Custom Infographic Design and Development

It’s easy for a reader’s eyes to glaze over when presented with a wall of text. An infographic can grab immediate attention while boiling down the essential points to an easily-digestible level.

People have limited time to browse the web, often stealing moments on their phone during breaks or using a tablet at home. Infographics allow you to convey information quickly, effectively and in an entertaining way. A memorable presentation means readers are more likely to retain information in this manner than they would from a straightforward web page. We offer custom infographic design and development services to create graphics that combine images and text to perfectly convey messages in a way other media cannot.

Infographics and Digital Marketing

The digital marketing implications of infographics are impressive. Having become increasingly popular across social media platforms like Pinterest, these graphics can boost your chances of getting shares and online engagement. A well-crafted infographic can also boost search engine optimization (SEO) for your website by increasing the time visitors spend on a page. Google monitors this metric and can offer an increase in page rank to pages with engaged visitors. We typically see an infographic increase the time-on-page by over 200 percent.    

Not exactly sure what content to display in your infographic? With our infographic design services, we can write and layout the entire piece for you filled with SEO-rich keywords and thoughtful research. Our Iowa web design team knows what works well, creating time-efficient and budget-effective designs compiled from years of experience. We need only your overall vision to begin.

We create hundreds of custom infographics, interactive infographics and animated infographics every year for a variety of client industries. We never use templates; all designs are unique and original. Our web designers can identify your “voice” and brand style to create pieces that are unique to your organization while our Iowa web development team will take your infographic to the next level with interactivity. Our designs have won awards from prestigious organizations like the National Healthcare Advertising Awards, the Communicator Awards, the SIA Awards and the Web Health Awards.

Infographics are an essential piece of content marketing. We use them to boost shares and time-on-page for blog articles and web pages. When done correctly, they can offer a significant boost to your SEO and drive traffic to your website.

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