Stephanie is a strategic thinker. Challenging projects and situations drive her ambition to create thoughtful solutions for clients. Starting her career in advertising in 2010 as a research analyst, her love for measuring success and performance quickly led her to get Google Analytics certified and begin her journey into the digital realm.

As a digital devotee and interactive researcher, she keeps a close eye on the future of advertising. Her background in research and statistics makes her an expert in analyzing, reporting and delivering insights on campaign performance. She is a fan of sacred Excel potions and magic Google Analytics tricks. If an element of your digital campaign isn't performing, not only will she catch it but she will bring it to your attention. Her method is try, try again until the marketing plan is fully optimized and operating as efficiently as possible. When she isn’t in the office, you will most likely find her preparing a gourmet meal or enjoying the outdoors somewhere. 

Stephanie has been featured in Fit Small Business' Top 28 Digital Branding Tips from the Pros! and Media Leaders' 5 Experts Share Tactics for Simplifying Site Analytics.

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