Happy Bosses' Day to the BadAss Blue Compass Leadership Team

Every day is an adventure at Blue Compass - an adventure that usually involves inner office jokes, lighthearted scares, heckling each other and laughing WITH one another. Our leadership team is no exception! They set positive examples for our team, are good sports when oftentimes they're the butt of our jokes and they also dish out sarcasm (and compliments) regularly.

Today though, we are setting aside our jokes (at least for the moment) and steering our adventure in a more sentimental direction. In honor of 2021 Bosses’ Day, we wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you to Blue Compass’ four fearless leaders who give so much to us everyday! 

Jeff Schumann, Development Director & "Cashmere Connoisseur"

jeff schumann.
Let’s get this party started with the one and only Jolly Jeff Schumann. Jeff was the first hire Cary & Drew made 10 years ago, and we couldn’t be more thankful for their choice. Jeff, don’t let Laura’s teasing fool you - people love working with you, and we can prove it.

”Jeff is very driven to provide the very best to clients and the Blue Compass team. He goes the extra mile to ensure issues are dealt with swiftly and effectively. Jeff leads by example, continuously making improvements and finding efficiencies. No question is too big or too small. I know I can look to Jeff to provide insight and help our clients.”
- Michelle Torrey, Client Support & QA Manager

“Jeff is a great leader because he is always willing to drop what he is doing and listen to your crazy (maybe not so great) recommendations and turn it around into a simple solution.”
- Charles Duve, Front-End Developer

”Jeff always finds creative and efficient processes for cleaning up technical SEO errors on our clients’ websites. We appreciate his expertise and willingness to support the digital marketing team so that we can provide comprehensive SEO solutions for our clients.”
- Lisa Sinnwell, Digital Marketing Strategist

"Jeff is magical. We don't know how he does it, but he can solve any problem put in front of him. Even if it is not related to development - Jeff finds ways to automate and simplify processes for any department and make sure all our solutions are easy to use!"

- Katrina Reger, Digital Marketing Manager


“Jeff is really helpful in solving mysterious code problems; he is always willing to go the extra mile to get to the bottom of the problem and prevent it from happening again. He takes his skills to the next level by constantly trying to figure out better web development strategy and implementation. And then there is the infamous "Jeff Effect" - when Jeff looks at your code (or any other computer problem) and it automatically works. We appreciate Jeff, he can always be counted on to bring many laughs since his laugh is contagious!”
- Brooke Eyerly, Senior Back-End Developer

Thanks Jeff, for being a baller Development Director. You work so hard to fix any problem we throw your way.

Laura Jackovin, Vice President of Operations & "Fact Stater"

laura jackovin.
Up next, we have LJ. (We won't hear the end of her being listed after Jeff, who has only been here a few months longer than her... even though Jeff thinks he was here years before her, but alas, here we are!) Laura, your compassion and consideration for every team member is astounding. You connect with everyone (team members and clients) effortlessly and never forget to remind us of how fun you are!

“Laura does not hesitate to make a new team member feel welcomed in our office. She has a unique ability to have meaningful conversations no matter who it’s with, and she constantly shows that each individual on our team is valued. Often referred to as “Fun Laura,” there’s no question that she is a major contributor to our positive office culture.”
- Kevin McMurray, Digital Marketing Associate

“Laura is the beating heart of Blue Compass, and if anyone doubted that, they need only have been here after she returns from vacation or a long weekend. When she comes in and it is like everyone awakes from a deep slumber. She had conversations with everyone, attempted several scares, and settled all outstanding business. She has effortless grace and, despite the outstanding allegation to the contrary, is fun. (Right?) I first met Laura at Blue Compass' booth at the DMACC career fair in Ankeny, and she was so much more positive and compelling than anyone from any other company. Her warm spirit and upbeat description of Blue Compass drew me in, as it has others I am sure.”
- Martin Whitman, Back-End Developer

"Laura is the definition of Blue Compass’ amazing culture: positive, smart, always willing to help & FUN! She has been instrumental during my first year on the team, and I have learned so much from her. What I appreciate most about Laura is how genuine she is in every way, her solutions-driven mindset and the energy she brings into the office. I’m a better person for knowing her!"
- Miranda Goeders, Account Executive

"Genuine. Of the myriad of adjectives, that is the one word that stands out when it comes to describing LJ. Whether it’s client, team, or personal, Laura has a genuine interest and care for all office happenings. She leads with a drive and passion that reflects in the Blue Compass culture, which in turn cultivates high team morale — all the while maintaining a light and fun work atmosphere. It’s truly a privilege to have a leader like Laura at BC and I am grateful for her continuous support and mentorship. Oh, and one last thing, Forks4Lyfe!"
- Emily Alee, Project Manager

“Whenever I need a little extra support or outside perspective with problem solving, Laura’s door is always open and she never hesitates to sit back and be a sounding board. I value her insightful perspective on many levels. My favorite quote of Laura’s is, “I’m fun, right!?!?!” While some consider this a highly skewed opinion of herself, I believe it to be a fact.”
- Jason Handy, Art Director

Thank you, LJ, for being our rock, sounding board & friend. It is clear we can’t imagine Blue Compass without you.

Drew Harden, President, Co-Founder & "Can Get Away With Anything Cary Can’t"

drew harden.
Next up is Drewski! He is well known in the office for being able to get away with anything - and for good reason. Drew knows how to liven up any call or lunch with a cheesy game, bizarre questions or by devising hilarious nicknames. Your dedication to our culture, values and the team help us experience success every day.

“Drew leads by example. He never expects anything of a team member he wouldn't do himself and above all else, he listens. Drew taught me the power of listening - how not to respond, but to understand. It's only with true interest in someone else, that you can value them and their contribution.”
- Stephanie Wubben, Business Development Strategist

“The joy Drew brings to Blue Compass is what I appreciate most about him as a boss and a person. His joy and pride in the work we do and earn, his joy and engagement in the culture and community he’s helped create and his joy in and genuine care for the people he’s brought along on this wild journey.”
- Jay Snyder, Digital Marketing Strategist

“Of all the lessons Drew has shared in our monthly team updates, the lesson that had the most impact on me was "Assume the Best." Drew strives to assume the best in other people, and he wants those around him to do the same. I've taken that lesson into my personal life, and even teach it to my kiddos. I want others to assume the best about me, so I'm going to assume the best about them. Thank you, Drew, for always assuming the best!”
- Laura Sorrenson, Office Manager

“What I love about Drew is that he takes time to really talk to me and know me. I can tell that he cares for each of us at Blue Compass. We are more than just employees, he values us as individuals.”
- David Wanat, Back-End Development Manager

“Drew is so passionate about Blue Compass culture! He's always coming up with creative ways to keep our team members laughing. Whether he's creating one-of-a-kind games, putting together funny team videos, asking thought-provoking questions or generating other team-building activities, he always has Blue Compass culture in mind.”
- Mallory Cates, Digital Marketing Specialist

Drew, your servant leadership has molded our culture into a supportive, cohesive environment we are all proud and lucky to be a part of. Thank you for starting BC and bringing Cary with you! ;)

Cary Coppola, CEO, Co-Founder & "Mischief Maker" 

cary coppola.
Last, but certainly not least, we have Mr. Cary Coppola! Cary, you bring so much joy and laughter to our office! You have the ability to make others feel more comfortable, included and supported at the precise moment we need it most - and we can't thank you enough for the continuous laughter you provide amongst the team!

“I've learned a lot from Cary over the years. When pitching clients or fielding technical questions, he is very knowledgeable and always knows how to respond in a positive manner. Cary is very good at finding working solutions to difficult, large-scale problems. Cary taught me to always look for new ways to improve our efficiency and presentation. I've also learned to value a high standard for writing quality code, while still finding time to have fun in the office!”
- Ben Odam, Front-End Development Manager

"Cary is a great listener and fixer of any problem! He always has a positive outlook and can brighten anyone’s day with a joke. He looks out for our team and will do whatever he can to help us succeed!"
- Jordan Beard, Account Executive

“Cary is most known for the laughter and joy he creates in the office (okay, any space he’s in). What some may not see though, are the countless times he’s jumped in when a team member needs him. Cary will tackle any challenge or project at any time (literally, day or night). Cary is always in our corner and he’s there with his infectious laugh. He’s the fun, yet hard-working kind of boss and everyone else should be so lucky to have a boss who is even half of the boss Cary is!
- Ashley Lamos, Account Executive

“Cary, you always know how to lighten the mood. Before big meetings or presentations (or whenever you know someone is nervous), you will tell the funniest joke and help us laugh and relax. Cary makes work SO, SO fun! From telling embarrassing stories, scaring BC employees, helping someone with car trouble or diving head first into development.”
- Melissa Sporrer, Business Development Strategist

"From the day I met Cary I could tell that he's not only a (ridiculously) fun person to work for, but a guy who respects his employees and earns their respect back."
- Dexter Jacobs, Front-End Developer

Cary, thank you for being relatable, understanding and making us laugh each and every day. We know you are the butt of too many of our jokes and we don't let you get away with ANYTHING, but thanks for embracing it and ensuring the laughter never stops.

There is No Place We Would Rather Work

"The Blue Compass leadership team really sets our workplace culture standard. They all encompass the perfect balance of initiative, encouragement, enthusiasm, camaraderie and most importantly they know how to laugh.”
- Grace Horak, Digital Marketing Associate

Happy Bosses’ Day Cary, Drew, Jeff & Laura!

professional headshot of office dog
Mac & Cheese

Mac and Cheese is on the Digital Bark-eting team at Blue Compass. He loves greeting his team members when they arrive for the day, encouraging fun breaks during the workday and taking naps in various places throughout the office. He also enjoys saying hello to clients and other visitors - especially the mail carriers who bring treats! Mac is an important part of our team of digital experts at Blue Compass, where we help brands succeed online through web design, development and digital marketing strategies.