Celebrate National Dog Day with Blue Compass!

From welcome home tail wags and lazy day walks to snuggles on the sofa and foot warmers in bed, dogs are an integral part of everyday life and leave a lasting mark on every life they touch. That’s why it’s not tough to find a dog lover who can talk about their favorite four-legged friend for hours on end. While these canine companions join society as service dogs, military dogs, and more, they also provide marketers with universally funny stories and sweet memories that allow brands and businesses to connect and engage with target audiences. 

Today, National Dog Day, we invite you to join us and “paws” to celebrate man’s best friend for who they are: heroes, companions and above all, family. 

What is National Dog Day?

Also known as World Dog Day, National Dog Day is simply meant to commemorate all things “dog.” It’s a day to say, “thanks” to the police and armed forces canines that risk their lives for us every day. It’s an opportunity to recognize the many service dogs that work tirelessly to help elderly and disabled men and women. And last, but certainly not least, it’s a chance to honor the dog, or dogs, in your family’s life for the companionship they provide.

National Dog Day is also an opportunity to raise awareness of a situation many dogs face every day: homelessness. Over 3.9 million dogs will enter a shelter this year. Finding them their forever home means a world of difference in their life. Fighting abuse and neglect and promoting rescue and adoption are important ways you can celebrate this National Dog Day.

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” - Karen Davison

Man’s Marketing’s Best Friend

Why are dogs universally seen as a go-to marketing strategy? Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend, but appealing to the dog-lover in your customer should be more than stating how cute a pooch is. 

  • Dogs are a part of your family. Dogs do everything with your family. They lounge on a lazy Friday night, they play in the pool during a hot summer day, and they welcome new members with a love. People know their dogs are with them through thick and thin. 
  • Dogs have a personality, and owners love to let it shine. Is your dog goofy? Is your dog a genius? Giving your audience a message that connects with their dog’s personality is a great way to connect emotionally!
  • Dogs can be a family pet or a world-class hero. Dogs fulfill so many roles in society it’s difficult not to connect with at least one person when featuring a pet. But showing dogs that are similar with to the one’s they know and love allow them to be invested even easier.

Each dog is one-in-a-million. It can be difficult to connect with your audience when their furry friends are so varied, but if you make the right connections the results can be fantastic. 

Celebrate Any Way You Can!

There are hundreds of ways to celebrate National Dog Day but here are just a few:

  • Pick up a new toy and some treats for your favorite pooch
  • Throw a National Dog Day party at the local dog park 
  • Get your dog groomed so they are looking their best
  • Donate to the local shelter or adopt a dog
  • Most importantly, show your favorite pooch how much you care
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The Canines of Blue Compass

We’ve got many furry friends here at Blue Compass. It’s time to celebrate them all! 

Newman and Eli

Blue Compass Dog

Looking forward to celebrating National Dog Day with our rescue Rotties,Newman and Eli. These two fellas found their forever homes with us in 2008 and 2013. Since then, they have been 80 lbs worth of lap dog (times two!). Love these guys :)

- Kelley Crosbie


Blue Compass Dog

This is my family dog, Murphy! He is hilarious and the best dog I’ve ever known. He’s always excited for a run and ready to prove that he is, in fact, a “lap dog”. Some bonus fetching time in the lake is in order for him today!

- Kayla Davison


Blue Compass Dog

Rodger is my rambunctious 6-month-old black lab who is always the highlight of my day! In his spare time, Rodger loves to chew on his sticks, go swimming, eat peanut butter and play fetch with anything and everything. Cheers to my favorite little guy for National Dog Day! 

- Erin Febel


Blue Compass Dog

This was my best friend of 15 years, Bailey. She loved long boat and car rides, Cheez-its, stealing your pizza, and most importantly, snuggling. This National Dog Day will be all about remembering what a great dog she was!

- Tory Kalousek


Blue Compass Dog

This is my main man Gus. He loves hanging out on the porch and hates car rides and swimming. I can’t wait to take him out for an extra long park day for National Dog Day! 

- Dan Kurns

CJ and Angel

 Blue Compass Dog

These are my two favorite dogs in the world; CJ, my male pit bull on the left and Angel, my female pit bull on the right. They look tough but, as you can see, they are really just a couple of fun-loving pups. They will enjoy another trip to the park this National Dog Day! 

- Nate Phillips


Blue Compass Dog

Marne is a ball of fire, high-energy, sweetheart who's the highlight of my day! Her love of peanut butter and swimming rivals my love of vino & cycling. Tonight, we'll cheers her Kong full of peanut butter and my glass of vino in celebration of National Dog Day! Life wouldn't be the same without her!

- Angela Poldberg


Blue Compass Dog

This is Penny. When she’s not pretending to be a cat and climb on all the furniture, she likes to protect the home by barking at the wind. She will get lots of belly rubs on National Dog Day!

- Ali Privitera


Blue Compass Dog

We adopted Hamilton from Heinz57 three years ago.  He loves to play tug of war and run around with the kids in our back yard.  He enjoys walks and protects our back yard from birds and rabbits.  The whole family loves Hamilton.

- Dave Wanat

Sharing our furry friends is a blast, but we love hearing from our readers even more! So tell us your favorite dog tales and how you’ll be spending National Dog Day this year.


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