A Look at the New Twitter Dashboard

Are you a small or medium-sized business owner looking for a faster, more robust and less expensive way to manage your Twitter presence? Then this news is what you’ve been waiting for.  

Twitter Dashboard, a new feature Twitter began to roll out in late June 2016, allows small to medium-sized companies and organizations to track and engage with their audience. Twitter Dashboard is free and still in its beta testing form, but it is available to all businesses in the United States through an iOS device and a desktop version. There is currently no word as to when there will be an Android app, but did we mention that it’s free?

What to Know About the Twitter Dashboard 

In a recent blog post from Twitter that introduces the Twitter Dashboard, they state this new feature is designed to help businesses create connections with customers and have authentic interactions. It’s especially beneficial for companies that don’t always have the time to manage their Twitter presence or have limited resources devoted to social media. This is a free tool and can be used on both desktop and with an iOS app.

Twitter Dashboard can give business owners clear insights into their tweet performance, what people are saying about their business or organization and schedule tweets. According to the blog from Twitter, Dashboard can help with: quickly engaging with your audience, tweeting at the appropriate time and gaining inspiration and ideas for content.

Engage with Your Audience 

In the Twitter Dashboard, you can create a custom feed that tells you what people are saying about your business. With this custom feed, you can see the tweets you want right away and better engage with those who tweet about you. Want an example? If you own a bakery and someone tweets at you asking if you have donuts, you can see this tweet in your custom feed and respond to them directly in a timely manner.

Tweet at the Right Time 

Do you have a tight schedule that doesn’t always allow you to tweet “in the moment?” No worries. Twitter Dashboard allows you to schedule tweets in advance. You’re also able to edit these tweets while you’re on the go with the iOS app.

Gain Twitter Inspiration and Ideas 

Coming up with new content can be a difficult, even for the most seasoned social media experts. The new Dashboard allows you to kick your creative thoughts into gear with “Tweet Tips” that are prepared specifically for businesses. Plus, these tips can help you start conversations and engage with your followers, even when you’re not entirely sure what you should tweet. For example, the bakery owner may receive a tip like “Your team is unique.” With this tip, you could tweet a fun fact about one of your employees or highlight a recognition you recently received.

While some of these tips may seem a little cheesy to seasoned marketers, business owners just starting to take flight with Twitter could gain value from these tips and tricks.

Twitter Dashboard vs. Twitter Analytics 

Some may ask what the difference is between Twitter Analytics and Twitter Dashboard.

Twitter Analytics 

With this function, businesses can see a very detailed analysis of their Twitter activity. Per tweet, a company can keep track of impressions, engagements and engagement rates. For more detailed insights on engagement, Twitter Analytics can also provide:

  • Video views
  • Link clicks
  • Photo or video clicks
  • Likes
  • Retweets
  • Replies
  • Profile clicks

Furthermore, you can see how many of these engagements you receive on average per day. Plus, you can see how your engagement rates and impressions change throughout the month.

Twitter Dashboard 

While you can see analytics in the Twitter Dashboard, does have superior analytic data. This dashboard feature focuses more on making sure you don’t miss what’s relevant to your business. This is done by creating a custom timeline, making it easier to engage with the people talking about your brand. Plus, you can schedule tweets in advance, making sure you never miss a beat.

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