What to Expect On Your First Day of Work at Blue Compass

At Blue Compass, we love welcoming new team members into our office. It’s common to be nervous about starting a new job, but our team wants you to feel set up for success and comfortable starting from the first day.

How To Prepare For The First Day Of Work

To relieve any first-day jitters, we recommend preparing a bit the night before your first day. If you’re unfamiliar with our office location, practice the drive a day or two before so you know where you’re heading and how long it takes to get there. Pick out your first-day outfit and compile any necessary paperwork the night before to set yourself up for a stress-free morning.

What To Expect On Your First Day

Your first day at Blue Compass will mainly consist of familiarizing yourself with the office, team, and our processes. The team wants to get to know you just as much as you (hopefully) want to know us, so we include activities throughout the day to help you feel comfortable in your new setting.

A Tour Of Our Office

When you first arrive, you’ll receive a tour of our office space. Our “office mom,” Laura Sorensen, will walk you through our office and West48 event space to help familiarize you with your new work environment. You’ll see our gym, kitchen, conference spaces and lounge area and begin to meet some of our team members.

Time To Get To Know Our Team

One of our favorite activities on a team member’s first day is Cookie Time. We all gather in the Compass Cafe and enjoy freshly-baked cookies while sharing funny stories or fond memories around the office. Cookie Time helps our team get to know each other and introduce our new employees to some of the “shenanigans” they’ll encounter at Blue Compass.

“One thing that I was excited to go home and tell my friends/family about after starting is that the relational dynamic in the office truly feels like a family. Whenever I look around, I can see my coworkers collaborating on work, sitting around the table having lunch or laughing and making memories together. Being a part of a team who enjoys their work and cares for their coworkers makes me excited to come into the office each day!"

- Jessica, Digital Marketing Project Manager

Training And Job Shadowing

In addition to learning how to access simple things such as your email and other software, you’ll begin to shadow team members within your department to learn how to complete your tasks. This helps our team get to know you and your learning styles as you begin to familiarize yourself with our clients and the work we do for them.

Lots Of Puppy Greetings

Most likely, Mac & Cheese, our Chief Barketing Officer, will greet you at the door! One of the best parts about working at Blue Compass is our dog-friendly office. You’ll always have a belly to scratch or a toy to throw if you need a break. We have several pups come into the office daily or weekly.

How To Have A Successful First Week of Work At Blue Compass

We hope to provide all of the training and tools necessary to have a successful first day of work, but there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for a successful future at Blue Compass:

Ask Questions About Your Job

Be sure to ask lots of questions in your first few weeks of work. No question is off-limits! We want to make sure you feel comfortable as you begin to complete tasks independently, so it’s important to ask any questions during your training. All of our team members are happy to help answer any general questions about our office or other spaces.

"When I think back to my first few months at Blue Compass, I think of all the questions I asked. It is normal to feel hesitant and like you don't want to interrupt someone's work day, but every time I asked a question I received a thorough answer with warmth and grace."

- Grace Horak, Digital Marketing Associate

"My favorite part of working at Blue Compass is the people! Everyone is so kind and supportive. Other team members are willing and eager to answer any questions I have about my given tasks."

- Mari Vroom, Digital Marketing Associate

Keep An Open Mind

It is normal to feel overwhelmed on the first day at a new job. Learning new people, tasks, and ideas can be a lot. However, you will be amazed at growth when you step outside your comfort zone. Listening and being open to teammates' suggestions and thoughts can set you up for a successful future.

Be Prepared To Jump Into Projects

One of our core values at Blue Compass is “We support one another.” This can play out differently day to day, but a great way to support a teammate is to jump into projects and help when needed. Have some free time this afternoon? Shoot the team a message and ask how you can be of help to someone. In addition, jumping into projects early on in your time at Blue Compass can be a great way to learn on the fly and develop a wide range of skills.

“From the moment I stepped into the office, everyone made me feel welcome and like they genuinely desire for me to learn and succeed.”

- Jessica, Digital Marketing Project Manager

Have Fun!

Your days at Blue Compass will consist of team lunches, impromptu office games, Nerf gun wars and lots of laughter. We’re proud of our positive culture and prioritize spending time with each other--we hope you will too! Another one of our core values is “We give clients our best,” and we believe this can happen because of our strong team relationships and collaboration.

"Most of my favorite/best memories of working at Blue Compass thus far have been in the Compass Cafe with large and small groups. Something about us all being together in that space, sharing a meal, or playing a game, brings out the best and funnest parts. Sometimes it's a hilarious quote from a Drew question in a game we're playing or something as simple as sitting and doing puzzles together, but it always brings us closer, and I love that about this place."

- Jay Snyder, Digital Marketing Strategist

Nervous About Starting a New Job At Blue Compass?

While the first day and week of work at a new job can be nerve-wracking, taking the simple steps mentioned above to prepare can help relieve first-day jitters. We are proud of our company culture at Blue Compass and strive to better ourselves and each other every day. It’s who we are. Get ready to be welcomed into a team that wants you to succeed and grow your digital expertise.

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Hannah Burke.
Hannah Burke

Hannah Burke graduated from Iowa State University with her degree in Advertising. As a Digital Marketing Specialist at Blue Compass, Hannah excels in writing creative content and utilizing her strategic problem-solving skills to develop digital strategies for clients. Hannah is always eager to expand her knowledge of all things digital to enhance her marketing capabilities.