How Podcasting Can Benefit Your Business

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How often do you plug in and dive into your favorite podcast series? Once a week? During road trips? No matter how often, there is no denying the impact that podcasts have had on our society. Podcasts have become more than just the ‘extra app’ on our smartphones; they have become an innovative way for individuals and businesses to expand and reach new audiences. If you have been wondering whether podcasts should be the next move for your brand - you came to the right place. Let’s check out how podcasting can take your business to the next level.

Podcasts are music for the mind.

The History of Podcasts 

The term ‘podcast’ was originally developed from the popular media player ‘ipod’ (by tech giant Apple) and the term ‘broadcast.’  Podcasting got its start in 2003 when MTV Video Jockey, Adam Curry and RSS feed developer, Dave Winer joined forces. Their ultimate goal was to create a sophisticated method of broadcasting that made audio content accessible to listeners when it was convenient to them.

By 2004 the term ‘podcasting’ was beginning to be frequently used when referring to ‘audio blogging’ or ‘web-blogging.’ Fast forward to 2005, and the Google search for ‘how to podcast’ exceeded 2 million hits. Nearly a decade later, these numbers continue to hold true as podcast listenership continues to rise and change the audio game.

How Podcasting can Benefit Your Business

The Benefits of Podcasting for Business   

Now that you have become familiar with a bit of podcasting history let’s take a look how and why podcasting can take your brand above and beyond.

Podcasting Benefit #1: Position Your Company as the Expert 

To keep your brand fresh, innovative, and top of mind for your customers and audience, a company must continue to mix-up their marketing tactics. With podcasting, there is an audience for every industry. Therefore, brands of all kinds have the chance to showcase themselves in a new light and ultimately as the experts in their chosen field, when done correctly.

Podcasting Benefit #2: Help Your Brand Establish a Strong Audience Connection 

Today, there are various tools to help businesses stay connected to their audience. From social media to webinars - we have begun to see consumers value (and require) the personal touch from brands. Through podcasting, you have the opportunity to take that personal connection further than a tweet or Facebook post. When you create a podcast, listeners begin to make that connection through voice. If you choose to broadcast podcasts regularly, listeners begin to become familiar with your presentation style, company values, services and so on. Ultimately, this will keep your brand top of mind and keep them coming back for more.

Podcasting Benefit #3: Brand Awareness 

Though you may not see a high ROI from podcasting immediately, you are getting more eyes on your content in a different way. Gone are the days of print and billboards to reach new and unique audiences. Taking advantage of digital tactics such as podcasting can help you reach a whole new demographic of individuals that are already interested in your topics and services.

Podcasting Benefit #4: It’s Big and Still Growing

Though podcasting has been around for quite some time now, it is still on the upswing without a stop in sight. As mobile continues to lead the charge, companies have to make a choice - jump on or get left behind.

How Podcasting Can Benefit Your Business

Did You Know? | Podcast Facts: 

  • 71% of Americans now listen to podcasts on their phone or tablet.
  • 65% of podcast listeners are more willing to consider products/services after they learn about them via podcast.
  • 45% of podcast listeners have visited a sponsor’s website.
  • 21% of Americans (12 or older) say they have listened to a podcast in the last month.
  • Monthly podcast listening increased 23% between 2015 and 2016.

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