Meet Our New Account Executive, Ryan Weldon!

My name is Ryan Weldon, and I joined the Blue Compass team in June of 2017 as an Account Executive. Considering I’ve never been in the marketing industry, it seemed like the logical next step in my life...sort of. “Why marketing,” you ask?

When I was eighteen, I learned this simple but profound truth, and it’s been with me ever since:

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

-Zig Ziglar

From that point on, I started the lifelong process of understanding myself and how I could help others achieve their goals and desires. In pursuit of my first job, I moved to the biggest city in Iowa, Des Moines. Not knowing what to do, I did what everyone else was doing, found a job working for an insurance company. For ten years, I accumulated experience in almost every aspect of the industry. I learned how to provide exceptional customer service, figured out how to position a product or service as an added value, and came to understand (after much frustration) that I can be a person of influence to anyone in any situation, even if my position is at the bottom of the organizational chart.

With a decade of corporate experience under my belt, a guy I knew (now one of my best friends) asked me to take a leap of faith and join him in building a men’s fashion company he’d just started. I know what you’re thinking, Des Moines is the fashion capital of the world, so this was a no brainer. Quite the opposite, in fact, I told him it was a stupid idea! Wisdom aside, I agreed to join him. Starting at the bottom, I held almost every position the company had. Following the leadership concepts I had accumulated, I earned the honor of being named Co-Founder and was entrusted with all operational aspects of the company. When I left the company, we had accumulated $5 million in sales in just three years. Our success was largely made possible by a highly strategic marketing plan, a plan that I was highly involved in developing. This perspective gave me an appreciation for all modern marketing tactics and taught me the foundational motivators behind how to build a brand and a following.

As I was contemplating my next adventure, I wasn’t looking for a particular industry or company, I was looking for a specific culture. When an opportunity with Blue Compass arose, I discovered they had the exact culture for which I was looking. I also felt that my background and experience was oddly perfect for marketing, and lent a unique perspective to the clients I would be asked to serve. Because I’ve been there, I can appreciate the client’s perspective, relate to the challenges they experience and leverage the expansive capabilities Blue Compass has to benefit the client.

Let’s Get Personal

I’m blessed to have found the one person with the ability to put up with me early in life. My wife and I have been together since junior year of high school, and if I told you how young we were when we got married, you’d go back in time to talk us out of it. We have two awesome kids and love to spend time with family and friends. If you can’t find me at work or with my family, chances are I’ll be at church leading our music team, on the basketball court or watching the latest Bond movie. That’s it; I’m pretty simple!

Wrap It up, Ryan!

As a person who is passionate about building strategic, relational solutions to complex situations, I’m confident Blue Compass is the ideal place for me. Now that I’m here, it’s obvious that Blue Compass is successful because of the diverse team they’ve assembled and unique culture they’ve created. I’m very excited to be a part of the team and look forward to playing my part in the success of our clients!

Ryan Weldon headshot
Ryan Weldon

Ryan Weldon joined the Blue Compass team in June of 2017 as an Account Executive. He is passionate about people development and building strategic, relational solutions to complex situations. Ryan brings a unique experience, combining ten years spent in the corporate world, with the highs and lows of co-founding a startup that grew from zero to over $5 million in sales in just three years. Ryan's perspective and background is a great benefit to our clients and our company.