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Research, like most other things, has shifted from paper to digital over the past decade. The latest advances in survey platforms, consumer panels, data analysis and visualization have all occurred online. It only seemed natural then, that Blue Compass offer these digital marketing research solutions for our clients. As market research tech companies have deepened their digital capabilities, it has become easier and more efficient for us to gather meaningful data for our clients in a cost effective way. And while research can seem daunting, we make it easy to understand. Read more about exactly what kind of digital market research strategies we employ.

Research and statisticsDigital Survey Research Design and Research Strategy

What is survey research? Like it sounds, It’s when we sit down with you and develop a series of questions to ask your target audience. We’ll write and structure the questions in a way that allows us to capture the most useful responses. Then, we find your audience online through an online panel and invite them to answer those survey questions. Once we’ve finished gathering the survey research, we use our statistical software of choice, SPSS, to analyze the data according to our analysis plan and then create a report for your team. Our research methods ensure that you’ll have an acceptable margin of error, reliable questions and the overall study be valid. Finally, we report in a way that tells a story, finds common themes and also gives you next steps and recommendations on how to use the information.

Why use an online panel?

Surveying people via landline and cell phone can be cost prohibitive, so we avoid the phones all together and use online panels.

What exactly is an online panel?

Online panels are the evolution of call centers. They were designed by research companies who wanted to give their customers an alternative to taking long surveys over the phone - and give them the opportunity to be invited via email to take a survey online. Companies like ResearchNow and Qualtrics Panels are built by invite only - this means you cannot self-select to join their panel.

The Importance of Using High Quality, Online Research Panels

Participants in invite-only panels are people who have been recruited and asked to share their opinion for points they can redeem for rewards. Not just any person can join the panel. This is important as it results in higher quality panels. Their population better represents our communities - instead of being full of people who are looking for a way to make money.

Online survey panels, like the ones Blue Compass uses, are closely monitored. For example, if a panel member hasn’t responded to a survey in years, if they finish surveys too quickly, or if they select the same answer for every question - they will be removed from the panel. Because of our commitment to quality audience sources, you can count on us to deliver the number of responses you need from the audience you need to survey (teachers in their 30’s; small business owners; insurance agents, etc.).

Table of charts graphs and findings

The Art of Writing Surveys for Digital Marketing Research

There are two main components to digital market research that come before analyzing and reporting on data. The first is creating the survey design by writing the best possible questions, the second is inviting people to participate in the survey - we call these people "respondents”.

Computer with a survey online

Survey Research Design for the Digital Space

Taking surveys from paper & phone to online offers us the opportunity to not only ask questions in a more engaging way, but also to showcase designs, videos and websites as part of our evaluation. We are flexible with which survey platforms we can use and have worked within a variety of tools. Our experience with platforms like Loop11, Qualtrics and Survey Monkey make it possible to transform tedious long-format surveys into fun game-like experiences. We help write many types of questionnaires:

  • Customer or membership satisfaction surveys about how well products, services or benefits are received in the marketplace
  • Branding questionnaires designed to understand how the marketplace perceives your brand and how familiar consumers are with it and your competitors
  • Audience and marketplace opinion surveys which evaluate needs, wants, behaviors and trends among a certain demographic or within an industry
  • Website user experience consulting and research designed to uncover how users are interacting with your website.

Text Survey Invite

Inviting People to Partake in Your Digital Research Project

Formally referred to as research methodology, the ways in which we gather information and invite your audience to participate in surveys has broadened considerably in the past few years. Here are a few of the tactics we find ourselves using the most in market research projects.

Mobile market research - These are often short surveys, limited to a few questions that the user can respond to via text message. We most frequently use these after presentations or at large group events where a slide is shown on the screen asking users to text in to participate. Once the person texts in, they are sent a few questions back through the text string where they can respond. In this scenario, the respondent never has to leave the text string to complete the survey.

Email Invites - The best way to solicit feedback is using your existing database of customers or clients. With a good sized email list you can expect about 10 to 30 percent of people to respond to your survey. When using an email list, we prefer to work within clients’ email platforms to send out the invites as your emails are most likely to be appearing in their inboxes and not in a junk folder.

Text invite to survey - In our experience, text to invite surveys work very well in conjunction with email surveys. It’s a great way to reach your audience through a medium they are constantly checking (phone) while having the credibility of an email notification to support the invite. Where an email invites seem less urgent, text invites are often responded to in a more timely manner.

Drew Presenting Research Findings

Marketing Research Reporting & Presentation

Throughout a research project, our team works diligently to understand your business needs. With a strong base of knowledge about your industry and needs we are able to present you with usable findings.

We’ve heard time and time again from our research clients how frequently their teams reference our reports, all the way up until the following year when the research is repeated. We believe reporting should be insightful, whether its marketing research or website analytics reporting. We include next steps and simplify complex statistical references into “what does this mean” scenarios. Marketing research takeaways should be straightforward and designed to get your team thinking about how to put the findings into play.

Our concise reports focus on statistical significance so every page has a purpose and a takeaway. What you won’t get from us is an overwhelming slide deck with hundreds of meaningless graphs and no explanation. 

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