Blue Compass Collaborates To Create A New Brand Initiative, Space Simply

Blue Compass had the opportunity to collaborate with Cy Phillips, one of Iowa's leading real estate agents, to create his new company - Space Simply. From conception and strategy, all the way through execution, the Blue Compass team worked together with Cy to create a brand with which he could be proud to associate his name.

It All Starts With Strategy!

At Blue Compass, we firmly believe strategy comes first. When Cy came to us with his business plan and concept, we made sure to start at the beginning, with the strategy. Our first two meetings were strictly dedicated to understanding what made his vision different from existing companies. From there, we focused on who his target audience was, what his primary goals were and what we wanted the users to experience when interacting with his brand online.

Once the target market and tone of voice were nailed down, we, along with Cy, dove into key messaging points to ensure the new company name adequately reflected its values. After the name "Space Simply" had been picked, it was an all hands on deck moving forward!

Design and Branding

Space Simply Responsive Design

Our talented designers quickly got to work and put together the logo, color palette, branding guidelines and other pieces that the team needed to get to work. Once we had these critical parts in place, the design team continued working on website layouts (desktop, responsive and mobile) as well as consistent imagery that extended into digital marketing. They thought of everything from print pieces to social media cover images, retargeted marketing, collateral and even the design for Space Simply yard signs!

Design work will continue as the website evolves and digital marketing efforts progress. One example of this is the animated video our team produced to help the public better understand what sets Space Simply apart and help them easily and effortlessly grasp a complex process.

Blue Compass designed slide bar calculator.


The developers worked alongside the design team to generate the Content Management System (CMS) and databases necessary for the website. Behind the scenes, they also created an author system, blog system, as well as custom applications to customize and enhance the functionality of the site. From there, the front end team turned the website designs into a functional website tailored to Cy Phillip's needs. Custom features on Space Simply include:

  • Interactive slide bar and savings calculator on the home page
  • Animated, customized scroll technology: allowing various MLS logos to appear as individuals scroll down the home page
  • Integration of the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) into the Find Your Home tool
  • Custom design and development of the blog and author system for Space Simply's socially sharable content
  • Animated Video created and embedded on the homepage, to visually explain the Space Simply concept to new customers

Digital Marketing

While the designers were working their magic and the developers were building the back-end of the website, the Digital Marketing team was building an optimal content architecture structure, performing keyword research, and solidifying the tone of voice to be used when creating content.

Once all these pieces were in place, the digital marketing team moved on to content creation. This involved content for the website, blogs, social media channels, public relations pieces and much more.

Through the entire process SEO and shareability were a primary focus for digital marketing. Real estate is a very competitive market, so it was important that our content can organically rank and that it is built with SEO in mind, from the very beginning. We also know consumers love to share tips and tricks related to home buying and selling, as well as design and staging advice, so shareability was also important while creating the blog and social media content.

Post-Website Launch Efforts

Once the website launched, the digital marketing team kicked it into overdrive. In order to get a new company's name out there, we knew ad placement and word-of-mouth were going to be critical. Since the website has launched, we have executed integrated SEO, SEM, Social Media and Public Relations efforts to drive traffic to the website. We will also continue to produce digitally optimized content for the blog, social media, public relations efforts and more.

When asked about his experience working with Blue Compass, Cy Phillips said; "I came to Blue Compass with an idea and you made it a reality. For that I am so thankful. Your solutions were innovative, the process was great, and the team was helpful and responsive. Today Blue Compass' marketing efforts are an integral part of Space Simply's growing success."

Blue Compass has enjoyed working with Cy and Meighan Phillips, as well as collaborating with each other to turn an idea into what you see today! Space Simply has been a tremendous success, day one we saw multiple conversions and inquiries come on through web forms alone and additional inquiries have consistently continued coming in. Take a look at the new Space Simply website, and contact Blue Compass today for more information on any of our services.

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Katrina Reger

Katrina Reger enjoys helping advance the online presence of Blue Compass' clients by taking an integrated and comprehensive digital marketing approach. As Director of Digital Marketing, she manages the growth and learning of the digital marketing team, ensuring the team stays updated and trained on the latest in industry trends. Katrina graduated from Drake University, where she achieved a bachelor's Degree in Marketing with a concentration in direct and interactive marketing.