SEO Article Writing Services: What Optimization Can Do For Your Brand

Strategic, search engine optimized (SEO) content can be found at the heart of every successful digital marketing presence. After all, if no one can find your website content, it isn’t adding value! Our content writing service accomplishes your SEO goals while providing natural opportunities for your brand to promote itself on social media through news articles and blog posts.

Why is it important to do SEO research before writing an article?

The data we gather from SEO research gives your article the best possible chance of ranking on the first page of search results that includes but is not limited to:

  1. Who is currently ranking for these keywords?
  2. Do the keywords match the searcher intent of your content piece?
  3. Are there featured results within SERPS that we can tailor content to?
We don’t want potential customers to return to Google or Bing and land on a competitor’s website. We won’t get into all the details of optimizing for search because you can read about that in our SEO Guide which includes a section specifically about SEO copywriting. But to borrow from it, we like to point out the importance of SEO research:


seo content writing notebook

Why is SEO copywriting so important?

  1. It’s the easiest way to target relevant keywords.
  2. Great, long-form content will increase dwell time (the amount of time spent on a page).
  3. It brings a targeted audience to your site based on their search terms.

Should I hire a copywriter for my website?

Any organization interested in increasing digital market share should hire an SEO copywriter. Without taking SEO into consideration, it’s very likely that your website’s rankings are limited to keywords that only include your brand name. If you’re looking to raise awareness for your business, then you need your content to reach people who don’t know your name - and that means you need to hold first-page rankings for unbranded searches.

SEO Copywriting Service

We begin every website copywriting project with a phone interview to learn more about your business and the topic you’d like us to write about. Then we use any number of SEO research tactics to educate us on what else your target audience wants to know. We will analyze keywords and search volumes, look at related topics, find questions that searchers ask, and evaluate web pages that have strong rankings on your subject.

An Overview of the Blue Compass SEO Process

Your team would deliver any information you needed us to include on a page then our team will:

  1. Research content opportunities and best practices
  2. Develop content outline
  3. Work with your team to gather the necessary information
  4. Create a 600+ word page tailored to your unique SEO goals

Kick-off Call with Blue Compass’ SEO Experts

Our team will have performed preliminary research on your company and existing content prior to the kick-off call. We ask that you are prepared to discuss what you’d like included in your article and that you have all applicable internal resources available for us during the call, this could include available sales collateral, information regarding your competitive advantage, etc.

We’ll talk through how you want to use the article and what social platforms you’d like us to write posts for. If you have a brand guide that spells out your writing preferences, we ask that you send that along as well. We will use your brand guidelines to make sure we write in the appropriate tone, voice and style including using first, second or third person based on your preferences.

group seo copywriting meeting

Search Engine Optimized Article Writing

After our call, we’ll further research the topic using SEO tools and develop an article outline of what we plan to cover. When you return the article outline with your feedback and answers to our questions, we will begin writing the content. You’ll receive our first draft of the complete article 7 to 10 business days later. It will be proofread and optimized for SEO. We’ll plan for one round of revisions from your team to be done via Google Docs.

To close out the project we’ll make any revisions from your team and deliver the SEO optimized article along with copy for three social posts to share when you push the new article live on your website. This can be one post written for three social channels, or three posts written for the same social channel, whichever you prefer.

Project Timeline

  1. Blue Compass will contact you within one business day after you fill out the form below and review what we’d like you to prepare for the kick-off meeting.
  2. Expect to receive the statement of work within two days and once approved to move forward.
  3. We will schedule the kick-off call within the week.
  4. The article outline and SEO research will be completed within 10 business days of our call.
  5. Upon receiving feedback on the article outline, you will have the completed article delivered within five business days.
  6. Revisions and your time to review will dictate the length of time until the article is finalized.

Investment: $1,500

Let's Start A Conversation About SEO Copywriting

To start your project with Blue Compass, drop us a note using the form below and let us know you're interested in having us write content for you. We’ll follow-up with a quick statement of work describing responsibilities and deliverables and then once we’re approved to move forward, we’ll schedule a kick-off call.