Meet Our New Digital Marketing Specialist, Lisa

Hi there!

My name is Lisa Lerman and I’m the newest member of the Blue Compass Team! I’m joining the team as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

A Little About My Background

I was first exposed to digital marketing as a career during my time at Drake University. I spent my first two years at Drake totally unsure of my direction, taking tons of different types of classes. At first, I was going to be a math major, then a politics major, and finally I landed in the business school. After taking my first marketing class I was hooked. I loved the power of marketing to transform any industry. I loved that marketing is the intersection of math and creativity. So it stuck.

During my time at Drake, I completed a few internships in the nonprofit sector, with my main focus being on donor engagement and volunteer recruitment. As graduation approached, I decided I wanted to diversify my experiences in marketing, so I looked towards agency work. I spent my first-year post-grad working for an exciting digital marketing and web development agency, where I learned a ton about SEO and digital marketing as a whole. I’m excited to bring that knowledge to Blue Compass and continue learning from the Blue Compass team.

Outside of Work

When I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me exploring the city. Despite being a St. Louis native, I quickly fell in love with the city and am now a proud Des Moines captive. I routinely spend my weekends checking out local festivals, trying new restaurants, and visiting lesser known parts of the city. I enjoy traveling, whether it be a spontaneous weekend trip to Kansas City or a longer adventure across the country or world! Aside from exploring and traveling, I am an avid Netflix watcher, napper, and dog lover.

Back to Blue Compass

I’m so excited to be a part of the Blue Compass team. I am even more excited to learn from the Blue Compass team and grow as a marketer. I can’t wait to see where Blue Compass takes me!

Lisa Sinnwell

Lisa enjoys developing data-driven digital marketing campaigns for her clients. Passionate about SEO, she thrives on challenging projects which require creative thinking to implement advanced SEO tactics. Lisa comes to Blue Compass with a degree in Marketing from Drake University and previous agency experience.