Blue Compass Teams Up with Rebuilding Together

Blue Compass can design and develop a fantastic website and strategize and execute a digital marketing plan like nobody's business. However, that's not all. We also have a knack for painting houses, doing yard work and tackling large home improvement projects!

Over the last six years, the Blue Compass team partnered with Rebuilding Together of Greater Des Moines to help fix up local homes for people who are unable to do the work themselves. This fantastic non-profit organization works to revitalize and preserve homes of people with disabilities, the elderly, low-income homeowners and families with dependent children. It has served the Des Moines area since 1995 and has improved over 2,000 homes.

A Chance to Give Back

Opportunities like this provide Blue Compass a chance to give back to the community. As an added benefit, the afternoon together outside of the office is an excellent time for some team bonding.

2019 Service Day

This year, our team made the trip out to Saylorville to help a woman named Lois take down an old and structurally unsound garage and deck. Her husband built the two-stall garage and small deck off the house many years ago, and after general wear-and-tear, they both had started to become a little unstable. The Blue Compass crew enjoyed a fun demo day and appreciated the safety tips and helpful advice from the Rebuilding Together team to help us complete this project.

Along with bringing down the garage, our team members assisted Lois with some necessary yardwork. We pulled weeds, trimmed down vines and shrubs, mowed the lawn and removed dead branches and debris from the trees in her yard. It was an exciting afternoon full of teamwork, jokes and plenty of hard work. The whole team was happy we could help out Lois and make one small space in the Des Moines area look a little nicer. Check out the video from that day and other photos to see the highlights of the event!

2018 Service Day

On Friday, August 3rd, our team met at Rick’s house and began working around 8:30 a.m. This year the men of our group were given the exciting challenge of taking down an old garage in the backyard. Additionally, the whole team was involved in raking up leaves and debris, moving old appliances and organizing areas of the homeowner’s yard. We put in a lot of hard work and enjoyed helping out and getting to know our new pal, Rick! 

2017 Service Day

Our crew was so thrilled to work on his yard last year, we returned to our friend, Jack, again this year. On Friday, August 4th, we removed a lot of debris from the yard, created a path around Jack’s house to make it easier for him to get to his car, cut down dead trees and had an entertaining ax throwing competition. To learn more about our volunteer work for Jack through Rebuilding Together, check out their article!

2016 Service Day

This year we traded in our paint brushes for rakes and other yard tools! We cleaned up the yard of a local senior citizen and had a lot of fun as a team along the way. The day entailed a lot of yard work and a small run-in with poison ivy for David, one of our back-end developers. Luckily it wasn’t his back-end that encountered poison ivy!

2015 Service Day

On Friday, June 19th, our team left the office for the afternoon to help our local community! A good time was had by all and in the midst of the hard work, a few shenanigans ensued.

"Our service days are my favorite 'outings' that we have at Blue Compass," says Stephanie Campbell, Account Executive. "This year's Rebuilding Together project was challenging, but it was amazing to see how much we accomplished in just one afternoon. It's so rewarding how just a few hours of time can positively impact a person's life, their family, and an entire neighborhood!" 

"Everyone on our team is honored and excited be able to serve the Des Moines community, partner with Rebuilding Together, and get out of the office for a fun, incredible experience," concludes Drew Harden, Blue Compass President.

If you're interested in helping Rebuilding Together of Greater Des Moines, donations can make all the difference. See how you can help make homes healthier and safer for their residents.

We're always looking for opportunities to give back. If you know of an organization that could benefit from volunteers, let us know!

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Mac and Cheese is on the Digital Bark-eting team at Blue Compass. He loves greeting his team members when they arrive for the day, encouraging fun breaks during the workday and taking naps in various places throughout the office. He also enjoys saying hello to clients and other visitors - especially the mail carriers who bring treats! Mac is an important part of our team of digital experts at Blue Compass, where we help brands succeed online through web design, development and digital marketing strategies.