7 Ways Digital Marketing Relates to the Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market

When you think of digital marketing, what comes to mind? Is it social media or SEO? I bet it's not your favorite farmers' market finds. Believe it or not, the world of digital marketing is more similar to the Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market vendors than you think.

People, young, old and everything in between, love coming to the farmers market for all of its in-season produce. We're fortunate that the Downtown Farmers' Market isn't just a local treasure; it's a national one. The Des Moines Farmers' Market ranks as one of the best farmers markets in the United States, which comes as no surprise to many in the Des Moines community. There's something for everyone with vendors ranging from metal yard art and produce to breakfast burritos and musical entertainment.

Take a look for yourself to see how the many aspects of digital marketing are just like your favorite parts of the Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market!

How Digital Marketing is Like the Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market

Much like the produce vendors bring each week; digital marketing tactics have to evolve to avoid the potential rot of the ever-changing digital world. It's no different than a farmer or vendor trying to prevent their products from going bad.

Digital Marketing and the Des Moines Farmers Market

SEO is the Homemade Soap Vendor

Buying homemade soap from farmers market vendors such as Darn Good Soaps & Candle Co., makes sure you are squeaky clean and ready to roll. Search engine optimization cleans up a website, so search engines know it's spotless and useful to those searching the web. Although SEO can't make a site smell good like homemade soaps, it sure can make the website look good to search engines.

Des Moines Farmers Market and Digital Marketing

SEM is the Maple Syrup Product

Real maple syrup like the kind you'll find from Great River Maple, takes breakfast (or dinner or cocktails) to the next level. In fact, more people may be inclined to eat your delicious pancakes when they know you've got the real deal. Search engine marketing (SEM) takes a marketer's digital efforts one step further and, just like your pancakes, may entice people to visit your site and view your product when they see an ad on Google or Bing.

Des Moines Farmers Market and Digital Marketing

 Social Media is the Produce Stand

Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market vendors sell a variety of fresh fruits, veggies, flowers and more that please a variety of tastes. Similarly, the digital world is a provider of a multitude of social media platforms that some love and others not so much.

Facebook is Lettuce

Some kids don't like it because they're young, but their parents love it. Lettuce is the "original" vegetable, just as Facebook is the "original" or "OG" social media platform.

Twitter is Kale

Kale is like Twitter. People like it, but it's a niche crowd that digs this leafy green. Those who eat kale proclaim it loud and proud, no different than those who use Twitter. Is kale your jam? Blue Gate Farms grows delicious kale that Twitter users are sure to get trending in no time.

Instagram is Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are the "hipster" of produce. In other words, Brussels sprouts were a produce before it was cool. Instagram is the preferred social media for hipsters, so they can take pictures of their artfully prepared Brussels sprouts they ordered at that new trendy restaurant.

Snapchat is Fresh Flowers

Snapchat is like the bouquet of freshly cut flowers at the farmers market. They're fun while they last, but not for long, just like a Snapchat image that lives on for just mere moments and then disappears from sight.

Pinterest is Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes are picturesque, just like the pictures on Pinterest. Grade A Gardens, located in Johnston, Iowa, grows tomatoes so fresh and crisp that they'd find internet fame outside of the farmers market.

Des Moines Farmers Market and Digital Marketing

Content Marketing is like Farmers Market Sponsors

Sponsors help ensure events happen in the first place and run smoothly from there. Without organizations sponsoring the DSM Farmers' Market, it would look a lot different than it does today. Content marketing is just like a sponsor. It promotes and sells the products and services of a company to ensure the business can "keep on keepin' on."

Articles are UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

Articles are the bread and butter of content marketing and help make the world of content marketing go 'round. Often, the goal of content is to provide readers with answers to their questions, so they walk away with new knowledge. Much like content marketing, Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market presenting sponsor, UnityPoint Health - Des Moines, has many skilled healthcare professionals to answer the questions of patients, offer advice and help those that come to them.

Video is the Farmers Market Media Sponsors

Videos have proven to be the up and coming "star" of content marketing. Each day, billions of videos are viewed on Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat so viewers can connect with friends, family or their favorite internet personalities. Like videos, thousands of people in the Des Moines metro tune in to the different Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market media sponsors, like WHO Radio and 96.5 Country, to get the latest in music, news, and area happenings.

Social Media Campaigns are The Des Moines Register

When digital marketers create different types of content, they use social media channels to promptly bring many eyes to that content. Going one step further, social media campaigns help marketers reach the right target audience. Much like campaigns, the Des Moines Register gets the latest news to their readers as fast as possible.

Des Moines Farmers Market and Digital Marketing

Analytics is like the Breakfast Burrito Vendors

Breakfast burritos are personal. What one person may want on their morning wrap may not suit the needs of the next burrito connoisseur. At Farm Boys Hearty Food Company, one of the most popular food vendors at the Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market, each person can have breakfast burrito goodness customized to their liking. Looking for the breakfast burrito feel but a little craftier? Don't forget HoQ, as their breakfast wraps come with fresh Naan bread that you can't resist!

Analytics can be just as customizable as a hearty breakfast burrito. Not only can analytics be formed to meet your needs, but they're incredibly flexible, hopefully unlike the tortilla holding your breakfast together. One can find analytics in more than Google Analytics. Other ways to find valuable data include:

Des Moines Farmers Market and Digital Marketing 

Brand Monitoring & Community Management are the Volunteers

The Downtown Farmers' Market needs volunteers to make it run smoothly. Farmers market volunteers make sure the community of market goers have what they need, get their questions answers and have an all-around good time.

The world of digital marketing is not so different in its need to make sure it is providing the online community with what they need and want. Monitoring followers' interactions with content, website or social media channels and engaging with those people is similar to the farmers market volunteers interacting with farmers market fans.

Des Moines Farmers Market and Digital Marketing

The Much Needed Vacation Day is Yoga at the Hub

Being a digital marketer can be stressful and, like any job, days off are often much appreciated. Digital marketer's find happiness in their days off, and yoga helps people relax and find joy in their day. Find your Handful of Happiness happens to be this year's theme of the Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market. Yoga at the Hub offers yogis of all levels the relaxation and exercise their soul may need; just like a marketer's day off.

Des Moines Has Plenty to Offer, Whether It's Produce or Digital Marketing

Whether you're looking for fresh produce or digital marketing services, look no further than Des Moines. The Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market is open every Saturday from 7 a.m. to noon and goes until October 29th. Make sure you check it out!

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