Digital Marketing: The Justice League of the 21st Century

With Suicide Squad behind us and an action-packed year ahead of us, the DC Heroes are looking to take the movie business by storm. Between Wonder Woman and The Justice League in 2017, and Aquaman and The Flash in 2018, we’ll be spoiled with new DC superhero adventures for the next few years. We here at Blue Compass love The Avengers, but DC has always held a small place in our hearts with the action and detective comics of old. So if you’re looking for an elite team of superheroes to help grow your business, The Digital Marketing Justice League has you covered!

Who is The Justice League?

Making their debut in March of 1960, The Justice League of America combined the powers of seven of the most recognizable superheroes that Detective Comics, Inc. had to offer. With Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern and The Martian Manhunter fighting at each other’s side, what evil could possibly stand up to them?

Justice League of America

Throughout the years, The Justice League faced the biggest and baddest villains that our world (or any world) had to offer. With many iterations and members, The Justice League became the beacon of hope within the DC Universe. In 2011, however, with the DC Rebirth event, we got a brand new Justice League with a new band of seven heroes ready to take on the evil of the universe. So who are these seven heroes?

Justice League New 52

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and Green Lantern are the seven legendary heroes that make up the New 52 version of The Justice League. Each member makes up an integral part of the team, and each contributes in their own way to protect the world and make it a better place. 

How is Digital Marketing Like The Justice League?

Digital Marketing works in nearly the same way as The Justice League, with each part taking their role and protecting and saving your company from the evils of stagnant business and departing customers. Each part of digital marketing deserves their own comic book and their own time in the spotlight. So, which heroes make up The Justice League of Digital Marketing?

Content - Superman

Content Marketing is Superman


Released in June of 1938, the original superhero and star of Action Comics, Superman is one of the inaugural members of The Justice League. Faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive, Superman is the superhero that started it all. Without Superman, The Justice League loses one of it’s most powerful allies and seems to fall flat.

Content is the Superman of your website and your online presence. Without great content, your website can offer nothing to your potential users, and you will have no unique offering to earn their click and time spent on your website. Content can be your greatest ally in the digital space, so develop strong and compelling content for your users, and you’ll surely see your business grow.

Analytics - Batman

Analytics is BatmanMaking his debut in Detective Comics in May of 1939, Batman is the founder of The Justice League. His ability to analyze a situation and determine the best plan or outcome makes him a force with which to be reckoned. Always working behind the scenes with more information and reasoning that most other superheroes, Batman is constantly working to keep the world safe.

Just like Batman, your analytics platform is always working to provide you with information to help make the decisions that can shape your business. Analytics data gives you the chance to dive deeper into how people use your website. Analytics is always watching and ever vigilant, acting behind the scenes and can help you find the answers you need to move your business forward.

Search Engine Marketing - Wonder Woman

Search Engine Marketing is Wonder WomanBreaking onto the scene in December of 1941, Wonder Woman broke many barriers in the comic world convincing even the harshest critics in the DC Universe that women can be just as heroic as men. Wonder Woman is a pivotal part of the team, even rivaling Superman in strength and speed, but she has more tools at her disposal.

Her lasso of truth gives her a chance to force her enemies into only answering in truths. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) provides you with even more tools to capture potential users online. With its own lasso of truth, SEM uses quality score to serve the right ads to the right people, making sure every ad is relevant. Using SEM to its fullest potential can give your online presence a definitive boost.

Link Building - Aquaman

Link Building is AquamanMaster of the Seas and an Atlantean native, Aquaman made his comic book debut in November of 1941. Aquaman uses his network of sea life to bring his enemies to justice. This vast array of support links him to the source of his power. 

Aside from super strength and speed, link building works similarly to Aquaman’s power. Leveraging the world wide web to build quality backlinks and boost the domain and page authority of your website will grant you unbelievable success.



Social - The Flash

Social Media is the Flash“The Fastest Man Alive,” also known as The Flash, dashed onto the scene in October of 1956. The Flash uses his super-speed to face off against the villains of the DC Universe, running in to save the day at lightning fast speeds. 

Social media can be the fastest way to reach your user base or customers. With the speed at which social media moves, it’s no wonder that it is the Flash of the Digital Marketing Justice League. Creating posts with relevant industry news or developing company stories is a great way to keep your users updated on everything your business has to offer.


On-Page SEO - Green Lantern

On Page SEO is The Green LanternIn October of 1959 The Green Lantern, as we know him, burst onto the scene as one of DC Comics’ newest original superheroes. With power granted by the interstellar law enforcement agency known as the Green Lantern Corps, he uses his magic ring to build tools and weapons to fight the forces of evil.

Just like The Green Lantern, It’s important to maximize your web pages structure, both onpage and offpage. On-page SEO helps to highlight the content of your web pages. Heading tags, image elements and keywords are all important tools to help you increase your rankings and your organic search traffic.


Technical SEO - Cyborg

Technical SEO is CyborgThe newest superhero on The Justice League is Cyborg, introduced in October of 1980. This mechanized man brought the power of technology to The Justice League ranks. While it’s true that Batman and The Flash are technological geniuses, Cyborg brings technology with a punch.

Technical SEO and Cyborg go hand-in-hand. With a combination of the written descriptions and attributes and the technical code of a website, it’s possible for you to communicate directly with a search engine with just the code on your web page. Through schema, meta information and error tracking you can ensure that the machines know what your content is all about!

Just as with The Justice League, digital marketing has its seven legendary superheroes that work to build your business and keep your customers. Be sure to check out the “real” Justice League next fall in The Justice League!

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