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Garrett Carty

Meet Our Newest Digital Marketing Associate: Garrett Carty

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I’m Garrett Carty, and I’m the newest addition to the Blue Compass team. I’ve been working in the digital marketing world for two years and couldn’t be more excited to start here at Blue Compass.

How Did I Get Here?

Let’s start from the beginning. My passion for marketing has to do with two things:

Give those a read over? The two pieces above sparked my interest in marketing and ultimately led me down the path to where I am today.

Onto My Background

I moved from Nashville, Tennessee to Des Moines, Iowa to attend Drake University. While in school, I studied marketing and public relations, falling in love with the Des Moines community along the way. Post-grad, I decided to stick around.

In my first year out of school, some friends and I landed an investment for our startup, and I started working for a large insurance company in Des Moines. Juggling two jobs was exciting and stressful, as you all can probably imagine. But most importantly, it pushed me to learn at an accelerated pace and take advantage of every opportunity put in front of me.

Once the entrepreneurial adventure slowed down and the realization that corporate-life may not be my ideal workplace hit, I started down the avenue of agency work. When I began working in an agency, I worked within the inbound methodology to drive organic growth for clients — analyzing data and tracking conversions across various websites to deliver truly inbound leads and sales.

The fast-paced environment helped hone my SEO knowledge and pushed me out of my comfort zone, adding copywriting and data analysis to my digital marketing toolbelt.

Now a Little Bit About Me

I’m an ambitious student with a constant hunger for knowledge and an ambivert who spends too much time analyzing food labels (sugar is a bad thing!).

When out of the office, you’ll likely find me pretending to be a contestant on Top Chef, trying to come up with the next best flavor combination. In the hours of my day that don’t involve eating, I can be found sipping coffee with a vinyl tracking in the background or a guitar in my hands. With Nashville-native blood running through my veins, my life revolves around everything music, and I love sharing it with others. Whether it be with my headphones plugged into Spotify or dancing at a live show, I’m constantly grooving.

Three words that describe me:




One noun:


And That Brings Us to Blue Compass

I’m beyond excited to begin my journey with the Blue Compass team. In just the first couple of days, it’s easy to see how talented and dedicated the team is to driving incredible results for their clients. There is such a wealth of knowledge here, and I can’t wait to learn all I can from everyone here.

Garrett Carty

Garrett is a Digital Marketing Associate here at Blue Compass. Outside of drinking all of the office's coffee, he brings two years of digital marketing and inbound strategy experience to the table.