Happy National Boss's Day to Blue Compass' Finest

On this wonderful day, we observe all of the bosses out there doing their thing and doing it well. But most importantly, we are here to highlight the best bosses of all, the cream of the crop, the apples of our eye, the cherries on top, the Jack to our Rose. Okay, you get the point. We are here to talk about Blue Compass’ finest; Drew and Cary. So, what about these two makes them so great? Quite a lot. With it being Blue Compass’ ninth year in business, we thought it would only be right for us to highlight a handful of their most memorable moments. What are you waiting for? Check them out!

Michigan Fanatic 

If you know Cary Coppola, you appreciate he is a die-hard Michigan fan. He has enough maize and blue colored Michigan apparel to last him a month (maybe more). Around this time last year, he went as the Michigan head coach for Halloween. It’s a subdued day at the office when Michigan loses and lastly, you always know if it’s Cary driving around the Des Moines metro thanks to his proudly-placed Michigan car sticker.

Bosses day quote about Michigan

2. Need an Extra Suit Jacket? Drew Has You Covered

Something many people may not know about our beloved President, Drew Harden, is the secret hiding place for his ‘you never know when you may need it’ suit jackets. Hidden behind one of his office paintings, Drew is always prepared for those ‘what if’ moments with a stash of suit jackets.

Suit Coat Quote from Drew

3. Mrs. Cary Coppola 

Now, the name Cary is most definitely a unisex name. Unfortunately, for our Cary, we have gotten quite a few calls for a ‘Mrs. Cary Coppola.’ And each time, it is somehow just as funny as the first. From the times Cary has answered in a ‘woman's’ voice to the random voicemails left for ‘Mrs. Cary Coppola,’ the situation never gets old.

a Quote from Ms. Cary Coppola

4. Are You a Millennial? 

There is an ongoing conversation about how ‘young’ our office is and for a good reason; have you seen the segment on WHOTV 13? That said, one of the best days our office has experienced is when Drew found out he was indeed, a millennial. Drew’s birthday is pretty close to the cutoff. Therefore, he was quite surprised (and the rest of us delighted) that he fell into the category he swore he wasn’t in. 

Quote from a Millennial

5. Interview Fun 

Some of the funniest moments at Blue Compass have come from interviews with potential new team members. There is an unspoken game that occurs every time an individual comes in for an interview and that game is, ‘who can make the interviewers laugh.’ A fond memory here at Blue Compass is when Drew was interviewing our dear friend and coworker Melissa, and a group of us decided to pick Cary up and haul him out the door on his side (something to take note of is the fact that Cary is borderline 7 feet tall). This theatrical mode of transportation was all to get Drew to look at us and laugh. It is safe to say Cary won that round.

Bosses Day Quote for Smiles

6. Scary Cary 

Whether you work at Blue Compass or are friends with Cary Coppola, you better watch out. The guy really likes to scare people. Don’t believe us? Stop by the office, and you will likely witness a classic "Cary Scare".

7. Games on Games 

If you have chatted with Drew Harden, you know how much he enjoys playing games. It could be as simple as having everyone go around and say what their spirit animal would be to guessing another company’s domain authority, which has become an all time favorite in our office. No matter the game, it is always a very good time.

Best Boss Quotes for Bosses Day

8. Last But Certainly Not Least… 

 Is how much time and effort Drew and Cary have put into Blue Compass. Though each is a hoot to be around and brings an abundance of hilarious moments to our days here at the Blue Compass office, both Drew and Cary have worked hard throughout their nine years to ensure Blue Compass sees success. But don’t just take our word for it, see what their better halves have to say about them!

“When I met Cary as a freshmen in college, he was a computer science major who dabbled in web design but didn't know for sure what his career would be. I always knew that he'd find success, but I never imagined that he would help build a company as amazing as Blue Compass. I'm so proud of the way that he balances all of his life. Despite being a business owner, he always makes our family a priority. He is the "fun dad" that coaches our kids' teams and plays with them at night, but also the supportive husband that cheers me on in everything I do. Somehow he also finds time to go boating, watch Michigan football, and tinker in his yard. He makes every day of my life a little more fun and I imagine many of the Blue Compass employees would say the same thing.”  

- Ali Coppola

“There isn't a day that goes by that Drew doesn't think about Blue Compass. Not just in growing the business, but how to encourage and grow the team on a personal level. He truly loves everyone that he works with, and for him, going in early and staying late is not a bother because he is working with friends. There isn't anything he loves more about Blue Compass than the opportunity that it gives him to be a positive leader and influence on people's lives. He dislikes being thought of as a boss because he never wants to be a boss. He wants to be someone who team members can come up to and talk to about the positives and negatives going on in their day, their projects, and their lives.”

- Melissa Harden

Happy Boss's Day, Cary & Drew! 

The Blue Compass team appreciates you both and all that you do each and every day!

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