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Blue Compass News


March 06, 2015

Written by

Cary Coppola

To Our Blue Compass Team - Thank You

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In honor of Employee Appreciation Day, the Blue Compass management team would like to thank each team member personally for the hard work and dedication they provide. Similar to the gears of a clock, our teams must work together to achieve not only our company's overall goals, but also those of our clients. Through the hustle and bustle of an average work day, we rely on the collaboration of each team member and their teams to make Blue Compass "tick." From client meetings and educational webinars to team lunches, we view each part of our day as a contributor to our success.

The open office and environment at Blue Compass are another factor that adds to the success of our talented team. Because of our open layout, the lines of communication flow freely instead of getting shut down by barriers that can exist in other office situations.

Our Team

Blue Compass has always set their standards high in every aspect of the company, so it's no surprise that this standard is expected of team members as well. By hiring the best-of-the-best, Blue Compass can go above and beyond client expectations by delivering high-quality services in a timely manner. Although our teams consist of five to 10 members each, they have the ability and skill to tackle even the biggest projects with enthusiasm and dedication. Just one of the many reasons our team is a step above the rest.

Account Executive Team

Working with each and every department within Blue Compass, our Account Executives are here to keep us organized and up-to-date on each project. The Account Executive team helps convey the goals and expectations of our clients to each member working on the project. In doing so, we can deliver projects on time while simultaneously exceeding the client's expectations.

"Each member of the Account Executive team is passionate about what they do and strives to go above and beyond our clients' expectations. They are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring all of our projects are running smoothly. Our team is upbeat, always laughing, innovative, positive, adaptable to change, extremely hardworking and dedicated to their projects. Each member does a phenomenal job of offering support, feedback, encouragement and guidance to the other departments within Blue Compass. I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of such a talented group."

Laura Jackovin | Vice President of Operations

Design Team

The experience and talent of our design team are apparent on our website and those of each and every one of our clients. By approaching each portion of their work as art, they can bring otherwise simple text to life with infographics, illustrations, animation and more! Our design team can also create user-friendly designs with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

"Since our first day of business in 2007, Blue Compass has been known for high-quality design. We are very proud of the design awards we've received from organizations like Adobe, Design Firms, and the American Design Awards. Creating these digital works of art is our talented design team, who is passionate about crafting the best user experience and staying on top of the latest design trends. We regularly get together to review the effectiveness of our work, discuss what's on the horizon of in the world of design, and simply get inspiration from each other. I'm incredibly proud of our amazing team and honored to work with our talented designers."

Drew Harden | President & Co-founder

Development Team

Our talented team of developers has a tendency of blowing us away time and time again. This group of six is made up of award-winning developers that are truly web experts! Their ability to create custom functionality allows our clients' sites to reach their utmost potential.

"Whether it be big or small, simple or deluxe, the development team tackles each project with great enthusiasm. They strive to implement new technologies when creating a website but also keep in mind that the site is both fast loading and engaging for the user. Blue Compass would not be where it is right now without the expertise those five individuals possess."

Jeff Schumann | Development Director

Digital Marketing Team

After our design and development teams have worked their magic, our digital marketing team takes over to help client sites flourish. By developing SEO-relevant content, the digital team gives sites the credibility they need to become trusted by Google and the ability to stand up against competitors. Our Digital Marketing team also adds value to your website by utilizing social media and PR to deliver long-lasting results!

"When it comes to digital marketing, a silo approach isn't as effective as an integrated approach. The same is true when it comes to building a team. It's not about what each individual can perform but what each individual can bring to the team. And a team is only as strong as the individuals that make it up. I truly value the Blue Compass digital marketing team because each person brings passion, excitement and excellence to the responsibilities and the tactics they perform for our clients. The synergy this creates for our team and our clients is amazing. Each day, digital marketing team members are learning and always coming up with more ideas. There's nothing better than coming in and working with people you admire and knowing they are all here to support each other!"

Melissa Harden | Digital Marketing Director

While our opinions may be a little biased, we can't help but feel pride in our team members and their accomplishments at Blue Compass. As stated before, each member of our team acts as a single gear of a clock. Without one we simply would not work!

"When Blue Compass started in 2007, I based my personal pride for our company on our clients' level of satisfaction. As our team has steadily grown over the years, my source of pride has shifted to include the people that make up Blue Compass. Watching the innovation from our team members, positivity around the office and continual client happiness, I am so proud of the Blue Compass that our team has built."

Cary Coppola | CEO & Co-Founder


Blue Compass News

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Cary Coppola

Cary Coppola currently serves as CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Compass. Blue Compass, a Des Moines, Iowa firm specializing in custom web & mobile design, development, & online marketing, opened its doors in 2007.