The Best Of Emerging Web Design Trends: Minimalist Website Inspiration

Imagine you’re seeing your business’ website from the eyes of your users. How many tabs do they have open on their devices? Are notifications constantly pulling attention away from their screens? In a time where online overstimulation is the norm, there’s something refreshing about a classic, clean website design. As flashy new trends come and go, we’re exploring the best of web design trends and learning from tried-and-true examples. Timeless and proven, minimalist website designs are at the top of our list—see how to execute the look for your business’ next website redesign!

What Is A Minimalist Website Design?

Minimalist website designs typically aim for simplicity, using white space strategically to draw attention to focal points free of distraction. White space in web design reduces the elements competing for a user’s attention, allowing for an efficient user experience.

Along with minimizing distractions, fewer design elements enable quicker load times as users click to your site. With Google's continued push for fast load times, more web designers and developers are looking for search engine optimization (SEO) solutions to speed up their web pages. The quicker your web page loads, the more success you’ll have ranking prominently in search results.

Web design trends come and go, but it's hard for a clean website design to go out of style. If you're looking to future-proof your business’ online presence with a design that looks fresh years after launch, a minimalist website design is worth consideration.

What Are The Features Of A Minimalist Website?

Built around purposeful white space, a minimalist website design typically uses a limited color scheme with a couple accent colors to pop on the page. A functional style, minimalist designs opt for attention-grabbing copy or images to take center stage rather than crowding it with gradients, shadows or overlapping features.

Ultimately, a minimalist site cuts out inessential items to draw focus to prime conversion opportunities. Since so few visual elements compete for attention, the user is more likely to notice and interact with the calls to action you want them to engage with. But make no mistake—fewer features doesn’t mean you can throw your web design together willy nilly. To execute a powerful minimalistic design, you have to make the space you use count.

Less Is More: Minimalist Web Design Examples To Fuel Your Next Redesign

Unlike short-lived web design trends, minimalist websites are uniquely positioned to appear both modern and classic. Transcending any specific time period, a well-executed clean website design can continue to bring your business results for years to come. Dive into the best of minimalist web design examples for inspiration as we highlight the brands pulling off this sleek, sophisticated style.


Spotify website.

Spotify recognizes there’s a time and place for playful design—think Spotify Wrapped, which tells a personalized story based on user listening each year. But at an entry-level, the streaming giant lets its free platform perks speak for themselves. In this minimalist web design example, splashes of purple add visual interest to the design, while white space allows the most important information (it’s free!) to shine.

ETQ Amsterdam

ETQ Amsterdam website.

Capitalizing on the neutral tones of their menswear products, ETQ Amsterdam lets several staple wardrobe pieces pull the weight of the site’s crisp design. Their featured clothing items mainly adhere to a black-and-white palette, and the brand’s website strategically follows suit. Not only is it a convenient and clean website design, it also stays true to the polished professionalism they exude as a stylish brand.

Central Bank

Central bank gif.

To help Central Bank provide a streamlined user experience while showcasing their attention to customer service, we developed a grid-like layout for their website, creating the opportunity for ample white space in their web design. Focused and easy to follow, Central Bank’s website allows the user to drive much of their experience, incorporating interactive cards and drop-downs—surrounded by white space—to invite exploration without feeling pushy or aggressive.


Verbal+Visual website.

With a gallery-like display of their design portfolio, ecommerce agency Verbal+Visual manages to incorporate white space into its web design while still creating a unique experience. The expertly executed showcase is a great minimalist web design example for brands who want their work to speak for itself. The dynamic case studies stand alone with no supporting copy, generating curiosity and requiring clicks further into the site to see the stories unfold in more detail.

Need More Ideas To Utilize White Space In Web Design? Contact Blue Compass For A Professional, Clean Website Design!

At Blue Compass, we specialize in bringing web design trends to life, but we also build sites to last. For a streamlined user experience that will stand out amidst jam-packed layouts and busy screens, contact us to explore the possibilities of a minimalist website design.

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