Blue Compass Website Launch: Long Island Health Collaborative

Another website launch is officially in the books for Blue Compass, and we couldn’t be more excited. Our latest project was for the amazing Long Island Health Collaborative (LIHC). The LIHC team came to Blue Compass with the goal to create a unique, user-friendly website that showcased their overall mission and newest initiative.

What is the Long Island Health Collaborative 

The Long Island Health Collaborative is an organization that was formed in 2013 by the Long Island hospitals, health departments, academic institutions, etc. to focus on the prevention of chronic disease, substance abuse awareness, and the promotion of mental health of Long Islanders. 

The Long Island Health Collaborative Initiative 

After three long years of hard work, the Collaborative was ready to start their walking program Are You Ready, Feet?™. The goal of this initiative is to blend the simple and low-cost activity of walking with an easy-to-use online portal. In addition to the portal, they also envisioned a reward program that would promote healthy habits for Long Islanders in an attainable way.

Bringing the “Are You Ready, Feet?” ™ Initiative to Life 

Blue Compass set out to produce a website that would not only bring the Long Health Collaborative’s vision to life,  but would provide users with an easy-to-use portal, accompanied by other beneficial features that would promote the LIHC’s overall goals.

Online Resource 

One of the primary goals of the Collaborative was to create a website that would also serve as an online resource for the Long Island community. Information the LIHC wanted to provide consisted of various topics such as healthy living, outdoor walking opportunities on Long Island, local Long Island organizations, etc. Taking this into account, Blue Compass set out to create an easy-to-use ‘Healthy Resources’ drop down menu that would provide these tools, and then some, in a visually appealing and clean design. 

Long Island Health

Social Sign In 

To make the sign-up process easier for new portal users, Blue Compass incorporated a ‘social sign in’ option. By allowing users to sign-up through social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, it would not only take new members half the time to create an account but would provide each individual with a seamless experience.  

Social integration services by Blue Compass

Member Portal 

The Are You Ready, Feet?™ user portal was designed with the Long Island community member in mind. Therefore, working in association with the Collaborative, Blue Compass created a portal that each member can easily access with an email and password. Once signed in, the user can log and track the number of minutes, steps, or miles walked. Additionally, the user's personal portal will track their journey and progress that they can see on a map of Long Island, as well as a personal log below.

Long Island Member Portal

Social Sharing 

One of the most exciting and interactive pieces of the user portal is the opportunity for social sharing. Blue Compass brought the LIHC’s fun concept to life through both the interactive map and a ‘Trophy Case.’ When a user reaches their various goals (achieving a certain amount of miles, steps, etc.) they will be rewarded with a trophy within their trophy case. Once the activity appears on both the map and within the trophy case, the user will have the choice to share their progress on Facebook and Twitter.

Long Island health badges


In addition to all of the amazing features within the user portal, the LIHC also wanted to incorporate a ‘reward’ program. Anytime a user logs any activity within their portal, they are automatically placed into a drawing to win prizes, providing another great incentive to get out and be active on Long Island.

Events Calendar 

The LIHC not only wanted users to have online resources and a great user experience via the user portal, but also to give each individual a place that they could create their own events, as well as view the ones that are happening around Long Island. Thus, Blue Compass created the events calendar that provided these options.

Events Calendar for Long Island

“The Events Calendar is a huge component of what we do, which includes promoting healthy resources available to Long Islanders they might not know about. We can promote the calendar, the individual events, the hosting organizations, and best of all, we invite community members and Collaborative members alike to submit events to us for review. Blue Compass made the process of posting these submitted events fantastically simple, working with us until we got it just right!”

“It’s one thing to set goals for your organization; it’s quite another to see them brought to life so beautifully. The Long Island Health Collaborative had been waiting a long time to realize their vision of an advanced, useful, and consumer-friendly website – a vision Blue Compass built from the ground up. It’s a shocking and delightful experience to have such a complex endeavor made simple and straightforward. That’s exactly what we received from our account executive, designers, digital marketers, and everyone we interacted with on the BC team. We couldn’t be happier with both the development process and the outcome.”

- Kim Whitehead, Communication Specialist at the Long Island Health Collaborative.

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