Google Performance Summit Keynote: Everything You Need to Know

The Performance Summit Keynote has officially come and gone. And in typical Google fashion, it is safe to say it blew us away. From the AdWords overhaul that is taking place, to Analytics’ new customization options, we are officially counting down the days until we have access to it all. See our full breakdown of the keynote below and, if you haven’t already, enjoy the performance “live” here!

Google AdWords Overhaul 

The Mobile-First World is Here 

We have officially shifted to a “mobile-first world.” With more than a trillion searches made on Google last year globally, over half of those were on mobile. As individuals have drastically turned to their cell phones for various things throughout the day, rather than desktops, marketers have the ability to connect and share more ‘moments’ with consumers than ever before. The challenge now is, marketers need to know which moments matter and which ones don’t. As a result, Google has created a brand new AdWords platform that gives marketers the chance to meet consumers on their mobile devices during these “moments.”

New and Improved Google AdWords 

After taking away right-side ads, Google was able to re-imagine what a text-ad was supposed to look like. As ads with longer headlines prove to be more useful to users, Google has expanded the number of characters that are allowed in the description line. Coming later this year, ads will be transitioning to one long 80-character description line with two headlines, therefore, providing about 50 percent more ad text than before. Through early testing, some advertisers have reported increases in CTR of over 20 percent.

Google didn’t stop there! Coming this year, individual bid adjustments will also become available *see Oprah gif below for our feelings on this wonderful news*.  Through enhancements such as Similar Audiences for Search, advertisers will be able to leverage their marketing list and target users in search differently. On a different front, Google added Demographic Targeting for Search ads which will give advertisers the capability to bid by gender and age range. And the best part? You can do this all within each individual campaign!

Google Display Network 

Of course, Google couldn’t focus strictly on text-ads. They had to re-vamp display ads as well! Google now wants to help do the work for advertisers and marketers. Coming soon, advertisers will simply provide the headlines, descriptions, image and URL and Google will do the rest. Google will create ads that will fit any web page and app as well as unlock any native ad imagery across the Google Display Network. 

Search Ads 

In the mobile-first world, how individuals find and discover things has drastically changed. Today, about one-third of all mobile searches are now related to location. Location-based searches are seeing nearly a 50 percent growth overall, therefore, offering an abundance of opportunity for advertising. As people move from place to place each day, this now gives us the chance to experience the brands and businesses around us, ultimately bridging the physical and digital world effortlessly.

Google is also making advertising on Google Maps a better, more seamless experience for users and advertisers since starting ads on Maps back in 2013. Coming soon, the next generation of local search ads will give advertisers who are using location extensions the chance to take advantage of more relevant and rich ads within Google Maps properties. These ads will appear across, the Maps app, and Google Maps on desktop. Now, for those moments you are in a tight spot and need, let's say a phone charger, clothing item, etc. while traveling, you can now open Google Maps and search for “electronics store” or “department store” and a branded pin will appear. These pins could alert you to a promotion for the item you are looking for or whatever special they may be having that day.

Hello, Google Analytics 360 Suite 

Though the Google Analytics 360 Suite was announced earlier this year, it has not been available thus far. The time has finally come! At the keynote, Google shared they would be immediately rolling it out to their premium accounts! What does the Google Analytics 360 Suite entail? Quite a lot. With users asking for a platform with better integration, collaboration, and built-in intelligence, Google made sure to deliver just that.

  • Integration: Through Google Optimize 360, advertisers will have the chance to increase testing agility and decrease setup times. By using the goals and audiences already have created, you can run experiments and optimize accordingly. Today, paid beta is available for this.
  • Collaboration: Data Studio 360 was created for advertisers and their teams to be able to collaborate, create, and access various reports and data all in one tool.
  • Built-in Intelligence: As advertisers get more and more data, it becomes a challenge to put it to good use. Through analytics, individuals can now speak into the tool to ask a specific question and the system will process the inquiry and come back with an exact answer *excuse us while we scream with excitement*.

Would it be the Google Performance Summit Keynote Without a Social Feed to Follow?

We didn’t think so either. See some of our favorite reactions from the #GoogleSummit thread!


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