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Recently, the Digital Marketing team here at Blue Compass noticed that Facebook Ad Manager had been acting a little glitchy, but Facebook hadn't been making any statements as to what was causing the glitches. Alas, it has finally come to light. Facebook Business Manager has changed its user interface. The new interface better breaks down the marketing objectives of businesses. This will not affect how users view ads, but it will affect how some businesses use Facebook Ad Manager.

First, A Breakdown of Facebook Ads

Users see ads appear directly in their News Feed or the right column. Facebook aims to make sure the ads are shown to users who would find the ad relevant to their interests or needs. This is known as targeting. Businesses or organizations can target people based on their demographics, location, interests, connections, and behaviors. When ads are targeted to the correct audience according to your business's or organization's need, the users will respond.

Businesses or organizations create their ads to be actionable, meaning Facebook users can click the ad and then are led directly to the business's website in hopes that the user reads their content or makes a purchase. Creating Ads on Facebook is easy and could lead to people downloading your mobile app, a coupon, shopping on your website, or just cruising your website.

Facebook keeps the business up to speed on their ad budget and how well the Facebook ads are performing. This helps businesses plan their next ad campaign through Facebook.

Let's Go Back In Time (But Just a Little Bit)

In November 2014, Facebook realized that some posts that were showing up organically appeared to be too promotional, and they weren't receiving the best responses from users. Facebook announced that it would be changing their content controls, making it so users see more of what they want from promoted posts in their News Feeds. This new update was to roll out two months later in January 2015. This update did not affect how businesses appeared in user's News Feeds, but it would be a very effective update for businesses. Why? It would allow businesses to be more specific in their Facebook marketing and better reach the people who would be interested in their product or service. It appears that Facebook is aiming to be more similar to Google AdWords in their approach to digital advertising. Google AdWords allows businesses to focus their marketing objectives, and Facebook has adopted that approach.

Back To The Present Time

Facebook has narrowed down their marketing to three main focuses: increasing brand awareness, finding potential customers, and driving sales. Driving sales may be a better tactic for an e-commerce site, whereas brand awareness may be the focus of a non-profit organization. An insurance company with a Facebook page may focus their marketing objectives towards potential new customers.

  • Increasing brand awareness. Facebook has more than 1.3 billion users worldwide and 64% of those users visit the website everyday. Because of this, Facebook Ads are an excellent way to raise brand awareness. Businesses can choose who their ad audience is with a few simple clicks. This allows them to reach the people who should be seeing their ad, as well as finding a 'Lookalike Audience'. Lookalike Audiences allow businesses to reach people who are similar to people who like their business page. Companies focusing on brand awareness can aim for more page likes, reach people near your store, increase views of a video, or reach and engage people with your post.
  • Potential Customers. With so many people using Facebook every day, the social media platform is filled with potential customers that your business or organization could be reaching. Not only do Lookalike Audiences increase brand awareness, but they're also potential customers. With this audience, businesses can find people with similar locations, interests and behaviors as their current customer. This allows your ad to reach people who would be interested in your business's product or service. Businesses looking for potential new customers are looking for conversions, so their marketing objectives may be clicks to their website, conversions on their website, responses to an event on Facebook, or users downloading their new app.
  • Drive Sales. Marketing through Facebook is an excellent way to increase sales for your business online. Businesses are able to reach consumers on their tablets, computers and mobile devices. Facebooks ads can drive a customer from facebook to your website and encourage them to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter or schedule an appointment. Ad performance can be measured, and new ads can be created for new services or products that will appeal to customers. Marketing objectives for a company trying to increase sales may focus on users engaging in their apps, customers redeeming offers like coupons or discounts, conversions on the website or clicks to the website.

Facebook and Digital Marketing

Facebook has evolved into a powerful digital marketing tool for digital marketing professionals and novices alike. It allows for businesses, companies and organizations to reach the people who are or who could be most interested in their products or services. Facebook helps businesses to reach as little or as many people as they may like and reach their digital marketing objectives in a cost effective manner.

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