Here Are the Top Places to Entertain Your Clients in Des Moines

Are you tasked with finding where to take your clients for coffee, lunch or dinner? It can be tough to decide where to go. You have to consider noise level, price, the size of the group, atmosphere and more.

Luckily, Des Moines is full of coffee shops and restaurants that will impress your clients. If you’re planning a business meeting in Des Moines, check out our “where to” guide on locations that are great for hosting client groups of all sizes.

Top Des Moines Coffee Shops to Visit With Clients

Even if you’re just grabbing coffee with a client or a business prospect, don’t miss a chance to show off one of our most popular local cafes.

Mars Cafe

Neighborhood: Drake
Atmosphere: Casual

With a casual, quiet atmosphere, Mars Cafe, located near Drake University, is the place for you. Whether you’re meeting with a client about last month’s report or just catching up, you’ll find yourselves undisturbed.

Horizon Line Coffee

Neighborhood: Western Gateway
Atmosphere: Cool and Contemporary

New to the Des Moines coffee scene in the Western Gateway neighborhood, Horizon Line Coffee is a cool space to grab a beverage with your company’s clients. With a menu that will please any palate and friendly staff, Horizon Line proves Des Moines is the place to be to your out-of-town clients.

Gong Fu Tea

Neighborhood: East Village
Atmosphere: Quiet and Cozy

If you know your client isn’t a coffee drinker but enjoys tea, then take him or her to Gong Fu Tea in the East Village. With hundreds of different tea options that are made to order, you’ll enjoy fresh brewed tea and conversation with your clients on the comfortable floor pillows that make up the seating. It would be best to come to Gong Fu Tea with a smaller group, as it is a more intimate space.

DSM Brew

Neighborhood: Downtown
Atmosphere: Modern and Stylish

With a fresh and funky industrial vibe, DSM Brew is a must when it comes to taking clients out to coffee. With ample indoor and outdoor space, the new coffee shop isn’t too loud and features a variety of drinks on their menu. Plus, the space is large enough that you could easily entertain both small and large groups of clients.

Scenic Route Bakery

Neighborhood: East Village
Atmosphere: Comfortable and Casual

If you’re looking for a place to grab a bite, as well as a caffeine pick-me-up, look no further than Scenic Route Bakery in the East Village. Scenic Route is an inviting space that feels light and airy due to the floor-to-ceiling windows. With clients, you can sit at a table or one of the comfortable couches or chairs located throughout the shop. If it’s nice out, you and your client may be able to grab a seat on the patio.

Grounds for Celebration

Neighborhood: West Des Moines, Beaverdale and Windsor Heights
Atmosphere: Classic

Located in West Des Moines, Beaverdale and Windsor Heights, Grounds for Celebration coffee shops are excellent spots to catch up with a client. Each location is a neighborhood staple and makes locals and visitors alike feel like they’re right at home. Plus, it’s nice and quiet, meaning you’ll be able to easily talk with your client instead of yelling over music that’s too loud.

Best Des Moines Restaurants to Entertain Clients

If you’re entertaining clients and need more than a casual coffee meeting, Des Moines has a wide variety of local restaurants that will hit the spot:


Neighborhood: Downtown
Atmosphere: Down-home and Charming

One of the latest restaurants to make a splash in Des Moines is Bubba. With a southern comfort inspired menu, Bubba has a charming atmosphere that will impress clients from all over the United States. Beyond the atmosphere, the food is made of quality ingredients that are hearty and delicious.


Neighborhood: East Village
Atmosphere: Upscale Dining

For a meal made to impress, check out Alba. This restaurant serves sophisticated American fare prepared to perfection. Additionally, Alba isn’t a massive space and offers private dining for up to twenty individuals, making this a perfect dining spot to talk business and develop plans as a group.


Neighborhood: Downtown
Atmosphere: Urban Italian-Inspired Dining

With a happy hour that can’t be beaten, Centro in Downtown Des Moines offers Italian-inspired food that’s served fresh. No matter if you’re having lunch or dinner gathering with your clients, the menu at Centro along with the relaxing atmosphere guarantees a successful get together.


Neighborhood: Downtown
Atmosphere: Modern and Lively

With a spin on traditional Mexican fare, Malo is a favorite among Des Moines locals. If you’re hosting a large group of individuals, Malo’s large, open space is perfect. The menu consists of tasty street tacos, tamales, enchiladas, queso and much more. Note that it can get a little loud in the lively restaurant, so Malo is an ideal choice for celebrating or building your client relationships. 

There’s Plenty to Do in Des Moines

When it comes to finding unique things to do in Des Moines, you won’t come up short. From new restaurants, coffee shops, stores and more, Des Moines is continuing to grow. Whether your clients are local or coming in from all over the globe, our community makes it easy to wine and dine them.

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