Thanksgiving Traditions at Blue Compass

Tis’ the season for Thanksgiving traditions! Whether it is watching sports, eating delicious food or spending time with family, traditions are what make the holidays memorable. 

Every Thanksgiving my family and I run in a 5-mile road race. This ‘Turkey Trot’ is great exercise and allows us not to feel too guilty about all the food we eat later that day! It is also a great way to give back, as all the proceeds help provide a warm meal for someone in need on Thanksgiving. 


Here are a few more Thanksgiving traditions that some of the Blue Compass team members enjoy during this holiday!

“We dedicate time to volunteer as a family. This year, we are greeting guests and serving a Thanksgiving meal to local shelter families. Our children learn the importance of helping others while gaining an appreciation for items they often take for granted.”

- Steph Campbell


“We always have Swedish meatballs and lefse (potato tortilla with butter and sugar) to honor our Scandinavian roots!”

- Kayla Davison


“Each year, I am in charge of preparing the green beans for our Thanksgiving meal. We try to use a different recipe each year, so we are always trying something new. I guess you can call it a Thanksgiving tradition that is always changing!”

 – Tory Kalousek


“We normally invite a handful of friends over that otherwise wouldn't be celebrating Thanksgiving. Then that night we open the house for any friends and family to stop by when they can. Mom puts out the leftovers buffet style, and we play games and hang out for the rest of the evening.” 

- Stephen Crane


“One of my favorite family traditions over Thanksgiving is spending time with my loved ones and playing games. One game in particular that we play every year is Mexican Train Dominoes. Everyone gets really into it, and we always end up staying up way too late!” 

- Sara Johnson


Our Blue Compass Tradition

It’s always fun to hear about other families’ traditions that you may someday adopt and make your own. Our tradition here at Blue Compass is gathering together at our lunch table to enjoy a big Thanksgiving feast.  One thing that we all have in common here is that we love to eat! 

What Is Your Thanksgiving Tradition?

Whatever your Thanksgiving tradition may be, Blue Compass wishes everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and memorable traditions!


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