Meet Jason Handy!


As the new Art Director at Blue Compass, I'm excited to bring my years of design experience to a team that encourages creativity and new ideas.

My Background as a Designer

I started interning at advertising agencies straight out of high school and always wanted to learn more about all aspects of design and continue to develop my skills. As we took on more projects and things got busy around the office, I was able to test out more of my skills in areas of design, development and video editing, but most of my focus was on graphic design. Eventually, I was able to work my way up to Art Director.

Get To Know Me Better

Throughout my life I’ve always enjoyed channelling my creativity and using my skills in artwork, design and music. I was very involved in the music industry for many years. Whether I was practicing my music, shooting music videos, freelance designing or touring with my band, it was a real passion of mine before I decided to take a break and get back to design full time. Fun fact about me: the first six months that my band and I were on tour and traveling on the road, we drove about 100,000 miles, which is equivalent to driving around the world four times!

Nowadays, my hobbies include lifting at the gym, staying active and spending time with my family. Fitness is very important to me, and I regularly spend my lunch breaks at the gym. In our free time, my family and I will try to find fun recreational activities around the Des Moines area. I’m competitive at heart, so I love a good game of darts or pool.

Joining the Blue Compass Team

Since most of my design background is in print design, I’m excited to join a team of digital experts at Blue Compass. I can utilize the knowledge and skills that I’ve gained at other jobs, but I also like the challenge of learning the ins and outs of a digital agency and how the designs can be interactive.

Meet Jason Handy!
Jason Handy

Jason brings 20 years of marketing and branding experience to Blue Compass. His portfolio of work spans a wide variety of clients on both the national and international scale. His unique marketing-based approach to creative strategy and application in a digital world pushes the limits with every project. His design expertise ensures a client's brand stands out with a focus on functionality with measurable results.