Podcasting 101 | How To Get Started

Have you decided to start a podcast for your business but you don’t know where to begin? Have no fear - getting started with podcasting is easier than you think. Follow along as we breakdown helpful tips for launching a successful business podcast. Without further ado, let’s get started!


How to Start Your Podcasting Journey 

There are a lot of pieces to the podcasting puzzle. Before diving in, let’s take care of a few things first.


Podcasting 101 | Choosing a Podcast Topic

Step 1 | Choose a Podcast Topic 

Before officially starting your business podcast, brainstorm your podcasting topics. Are you going to stick with one topic from week to week or are you going to rotate topics? Take the time to sit down and think of topics that your business is passionate about. You want your brand to be a thought leader, so choose a podcast topic that relates to your industry and is relevant.


Podcasting 101 | Plan Your Podcast Content 

Step 2 | Plan Your Podcast Content 

If you wouldn’t throw your content marketing or social media marketing together at the last minute, you shouldn’t do it with your podcast content either. Once you have decided which topics you are going to cover from week to week, dive deeper into the logistics. Aim for script outlines that flow from topic to topic and transition smoothly between you any guests speakers. Additionally, you will want to have some sort of script when you record your podcast. Plan these elements out ahead of time and podcasting will go much smoother.


Podcasting 101 | Selecting Podcast Tools


Step 3 | Select Podcast Tools 

Once you have gotten through the initial hurdles, you are ready to select which recording software and podcast platform is going to best meet your needs. Building your podcast budget first, will help you decide which platform to choose. Below are a list of podcast platforms and recording software that are rated the best.


Podcast Recording Software 


Podcast Hosting Platforms 



Podcasting 101 | Purchasing Podcast Equipment

Step 4 | Purchase Your Podcast Equipment 

Next task; purchasing your podcast equipment. Take a look at how often you will be recording and what the recording ‘studio’ will look like, which will help you firm up other logistical details. Once you know this, picking out equipment will be a breeze. The list below showcases some of the best podcast equipment for those just getting started with podcasting.



Podcast 101 | Expanding Your Podcast Audience 

Step 5 | Expand Your Podcast Audience 

Last but not least, it is time to grow your podcast audience. After you have gone through the necessary stages to create your business podcast, dedicate efforts to growing your audience. To grow loyalty among your current audience and to generate a new following, focus on the following:

  • Create engaging and interesting content

  • Have a professional website

  • Share updates about your podcast with your brand's social media followers

  • Give your audience what they want. Conduct various surveys and monitor your podcast analytics to see what is performing best with your audience


Ready, Set, Go! 

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