Happy High-Tech Halloween

For many, holidays are all about the age-old traditions. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use technology to upgrade our traditional holidays a little bit. Up the scares and tricks and be safe this Halloween with these innovative high-tech ideas.

Don’t be Tricked by a Drone-Powered Ghost

Today, drones are more accessible than ever. As they become more popular, it’s no wonder people are coming up with ways to use them to spread fear as part of their Halloween decorations.

Tech fans are adding traditional scary costumes, such as ghosts, ghouls and creepy clowns, to drones. They can then fly them around to scare the neighborhood kids like nothing has before.

Think You Have the Most Original Costume on the Block?

No one wants to end up at the annual costume party in the exact same costume as someone else. Avoid getting caught in the latest overdone pop culture costume with Google Frightgeist! You can now prevent this horror and find out which costumes are trending in your neighborhood. It’ll tell you the most popular costume in your city based on Google searches.

Surprisingly, the most popular costume in the Des Moines area this year is an elephant. You’ve been warned, elephant enthusiasts!

Blue Compass High Tech Halloween

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Is it one of your Halloween traditions to tell scary ghost stories late into the night? Or maybe you always think it’s hard to come up with stories that are scary enough. If either are the case, check out the world of podcasts for more insomnia-inducing stories than you can fit in on Halloween night.

One of the most popular horror podcasts is We’re Alive, a zombie survival story. If you’re looking for short stories, check out The NoSleep Podcast. NoSleep is like an online version of telling spooky stories around the campfire, consisting of original horror stories about frightening experiences. If neither of these are right for you, browse many more ghost story podcasts on Stitcher.

Zombie-fy Yourself

What’s Halloween without turning yourself into a zombie at least once? Save time and money on the complicated makeup, and check out one of the free apps that can turn you and your friends into zombies straight out of The Walking Dead.

Speaking of Spooky Apps…

Using high tech can be especially exciting when it comes to Halloween trickery. Scare Cam allows you to trick your friends into performing an eye test only to flash a scary image on the screen. The best part: their reaction is being filmed the whole time. 

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Make Trick or Treating Safer

Finally, one of the best things about innovative technology is how it can make everyone safer. If you’re sending your kids out to trick-or-treat on their own this Halloween, try Family Locator, a free app that allows you to see your kids’ locations in real time.

There are also a lot of ways to be creative with tech on your kids’ Halloween costumes. Help them become visible on the dark streets by adding LED rope lights to their costumes. Use them to outline fairy wings or enhance a superhero belt. The possibilities really are endless!

We hope these high-tech tips help make your Halloween a little spookier and a little safer this year. What are some ways you’re planning on using technology this Halloween? Let us know below!


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