Top 6 Reasons Your Company Needs a Custom Intranet

Is your company keeping up with the ever-changing business world? Gone are the days of standard one-way corporate communication. As the business landscape continues to change, and information overload becomes the norm, companies need to make the leap to a more effective and streamlined process. How can your company accomplish this? With Blue Compass’ custom intranet software.

Learn six reasons your company should jump on Blue Compass’ custom intranet bandwagon.

Get a Custom Intranet from Blue Compass in Des Moines

A Unique, Custom Dashboard

When you choose Blue Compass as your intranet development partner, we will create a custom dashboard that will meet your company’s individual needs, brand and style. To ensure this is accomplished, we will utilize the latest design tools and techniques to put together a truly unique intranet solution for your company. Features included in your custom dashboard:

  • Bookmarks - A feature that sets the Blue Compass intranet apart from others is our bookmarking tool. This feature simplifies employee’s daily processes by allowing them to bookmark documents, folders and links they access frequently.
  • Company Alerts - Ensure every employee is up-to-date on important happenings within the company. The company alerts feature could be useful for something as simple as informing employees of a fire drill that day, or something more pressing, such as the company closing early, technical outages, or inclement weather situations.  
  • Search - There is no doubt we live in a world where a quick and efficient search is expected. With a custom dashboard, we provide a feature that allows you to search for customizable data points such as employee names, emails and phone numbers, that are valuable to your company.

Tailored to Your Audience

With our audience selector tool, the power to display or hide articles, callouts, alerts, documents and upcoming trainings for users on a department by department basis is in your hands. This dynamic feature ensures each department sees their own, exclusive information. It also means that something designated for one department doesn’t appear for those not selected - employees aren’t forced to weed through all of your company's data to find what is valuable to them - it’s an unparalleled user-specific experience.

In the audience selection list, you can add the ability to create custom groups. This is especially useful if a subset of users you wish to set as an audience isn’t clearly defined as a department in your workplace. This feature promotes great efficiency, provides a de-cluttered digital environment and allows for appropriate privacy within a company.

Streamline Your Business

Through the dashboard and audience selector, our intranet allows you to efficiently and effectively streamline your business. Our intuitive intranet will be the resource your company has been waiting for by allowing employees access to a plethora of information in one location. This will simplify people's day and reduce employee inquiries overall by placing everything in one spot.  
Interactive Help DeskHave questions about your intranet? No worries, our help desk feature will give your admin(s) the ability to answer any questions that may come up. This feature will not only simplify the communication process, but it will allow your business to monitor the status of the inquiry.

File Management

Does your company need a centralized document location? Our intranet file management feature is exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t waste your time dealing with USB flash drives, external hard drives, or file storage on individual computers - simplify your business’ process by putting it all in one spot.

Mobile Friendly

There is no denying the impact that mobile has had on our world. When you partner with Blue Compass for intranet services, your company’s employees have the ability to access your custom intranet from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. And the best part? Full functionality is maintained, no matter the device or operating system.

Learning Management System

Ensure your employees stay up-to-date with the latest industry information through our interactive learning management system. You’ll have the option to show videos, embed PDFs or powerpoint presentations and conduct detailed digital quizzes with reporting on the results. From employee trainings to certification, it will be a breeze for your business to monitor your employees progress towards required licenses and any ongoing education needs.

Ready, Set, Go!

Are you ready to simplify your company’s internal processes? Blue Compass can make that happen with our industry leading custom intranet. Don’t wait - reach out today!


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