The Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Iowa State Cyclones - Who Has the Online Presence?

This weekend, the Iowa Hawkeyes face the Iowa State Cyclones in an epic, intrastate football rivalry. While the game is generating huge amounts of buzz, we wondered how these two forces would look if competing in the digital realm. Who comes out the winner when comparing each team's online experience?

We decided to take a look at the current Hawkeye and Cyclone athletics websites and social media accounts, comparing design, traffic, links and more. Here are the results:

Iowa vs ISU Online

Let’s take a look at the post-audit recap and breakdown the numbers. It looks like both teams have made some updates to both their website and social media presence since 2016. Both websites are mobile-friendly and have kept their banner ads to a minimum with Iowa coming in at 4 and Iowa State coming in at 3.

Iowa State has a slight lead in domain authority, a stat which denotes how well a website will rank with search engines. Last year, Iowa had a domain authority of 61 and ISU a domain authority of 60. The Iowa Hawkeyes dropped just one point, and the Iowa State Cyclones, with the comeback, gained four points to surpass their rival.

Along with better web domain authority and less distracting banner ads, The Iowa State team has edged ahead of the competition in the total number of web pages and the number of backlinks to their website. These are great SEO practices to follow. Still, the Hawks continue to receive many more organic visits each month and rank for more keywords. Although it was a tight battle, the Cyclones are doing better in the search engine optimization (SEO) game, a metric that could be the X factor in the end.

When it comes to popular social media channels, the University of Iowa typically dominates compared to Iowa State. Iowa's Facebook page has over 3.5 times the likes of Iowa State's page, and twice the Twitter followers. Both teams are close in the number of Instagram followers, however, the Hawkeyes still surpass the Cyclones. Although the University of Iowa has grown their YouTube subscribers a lot this year, Iowa State still leads with 6.7K subscribers. Iowa State also has a growing Pinterest account, as well as a Google+ account, while Iowa is currently absent from both platforms.

Do you Need Help Online?

Which team do you think does the best job of representing themselves online? Which website do you prefer? Who has the stronger social media presence? Let us know your thoughts below, and "Go (insert your team name here)!!"

Drew Harden
Drew Harden

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