brand jumped on the live-tweeting bandwagon? If not - you are missing out! Live-tweeting large events are not only fun to join in on personally, but they are also great for brand engagement. If you are new to the live-tweeting movement and are looking for a little help, our Digital Marketing Team at Blue Compass can help! Connect with us today!

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