Twitter Game Changer: Introducing Moments

Some big changes are on the horizon for Twitter. This week, the social media giant launched its curated news product, Moments, joining the other social media platforms who have developed news sections.

This new feature organizes tweets, images, videos and other multimedia elements around live events in a magazine-like format, with the goal of making it easier for people to view quality content and stories on any topic. With Moments, users will be able to catch up on what’s happening in the world with one tap of their finger.

Twitter Introduces Moments

How does it work?

If you have the updated Twitter app, you may already be seeing the new feature. Moments is located in the center tab of the Twitter app, represented by a lightening bolt icon. Each Moment starts with an introduction that includes a title and description, and users can then swipe left for more content. Right now, a curation team at Twitter is organizing the content featured in Moments.

“What we want to provide is a simplified way for users to get instant value from the platform and literally get the best of what’s happening on Twitter right now,” said Twitter VP of Sales Matt Derella.

Users will also be able to follow a Moment for ongoing stories. If a user chooses to do so, the Tweets from that Moment will go directly into their timeline. This is a win for Twitter, because this is a move that will likely keep users on their platform for longer amounts of time.

What does this mean for brands?

Promoted Moments

Within the coming weeks, Twitter will begin testing “Promoted Moments,” which will allow companies to add their own Moments to the list. This will give brands a unique opportunity. Brands would be able to create their own series of tweets, images or videos to tell their story.

Promoted Moments will be given prominent placement within the list of the day’s top Moments and run for 24 hours. This is similar to how Promoted Trends work within the Trending Topics section. With testing only beginning, this is something brands need to keep an eye on.

This also introduces some interesting new ways for users to interact with brands. Users will have the option to retweet and favorite Moments and Promoted Moments and the tweets within them.

Moments and Promoted Moments go along with what makes Twitter great for brands - they allow you to reach an audience who wants to discover new information. During these first few weeks of Moments and Promoted Moments, we’ll learn a lot about how consumers are interacting with the features, and how this changes the Twitter landscape.

Have you tried Moments on Twitter? Let us know what you think!


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