Leading Digital Marketing Analytics in Des Moines

Google Analytics Certified CompanyThere is no shortage of data available to marketers. Our team of Google Analytics certified experts will analyze your big data and seek out valuable insights to support your business’ digital presence. We understand measuring marketing campaigns can be a challenge. Blue Compass knows how to measure data to fuel informed and strategic marketing decisions to meet your business objectives.

Our Digital Analytics Services Include:

  • Web analytics strategy and consultation
  • Customized Google Analytics monitoring and reporting
  • Google Tag Manager implementation and management  
  • Usability testing and reporting
  • User experience (UX) research and site analysis
  • Digital analytics strategy consulting
  • Developing and analyzing key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Sales funnel and lead generation analysis and support
  • Customized goal tracking
  • Ongoing search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Competitor audits


Comprehensive Digital Marketing Reporting

On a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, you will receive a clear, easy-to-understand digital marketing report to gauge quickly and easily your ROI. Blue Compass team members will meet with you over the phone or in person to make sure all your questions have answers and develop a strategy for improving your website’s performance.

We are fully transparent with clients to ensure we have your full faith in every step. Our digital marketing reporting covers more than Google Analytics. We integrate a host of other performance and trend information into reports, from website authority and ranking factors to trending topics to user shared content and competitive website analysis. Through our UX research and analysis, we provide powerful insights into how users are interacting with your website and recommendations for next steps to improve your site based on data from your users. Our metrics, measurements and campaign tracking give you the full picture of the work being done.

The result is a fuller picture of exactly who is visiting your site and interacting with campaigns. It can help you find potential customers you had no idea are out there and give you a better understanding of the people already engaging with your brand.



Custom Campaign Metrics and Campaign Tracking

Optimization differentiates digital, but you can’t do it without tracking the right metrics. Armed with custom metrics developed by Blue Compass like engagement, appeal and loyalty, our digital team can find the most cost-effective way to reach your audience. There will still be people who don’t convert, just like every other medium, but we take advantage of the big-data environment.

  • Our digital team is armed with a unique set of ratings and benchmarks to compare against our clients’ paid and organic campaigns so we know how digital marketing is performing and can pinpoint how to improve it.
  • Our in-depth digital marketing tracking reveals if creative needs updating, new calls-to-action need testing, landing pages need refreshing, or there are opportunities to create niche content for your industry.

Blue Compass’ digital marketing reporting can take it one step further and integrate digital metrics with business goals and calculate the cost per acquisition, ROI and other KPIs. This information allows teams to start seeing if their digital approach has decreased cost per acquisition, if paid advertising is the most expensive option or if organic is the most efficient way of reaching customers. To synthesize the data and make smart business decisions based on your digital marketing, you’ll need more than a click-through rate, and we have it. We take tracking and reporting one step further; optimizing marketing to accomplish your goals more efficiently.

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