Instagram's Business Tools and How You Can Utilize Them

It's official: Instagram has finally announced that they've launched tools specifically for businesses with an Instagram account. Oh, happy day! This news is fantastic, as the only way to get any data on your Instagram account, up to this point, was via paid advertising, which not every business can do.

What tools were launched? So far, new business profiles, the ability to create ads directly within the Instagram app, and analytics. Trust me; this is very exciting stuff. As of now, the rollout will take place over the upcoming weeks and months. Follow Blue Compass on social media to see the latest updates when it comes to the Instagram business tools rollout.

Instagram, owned by Facebook, worked closely with hundreds of business to find out what they needed from the platform. What became apparent was companies wanted to find ways to stand out amongst the crowd, learn how to find new customers and most importantly, get insights into how content performs.

In this article, you'll find:

  • Why Instagram finally made the move toward providing these tools
  • A breakdown of the new tools
  • How your business can utilize these tools

Instagram's Shift Toward Business

It was only a matter of time before Instagram became more business-friendly, and that time has arrived. In an official blog post from Instagram for Business, they recognized brands needed insights into how people engage with their content. They state their new business tools will offer value to brands in three distinct areas:

  1. Account insights
  2. Ad insights
  3. Ad staging

A Look at Instagram's New Tools

After working with different businesses, the social media platform created Instagram business tools. Without further adieu, let’s dive in!

Official Instagram Business Profiles 

Similar to when Facebook had companies shift their pages to business profiles in 2011, Instagram is now following suit. This feature is free for those who would like recognition as a business. If you currently have a Facebook page that is a business profile, an Instagram business profile will be available to you.

Those with a business profile will have the ability to choose how customers or clients can get in touch with them with options like a call, text or email. This comes with a simple tap of a contact button. The “Contact” button will be found next to the “Follow” or “Following” button in the profile’s information section. Upon clicking this button, users are offered the option to contact you or get directions. Business profiles can help followers get directions to your location(s). The “Location” tag will be featured under the current website link on the business page, and when an individual taps it, a map will open showing the location.

Insights from Instagram

Businesses and brands need actionable data, and that's the goal of Insights. This information will give brands the knowledge they need about who their followers are and which posts are resonating with those people. All of this is done within the mobile app. The ability to truly learn the demographics of your audience and their behaviors gives brands the opportunity to provide these followers with the timely and relevant content they want - everybody wins!

Metrics featured within Insights will include top posts, impressions, post engagement as well as demographic information. Those using Instagram business tools will be able to dive so deep into their user data, they will be able to see what cities their followers live in. Although it's a little creepy, this information will provide marketers incredible value. Marketers will be able better decide when to post content to their profiles to maximize the content's reach and engagement. Plus, Insights will show the most popular time of day followers are using Instagram.

Ability to Promote Within the Instagram App

Have a post that's performing well? Now you can promote it right within the app! Running an ad is as simple as picking an already shared post and adding a button that encourages Instagram users to take action. Brands will be able to define their target audience or allow Instagram to do the targeting for them.

The reasoning for this new functionality is to allow businesses to promote their content with just a few quick taps. Because this new tool is quite simple, businesses may not have the targeting options like Facebook's Ad Manager.

Utilizing Instagram's Business Tools

No matter if you're a company of five people or 1,000, Instagram business tools can be incredibly beneficial. Brands using Instagram Insights will be able to get a firsthand look at who their audience is and what content is or isn't performing well on their Instagram profile. This information will give the businesses the opportunity to gear the content toward people who are genuinely interested in that product, information, visual, etc.

If you have a Facebook business profile and an Instagram account, switching your profile over to the business profile for Instagram is crucial. Not only will it distinguish you as the official Instagram account for your business, but it will make it so much easier for potential or current customers and clients to directly reach out to you.

For a brand that is new to advertising on Instagram, the ability to promote within the Instagram app is a fantastic, yet simple way to enter the realm of Instagram marketing. For those interested in beginning to advertise, this is a great place to start.


Instagram's business tools have officially begun to roll out! Companies and organizations using Instagram can now officially switch their account over to a business account. To make the transition, go into your settings and under 'Account', you will see 'Switch to a Business Account.'

Once you switch your account over, you will be able to access the features mentioned above. Specifically, to access the analytics, you can click the data bars that will appear next to the settings gear. Clicking this will prompt you to leave the app and redirect you to Facebook to access the data. If you want to see insights on a specific post, you can see 'View Insights'  when looking at that post in particular. Like stated above, you will be redirected to Facebook to view these insights.

Want to boost your Instagram post? You will not see a 'Promote' option that appears underneath each Instagram post.

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