Meet our Newest Digital Marketing Strategist: Stephanie Grangaard

How did this happen?

Blue Compass and I were a match made in heaven. We both searched high and low for the perfect job fit and we found each other. Ask and you shall receive, right? While it was unexpected, I could tell this was a place I wanted to call home. I am thankful for the opportunity to join ranks with a crew who is clearly at the top of their game in all things digital.

Why digital?

I've never had an epiphany about why digital is important; I just grew up with it. It is ingrained in my daily life, the lives of my friends and the other 75.3 million Millennials who now make up the largest percentage of the living population in the United States1. Our culture relies heavily on technologies like search engines, websites, mobile devices and social tools which means we spend more and more time connected online. It's only logical to make sure our clients are easily accessible and active in the digital environment. No industry jargon or digital-speak here; just applying common sense.

What's your digital obsession?

There are benefits and drawbacks to the digital world we live in, but my goal is to focus on the positive impact technology has had and make it a better experience for everyone. I like puzzling together users' needs and putting our clients in the position to satisfy those needs with the immediacy that digital provides. I'm a straight-up geek about Google Analytics and I love creating the code and equations to measure ROI. One differentiating feature of digital is its traceability, so it pains me to see digital efforts go unattributed. I love a good digital marketing report and I am a stickler for keeping a close eye on campaign performance.

How do you unplug?

You can find me outdoors somewhere. When I'm not absorbed in the digital world, I find comfort in nature. Patios and BBQs, sunsets and stars, dirt roads and farmland, music and dancing, bonfires and family.

What are five things you live by?

1. Faith first
2. A clean house equals a clear mind
3. The more you understand your brain, the better you'll be at using it
4. A person's body language says more than their words
5. Always challenge the norm because bigger risks equal bigger rewards



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Stephanie Wubben

Stephanie is a strategic thinker. Challenging projects and situations drive her ambition to create thoughtful solutions for clients. With a background in market research, her love for measuring success and performance quickly led her into digital marketing where she endlessly tweaks and optimizes clients' campaigns until they're operating at peak performance.