Custom Intranet Development

Looking for a fully functional intranet that will allow your team to work and communicate more effectively? Whether your organization is large or small, an intranet is an excellent solution for allowing your team to communicate and collaborate internally. It’s an easy way to share documents, news, announcements, birthdays and more.

Blue Compass can create an intranet that is entirely customized to your needs. No one-size-fits-all solution or out-of-the-box-product, and no extra bells and whistles that you’ll never need. That's not what we do. Instead, your intranet will have a personalized dashboard, making it easy to take control of a Learning Management System (LMS). Through this, your team can create trainings, quizzes, certifications and other features. Microsoft Active Directory can be integrated as well.

A Blue Compass intranet also comes with a custom texting application. This invaluable tool allows you to store the phone numbers of team members, make custom lists with these numbers and text group messages and alerts at any time.

Unlike most intranet solutions, there are no licensing fees for intranet sites built by Blue Compass, giving you permanent control of this essential tool.

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