Blue Compass Anniversary Food Drive for DMARC

Blue Compass Office (1601 48th St. Ste 200, West Des Moines, IA 50266)

Our Food Drive Goal

We have been discussing since last spring on how we could give back to Des Moines and kept coming back to the idea of a food drive. Here in Des Moines, the need is real, and we thought what better time to celebrate our anniversary month and raise awareness than during Hunger Action Month. Around the holiday season is when food banks and shelters often see a large volume of donations. We wanted to help out during a time of need when contributions aren't as steady. 

Get Involved to Help DMARC

If you don't have time to pick up cans and deliver them, we're accepting monetary donations. Fun fact, DMARC can buy more with a monetary donation than you could buy in the store for the same amount of money. With $25 DMARC can purchase twice the amount of peanut butter and three times the amount of cereal you can purchase with the same money.

Helping Us Help Those In Need

We can't thank the Des Moines community enough for an amazing 11 years! We hope you'll participate by sharing the cause and donating to help DMARC. 


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