Top Web Design Trends for 2016 (Infographic)

Has a specific web design caught your eye this year? For us here at Blue Compass there have been too many to count! Whether it be the impressive storytelling, background videos, color scheme, or creative call-to-actions, web design has drastically evolved throughout 2015 thus far. Let’s dive into a few amazing web designs that are sure to trend throughout 2016!

“Good design is obvious, great design is transparent.”

-Joe Sparano

Geometry Makes a Comeback

Top Web Design Trends of 2016

A design element that has made an appearance is geometric shapes within web design. One of our favorite examples of this cool design is CTY Greece at Anatolia College. They have done a great job of straying away from the consistent square or circle images we typically see across many websites. Additional design elements that make their web design great are:

  • Engaging and bright colors
  • Fonts that pair nicely together
  • Well divided and clear sections
  • Clear content hierarchy 

Bigger Is Better

Top Web Design Trends of 2016

Today, one of the most prominent web designs we tend to see is the ‘bigger is better’ look. A favorite of ours at Blue Compass is the amazing web design done by Anita Gelato. They do a great job at not only making their web design playful and bright but they bring maximum impact through their image for those who land on their page. Other great design elements include:

  • Perfectly selected fonts that pair nicely together
  • Clear and concise sections to choose from
  • Large, sharp images that represent the content
  • Content placement

Be There Or Be ‘Square’

Top Web Design Trends of 2016

Another creative web design element that had become flashy throughout the year is this stacking pattern design that 507 Creative impressively implemented into their web design. For most, this design would normally look busy and confusing; however they do a great job at keeping it clean by limiting the text and allowing the color to come through when hovering your cursor above the image.

Having Fun With The Navigation Station

Top Web Design Trends of 2016

An interesting web design technique that we have come to notice throughout the year is the navigation placement. One navigation layout that we have found and were impressed by is this design by Eginstill. They mix up the traditional navigation placement by putting it on the left side rather than horizontally across the top of the page, which very few websites can pull off. Additional elements include:

  • The neutral color palette that is both eye catching and appealing at the same time. 
  • For the most part a clean and modern look that matches the interior decorating concept they are trying to sell. 
  • Overall, their web design is a great portfolio for their services. 

“I Mustache You a Question”

Top Web Design Trends of 2016

Another great web design concept we have seen is the bright color palette mixed with clear call-to-actions which CEDEVITA does well. This web design is fun and engaging with the bright color scheme and photos consisting of a wide variety of people. More design elements include:

  • Catering to different audiences based on the variety of pictures included. 
  • Clear call-to-actions and directions (such as scrolling which is presented through the mouse and arrow visual). 

Creative Twist On Stats 

Top Web Design Trends of 2016

For most political websites we tend to see an overload of information that ends up looking extremely busy. However, Caucus 101 does an incredible job at breaking up the content section by section in addition to their lazy loading feature in which pieces gradually appear when scrolling down. Other creative design elements include:

  • A fresh and clean look overall 
  • Engaging with users through interactive stats along the way 
  • The color pallet works well in support of their governmental platform with the white enhancing the feeling of space throughout the website. 

‘Brewing’ Sales Through a Convenient Checkout 
Top Web Design Trends of 2016

One of our favorite websites overall (and one we personally use often at Blue Compass) is Keurig. They perfected the light and airy web design that marries white and color in all the right ways. However, what our favorite part is that it was designed with the customer in mind! The checkout process is simple and to the point with the call to actions bold and easy to follow. Additionally, they make the process even more seamless by eliminating the load time by keeping users on the same page without redirecting them.

Incorporating Playful Elements

Top Web Design Trends of 2016

Another fun web design trend we have come across this year is putting playful elements into the overall design. And who does this the best so far? None other than Google with Google ideas. This interactive and trendy web design allows users full control in addition to one main focal point overall and pops of contrasting color showing the page’s on-state.

Negative Is The New Positive 

Top Web Design Trends of 2016

A unique and beautiful web design trend we have noticed companies using is white space within the design. A favorite we have stumbled upon is Square Space. This specific web design incorporates the right amount of white space to give a classic look in addition to the grids, lines, and overall color scheme. They use the white space as a tool to add emphasis which a lot of times is underused.

So Close You Can Almost Taste It

Top Web Design Trends of 2016

Honestly, what makes a web design more interactive and visually appealing than parallax elements within layers that shift while scrolling? Not a lot! And boy does Conti Bier do an outstanding job at it. The design creates perspective through the blurring of the images closest to the user while keeping the main content area sharp and in focus.

Fun Fact: Brands continue to incorporate yellow into their design since the color has been proven to make individuals appetite stronger.

Making a Difference With Interactive Details

Top Web Design Trends of 2016

One of our all time favorite web designs this year has been the detailed yet sleek design that Kemin presents. Not only do they do an outstanding job at using white space in a visually appealing way, their design includes both lazy loading and interactive graphs. This allows the user to scroll and images will appear as you can see on the ‘lives touched’ graph. Additionally, another design element that we foresee gaining more traction in 2016 is the leading (pronounced letting) between the rows of text giving a bit more space between them.

Leading Users on a Journey 

Top Web Design Trends of 2016

A trend that has become increasingly popular and stolen our hearts is the design that takes the user on a journey while moving throughout their website. One amazing company that has done this is Le Mugs. Throughout the design they make your movements feel more personalized through illustrated elements and handwritten fonts that seem to lead you as you go. Additional features that make the design even better is the neutral background with playful pops of bright colors.

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