Thank You to the Blue Compass Team

While we want our team to feel supported, empowered and appreciated every day, we wanted to use Employee Appreciation Day to give a special shout out to the dedicated, hard-working and fun group of experts that makes up Blue Compass.

On behalf of our leadership team, I want to thank each member of Blue Compass personally. When we started in 2007, I based my pride for our company on our clients' level of satisfaction. As our team has steadily grown, my source of pride has shifted to the people that make up Blue Compass. Watching the innovation from our team members, positivity around the office and continual client happiness, I am so proud of the Blue Compass that our team has built together over the past 11 years.

Our Team of Experts

Blue Compass has always set their standards high. We expect our team to go above and beyond client expectations, delivering high-quality services in a timely manner. Day in and day out our team works together, blowing me away with their inventive ideas, passion and commitment to Blue Compass. Each of these team members has helped us grow into the thriving team we are today.

Drew Harden, President and Co-Founder

Drew has been my partner in crime for the past 11 years; he is an inspiring team player with a servant leader mentality. Drew does a great job of maintaining a professional demeanor while simultaneously being quite mischievous; he also knows how to liven up every team lunch with a fun game or asking questions - but never expect him to answer one of his bizarre, thought-provoking questions.

Laura Jackovin, VP of Operations

Ever wondered how “fun” Laura is? Just ask, and she will tell you. Laura does a great job of rolling with the punches and taking a joke, but beware she will get you back. In all seriousness, this place would not be the same without Laura; she does an unbelievable job keeping our office moving, efficient, profitable and “fun”!

Jeff Schumann, Development Director

Jeff has been stuck with Drew and I the longest. His development knowledge and problem-solving skills are legendary at Blue Compass, he turns our crazy ideas into a reality and never hesitates to take on a complex task. Jeff somehow manages to keep our development team on track, and he does this with a smile (and sometimes an uncomfortable laugh).

Caroline Huebner, Office Manager

Caroline wears many hats and is killing it at her new Office Manager position. She does a great job of keeping our team in line, remembering passwords and giving unique and hilarious nicknames to our team!

Account Executive Team

We appreciate everything that our Account Executive Team does! From translating client needs into digital solutions, to keeping us on track with deadlines and ensuring we are prepared for meetings, we wouldn’t be successful without this talented group of individuals. Each member of the AE team is passionate about digital, their clients’ goals and our internal team.

Melissa Sporrer, Account Executive

Melissa makes a great Account Executive because she continually pushes the team to exceed client expectations and timelines. Her other talents include throwing me under the bus, laughing until she cries (usually at me) and utilizing the sandwiching approach when providing negative feedback (again, usually to me). We appreciate her passion for digital and her continually learning more about both development and digital marketing to further benefit her clients. (Anyone else notice my compliment sandwich?)

Nathan Phillips, Account Executive

Nathan does a great job of keeping the team up-to-date on important changes in technology that impact both development and digital marketing. His love of the Iowa Hawkeyes and Google products inspire spirited conversations on a regular basis.

Jordan Beard, Account Executive

Jordan has organized the “Fun Fund” also known as the BC recycling fund, but you need to be careful of her on Fridays; she is known to be rather sassy and feisty on Friday afternoons… Monday through Thursday, Jordan does an amazing job of saying yes to any client challenge and managing a variety of complex digital marketing and development projects!

Ryan Weldon, Account Executive

Ryan is the office fashionista and keeps us all on our toes with up and coming fashion trends; he also has the ability to turn technical, nerdy jargon into relatable, understandable terms for clients and new business prospects. We appreciate Ryan’s unique background and perspective on marketing!

Client Support Team

At Blue Compass we believe that your website is only as good as the support behind it. Our Client Support Team, fields questions from all of our clients ensuring they have the tools, knowledge and expertise to make updates to their current sites and understand the latest updates in digital technologies. Their dedication, timely responses and goal-oriented work style has helped our team grow and our clients flourish.

Stephanie Campbell, Client Support Manager

Steph C. has been an integral team member for many years now; she has helped build the Client Support Team from the ground up. Stephanie is also the first person to help turn UP any BC party; she and her husband Kyle, who is an honorary team member, have helped get the party started at BC for the past five years!

Hanna Christiansen, Client Support Intern

Hanna helps our team understand the latest technology and social media platforms that “the youths” are using; she also helps the team understand how to keep livin’ large! When she is focused on client work, she is very adaptable, easily switching between a variety of clients and is good at wearing many hats within various roles in our office.

Haley Morris, Client Support Intern

Haley, also known as Trinity, is known for her “beast mode” soccer skills and the wide variety of digital skills that she brings to the Blue Compass Team. We are lucky to have her on the Client Support Team as she has a strong background in digital marketing, management and HTML!

Design Team

Since 2007, Blue Compass has been known for high-quality design. The talent, dedication and creativity from our design team is apparent every day. Our talented team brings simple text to life with infographics, illustrations, animation and more! We love the collaboration and dedication to new trends that our Design Team has, they regularly meet to review the effectiveness of our concepts, discuss what's on the horizon in the world of design and get inspiration from each other.

Kayla Davison, Web Designer

Being from Minnesota, Kayla is the feisty northerner of our team; she keeps us posted on the best Sven & Ole jokes and all Minnesota related news. When she is not instigating office nerf gun wars and other quote list shenanigans, Kayla is always willing to lend a hand to others and is a design guru in the office!

Megan Johnston, Web Designer

I am known in the office for being one of the louder team members; Megan, on the other hand, is one of our quieter individuals. The loudest I remember "The Mrs. Megan" being was when she tried to keep David in line by shouting “PLEASE REFRAIN”. Even at her loudest, she was still quieter than multiple team members (at their quietest), but we appreciated her attempt. When she doesn’t have to worry about David, Megan has an amazing, natural creative ability. We can’t wait to see where her design career takes her!

Digital Marketing Team

The Digital Marketing Team helps our clients use a variety of digital tools to bring their businesses to life online. This talented group of individuals stays up-to-date with the latest algorithm updates, social platforms and overall digital trends. Their critical thinking and analytical minds produce amazing results time after time for our clients!

Katrina Reger, Digital Marketing Manager

If you need beer, cheese or other “Wisconsinite” recommendations, Katrina is your go-to team member. She is also the go-to team member for all digital needs; she works hard on any task handed to her and is willing to go the extra mile for everyone on our team.

Stephanie Wubben, Digital Marketing Strategist

Stephanie is admittedly bad at sensing and using sarcasm. (Stephanie, this is not sarcasm.) But we truly value her mad Excel & spreadsheet skills as well as her abundance of new ideas, especially regarding proposals and new business acquisition. (Again, Stephanie, not sarcasm.)

Brady Rebhuhn, Digital Marketing Analyst

In between keeping our team up-to-date on the latest UX trends and pushing our team to further incorporate UX/UI principles in our designs and development, farm-friend Brady frequently hides from nerf gun fights and rolls her eyes at my jokes and scares.

Lisa Lerman, Digital Marketing Specialist

Lisa is one of our newer team members, but she has quickly made her mark on our team! She loves quinoa, witty remarks and search engine optimization (SEO). We appreciate her dedication to continually learning about SEO and bringing the latest algorithm updates to our Digital Marketing Team.

Garrett Carty, Digital Marketing Associate

Garrett is my office best friend and our resident hipster! We share a love of hats (mine are Michigan, his are beanies), up and coming local restaurants and email marketing. His inbound marketing and HubSpot expertise is unparalleled and elevates our team.

Mallory Cates, Digital Marketing Associate

I have been known to scare people from time to time in the office and Mallory is one of my new favorite targets, her reactions are always priceless! When she is not being scared, she is testing new social media trends and A/B testing new social ad options or targeting.

Development Team

Our Development Team’s talent, dedication and innovation are truly astounding. Every day they produce innovative, easy to use, custom built solutions for clients, other internal teams and each other. Their willingness to collaborate with the digital marketing and design teams and their passion for search engine optimization, ADA and clean code sets them apart from other developers.

Ben Odam, Senior Front-End Developer

Ben, also known as Todd Buckets, has a passion for knives, fidget spinners and has occasionally spent the night in the office. His dedication to innovative, quality front-end development is unrivaled and much appreciated.

David Wanat, Back-End Developer

David can be summed up as the class clown. He has the ability to make the team laugh no matter what they are doing. While his title says developer, David is better known for giving unique office tours, finding next to invisible hiding spots during hide-and-seek, providing IT support, setting up computers and helping with anything our team needs.

Brooke Eyerly, Back-End Developer

One of Brooke’s most important jobs in the office is keeping David in line. From telling him when a joke has gone too far and helping him remember that watching YouTube is not a billable activity, she has her work cut out for her. Somehow amidst keeping an eye on David and being sassy, Brooke finds time to continue enhancing our content management system and programming some very cool applications that make our client’s lives easier!

Charles Duve, Front-End Developer

Charles is always willing to jump into a project and help however he can! His WordPress and front-end expertise has helped our team grow. When he is not busy coding he can be found shooting someone with a nerf gun or drinking a Four Loko.

Sara Jacobsen, Back-End Developer

Sara is an amazing team player; no matter what we ask of her, she finds a solution and is ready to help. Her ADA and Drupal expertise is utilized every day as is her knowledge of unique Pokestops!

Thanks, Team!

While we may be biased, we are proud of each and every team member at Blue Compass. We know that everyone brings their own unique skill set, passion and knowledge base and our company’s success is a testament to the hard work and knowledge of our group of experts. Thank you all for your drive, support and ideas.

- Drew Harden, Laura Jackovin, Jeff Schumann & Cary Coppola

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Cary Coppola

Cary is actively involved with client strategy, client relationships, new business development, front-end development and the overall business direction for Blue Compass. His favorite responsibility is working with the Blue Compass team to orchestrate complex client requests.