Software as a Service for Your Company

Are you beginning to explore how your company can use Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions? Then you are in the right place. Software as a Service products can help your business connect globally, as well as make collaboration and administration easier. What are you waiting for? Blue Compass develops award-winning software systems, like our content management system (CMS), that makes managing websites easier than ever. Discover how Blue Compass can help you with your SaaS product needs!  

What is Software as a Service? 

Software as a Service is a way of delivering applications over the internet, in the form of a service. Instead of installing and maintaining the software on your servers, users can access it via the internet, wherever the course of business takes them.

Software as a Service products are sometimes referred to as web-based software, on-demand software or hosted software. These applications run on the provider’s servers, and the provider manages access, which includes security, availability and performance.

One of Blue Compass’ premier SaaS products is our intranet solution. We provide a robust intranet comparable to offerings like Microsoft’s Sharepoint. With features such as document sharing, user role based permissions, learning management systems and more, we can offer you a solution with comparable feature sets at a fraction of the cost of a bloated and over-developed, one-size-fits-all service like Sharepoint. The best part is, you don’t have to go through the RFP process, wait for development on your own custom solution, or pay for features you won’t use. With our SaaS, your company can jump in and start collaborating right away.

Characteristics of Software as a Service 

The SaaS model is designed to provide users with the utmost privacy all while providing reliable and secure service on a larger scale. Some essential characteristics of the model include:

  • Multi-tenant architecture. With this form of architecture, all users and applications share a common infrastructure and code that is maintained centrally. This means as the software matures and finds greater stability and speed, all users benefit.
  • Customization. Software as a Service is not one-size-fits-all. At Blue Compass, we design and develop SaaS so each user can customize their applications to fit the needs of their business process without affecting the software’s infrastructure. Each customization is unique to every company or user. All of this is preserved through upgrades, meaning providers can update the software more often with lower risk and cost.
  • Access. Our SaaS provides better access to your data from any networked device. The improved access makes it simpler to manage privileges, monitor your data usage and ensure everyone is seeing the correct information at the same time. We can even set things up so it’s only available to users on your own company’s network, for maximum security, depending on your needs.

How SaaS Benefits Your Organization

Software as a Service is becoming a more prevalent practice for technologies and support web services. Having this service for your business has numerous benefits, such as easier administration, automatic updates and compatibility, since all users will have the same version of the software and better ability to collaborate, even globally. Like everything, though, there are pros and cons to using SaaS. Check out how we weighed some of the pros and cons below:

Pros of Software as a Service Solutions 

Organizations that choose to use SaaS solutions will have no software to buy, expensive updates to purchase or installations to manage. All you need is a connection to the internet. Hosted software services are able to deliver the same level of capability and performance as on-site applications, with the added benefit of centralized off-site management, maintenance, upgrades and infrastructure provisioning.

Another advantage of this software solution is its ability to ease concerns over managing a business’ cash flow by the elimination of upfront costs for applications. Why try to carve out a large chunk of budget to afford a physical install of software that might need replacing in only a few years ... or sooner! Software as a Service solutions offer a predictable life-cycle cost structure, meaning no surprise fees will be coming your way.

Also, organizations have the ability to evaluate their application usage at any time. When you buy physical software, the money is spent and it becomes a marathon to use it for as long as possible, whether it’s meeting your needs or not. With SaaS, when you need an incremental update or enhancement, we can give you an estimate for just that one additional item you need to serve your customer better, be more profitable or pave the way to a future technology. Whatever you do, we can help you do it better, one cog in the wheel at a time.

Cons of Software as a Service solutions

Many solutions are built on the multi-tenant architecture, meaning when a new functionality becomes available, it is rolled out to everyone using the software solution. This could cause some businesses to change some of their processes to match what the functionality supports. We try to avoid this scenario and give plenty of thought to anything that may change a user’s experience, but this is part of the SaaS landscape.

If your organization is using multiple SaaS solutions from several vendors, integrating the softwares can sometimes be expensive. However, not integrating the SaaS could affect your day-to-day operations. With our SaaS business practices, we make every effort to make upgrades minimally invasive.

What Can SaaS be Used For?

There are many ways your company can adopt and thrive in a SaaS model:

  1. For some organizations, using software services can greatly reduce costs and allows small to medium size businesses to use software that may have otherwise been unavailable due to pricing and scalability issues.
  2. Different sections of the business can use SaaS, such as human resources, finance or sales. Software solutions are not limited to certain sectors of a business.
  3. If your business is located across the country or even across the globe, using Software as a Service allows for easy collaboration across your different teams.

Why Blue Compass Offers Software as a Service 

At Blue Compass, our goal is to make sure your digital presence is strong, and we strive to be a valuable partner for each of our clients. To ensure that we are a full-service digital partner, we are offering these SaaS options to further one’s digital opportunities. We are still more than happy to offer you a custom built solution, but want to offer a variety of solutions to meet as many needs as possible.

By working with our team, we can be your “one-stop-shop” for all of your digital needs. Fill out the form below if you’d like to learn more about our Software as a Service. We look forward to hearing from you!