Which Ugly Christmas Sweater Fits Your Personality?

For those who make their way around the holiday party circuit, they know one thing is certain: at least one of those holiday parties is going to be an ugly Christmas sweater party. This form of holiday party is not for the weak. It can take days of planning to make sure your hand-me-down sweater or home creation is up to par.

However, it’s not just a sweater. It’s a reflection of your personality. Check out some of Blue Compass employees and social media stars rocking their Christmas sweaters.

Ugly Christmas Sweater With Everything On It 

Ugly Christmas Sweater Personality

You have a hard time making up your mind, so you pick an ugly Christmas sweater with everything on it. 

Ugly Christmas Sweater With Hardly Anything On It 

Christmas Sweater For Your Personality

You’re a Christmas minimalist. You can get your sweater ugliness across without too much frill.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest

Which Christmas Sweater Fits Your Personality?Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Match Your Personality

You’re so cool that you don’t need a full sweater, just a vest. A vest that your grandmother likely gave you. 

The Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater

You only bought this sweater because you’re excited about the movie and you’ll probably never wear it again. Unless you’re a real Star Wars fan, then you’ll probably wear it all the time, even past Christmas. 

The Homemade Ugly Christmas Sweater 

You’re frugal, but still want to partake in the festivities. You never got a hand-me-down from your mom/grandma and you’re not willing to spend the $50 stores are charging for the sweater. So hey, why not go to the craft store and only spend $45? 

The Ugly Christmas Suit 

Simply put, you’re fancy and you like to go all out. That means not just stopping at a Christmas sweater, but going for the gold with a whole suit. 

The Naughty Ugly Christmas Sweater


Happy holidays! #uglychristmassweater #igotawaist

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If you wear an ugly Christmas sweater that leans toward the naughtier side, there is a chance that you think that you’re funnier than you actually are. But that’s okay. You do you. 


No matter what your ugly Christmas sweater style may be, all that matters is you have the holiday spirit. Here at Blue Compass, we encourage each other to be ourselves, ugly Christmas sweater (at least we are hoping it’s just an ugly Christmas sweater) and all.

Happy holidays!

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